ROH Honor United from Bolton, England 10/27/2019

ROH Honor United from Bolton, England 10/27/2019

-Haskins introduces us to Lifeblood.

Match: Joe Hendry vs. Silas Young (w/ Rampage Brown)

Joe Hendry makes his way out. He’s handing out autographs to fans and the commentators, but the fans don’t seem interested. One guy finally accepts but it looks like Hendry just scribbled on it.

Out next is Silas Young with Rampage Brown. No Josh Woods in sight. The commentator accidentally introduces Rampage as “Rampage Jackson.”:

Silas and Hendry do honor the code with a handshake. Joe sings “I believe in Joe Hendry” from his theme song and the fans clap on cue.

They chain wrestle. Hendry springs to his feet. He calls out “Joe Hendry!” The fans respond “So Prestigious!” The fans begin clapping to the same cadence of his theme song.

Silas is able to knock Hendry out of the ring. Silas goes for a sliding kick outside the ring, but Hendry casually walks off to sign more autographs. Silas is irritated but Hendry takes him out. Hendry sings “I believe in Joe Hendry!” and the fans clap once again.

From behind, Rampage Brown attacks Joe Hendry. Dalton Castle comes in for the save. Knocks Silas and Rampage out of the ring. Castle calls for a mic. He says he’s enjoying it here and is upset they attacked someone “so prestigious.” Castle says its time to turn this into a tag team match, and asks if they accept. He asks if the fans want to see it and they cheer.

Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry slowly call for a hug and the fans are getting behind it. They hug it out to a small applause. The bell rings and we have ourselves a tag team match.

Rampage and Caste start out. Rampage is able to out muscle Dalton, but Dalton is quick enough to take him down. He holds him down long enough to tag in Hendry. Hendry lifts Rampage up for a stalling suplex. Dalton gets a Joe Hendry rhythm clap going. He lightly pushes Hendry over to complete the suplex. Hendry gives him a thumbs up for approval.

Rampage is able to tag in Silas. Silas is outpowering Hendry. Rampage and Silas take turns beating on Hendry. Fans get behind Hendry with a “I believe in Joe Hendry” singing and clapping. Silas tells Hendry to “get his ass up.” Hendry pops up quickly and nails a DDT. Hendry struggles but he nails a kip up and tags in Dalton.

Dalton Castle is in with the hot tag. Castle keeps Rampage down. Silas comes in from behind and takes down Castle. Hendry tries to enter but Silas takes him out too. Rampage accidentally clotheslines Silas Young. Hendry nails the facebreaker, Dalton follows up with the Bulldog, and they score the three count.

Winners: Dalton Caste and Joe Hendry

-After the match, Hendry and Castle go to do Castle’s back pose. Hendry pretends it through out his back. Hendry and Castle doing the Hendry Arm Wave taunt now. They leave as good friends.

Rampage and Silas Young get into it in the ring. They start by pushing, but it breaks out into punches. They brawl in the middle of the ring until security breaks them up.

Commentators remind everyone that Silas Young and Josh Woods are undefeated, but obvious Silas and Rampage don’t have the same chemistry.

Match: Mandy Leon vs. Molly Spartan

Mandy Leon is out alone. Molly Spartan is out next to a decent hometown pop.

Molly takes out Leon. Leon tells everyone she’s fine. She chops Molly but Molly barely budges. Leon is able to knock Molly out of the ring. She goes to jump off the apron onto her, but Molly catches her and powerbombs her onto the edge of the apron. Molly continues her attack on the floor. She runs at Leon, but she’s tossed face first into the turnbuckle.

Leon goes into the ring, Molly rolls in as well but can’t get to her feet. Leon goes off the turnbuckle with a dropkick and nails it. Leon keeps control of the match with attacks in the corner. She goes to whip Molly, but Molly is too strong and tosses her around instead. Leon says, “I really don’t like you!” Molly hits a Scottish Straight Jacket.

A faint “Molly Spartan” chant starts up.

Leon is able to fight back and take Molly to the mat. She hits a Natural Selection. Leon charges at Molly, but Molly catches her and nails a back breaker. Molly charges at Leon in the corner, but Leon moves out of the way and Holly hits her shoulder on the turnbuckle. Leon quickly rolls Molly up to get the surprise, but clean, three count.

Winner: Mandy Leon

Match: Kyle Fletcher and Lucky Kid vs Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Flip Gordon)

Fletcher and Kid are out first with some energy to a decent pop. Villain Enterprises is out next to a loud pop. Both Kid and Fletcher offer their hands. Scurll gets the crowd into it to see if he should shake it. He goes to reach in but pulls back at the last second. Not code of honor here.

Flip and Kid start the match. Flip and Kid take turns nail quick moves and reversing each other. They both flip to their legs and square off. The fans applaud. Kid tags in Fletcher and Flip tags in Scurll.

They lock up, but Fletcher gets Scurll into a wristlock. Scurll spins on the mat until he’s able to twist Fletcher’s wrist instead. They taunt each other. Marty pretends to bounce up and down like he’s getting ready to run off the ropes, but instead he pokes Fletcher in the eye.

Fletcher tags in Kid and they double team Scurll. Kid hits a spinning neck breaker. Fletcher bodyslams Kid on Scurll. Kid’s back a little. Fletcher tells Kid to do it again. He slams kid onto Scull a second time. Fletcher tells him to do it again, but Kid says no and falls to the mat holding his back.

Marty is able to tag in Flip Gordon. Flip hits some quick flipping moves and takes out both Fletcher and Kid.

Fletcher rolls out of the ring. Flip chases after him and holds him up. Scurll goes to the apron and superkicks him. Fletcher goes back to the ring. Scurll hits a sunset flip over the top rope, but Fletcher won’t go down. Flip comes off the top rope and kicks Fletcher over, then knocks Kid off the ropes. Scurll only gets a 2 count from the pin.

Flip is tagged back in. Flip is able to keep Fletcher down. Scurll and Flip take turns on Fletcher while tagging in and out, but are not able to keep him down for a pin. Flip tags back in Scurll. Scurll takes his time mocking everyone while holding Fletcher. He finally goes for a suplex, but Fletcher stops it. Scurll tries about 6 times to no avail. Fletcher reverses it and nails a snap suplex of his own. Fletcher tags in Lucky Kid and Flip tags in Scurll.

Lucky Kid is taking out both Villains. Kid hits a flatliner on Scurll that sends Scurll’s head into a lowblow to Flip. Scurll leaves the ring. Kid hits a flying cutter off the turnbuckle onto Flip, but can’t get the pin. Kid and Fletcher hit a codebreaker/superkick combo for a rollup, but Flip kicks out at the last moment.

Lucky hits a standing sliced bread on Scurll then flips out of the ring onto Flip. Fletcher hits a powerbomb and gets a two count that looked like a 3 count. All four men exchange superkicks. Fletcher hits a Canadian Destroyer on Flip. Scurll takes out Fletcher, but Flip and Scurll miscommunicate which causes Scurll to nail Flip with a kick. Fletcher and Kid take advantage.

Flip takes out Fletcher while Lucky Kid is on the top turnbuckle. Flip goes up after him for a sliced bread, but Scurll gets underneath him and we see a Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo. Only a two count somehow. Marty hits a “Scurll Driver” but Kid kicks out. Scurll tags in Flip.

Flip hits the “Flip-5” and this time they score the three count.

Winners: Villain Enterprises 

The screen goes black as ROH once again has stream issues.

Match: The Briscoes vs. Kenny King and Hikuleo vs. Brat Pack 

The stream goes in and out. The majority of the beginning of the match is the Brat Pack taking control. Jay Briscoe is finally tagged in and manages to take out one of the Brat Pack. Jay tags in Mark, and Mark goes crazy on the Brats. He takes them all down. Mark his holding control until they catch Mark out of nowhere and hit a fireman carry into a neckbreaker.

Hikuleo sends Kenny King over the top rope with an assist to land on everyone outside the ring. Hiluleo is very tall so King gets some major air time.

Back in the ring, the Brat Pack hit their “Brat Attack” powerbomb/blockbuster finisher. The Briscoes stop the pin attempt. The Briscoes nail every finisher they have on Waterman of the Brat Pack to pick up the win.

Winners: The Briscoes

Match: Jay Lethal vs. PCO

Lethal comes out to his hold theme song. PCO comes out to the Villain Enterprises theme song instead of his new one. No Frankenstein entrance or anything.

Jay Lethal doesn’t honor the code. He’s doing some heel banter saying there’s no point in following any rules.

PCO tells Lethal to hit him in the back. He begs for it. Lethal drop kicks him in the back, who lands in the turnbuckle. Lethal stomps on him aggressively. It doesn’t harm him. PCO gets to his feet and demands Lethal hits him in the back. Lethal sends PCO through the ropes and onto the floor. PCO begs lethal to jump on him. Lethal goes for a suicide dive, but PCO catches him and tosses him into the barricade.

PCO rolls him into the ring. PCO with a PCO-Bomb but can’t get the pin. Gresham runs down and tosses Lethal two chair. The referee tosses one chair out of the ring, but while he’s distracted, Lethal nails a DDT onto the second chair. Lethal goes for a pin, but only gets a 1.

PCO sits up but Lethal continues the assault. PCO powers away and takes down Lethal. He goes up to the turnbuckle, but Gresham climbs up and knocks PCO off the turnbuckle for the DQ.

Winner by DQ: PCO

-After the match, Gresham attacks PCO with some pretty weak, protected chair shots. Lethal joins in on the assault. Gresham has a mic and says this doesn’t stop until they get a shot at the tag team titles. The Briscoes run down to help PCO. They chase off Lethal and Gresham, but accept their challenge for the tag team titles. Jay says December 13 it’ll be those boys verses dem boys for the titles.

Match: “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Flamita

Speedball does a good job holding his own, but Flamita seems to be too quick for him. Flamita takes Speedball outside the ring. He hits a suicide dive, but overshoots a little and hits his face on the barricade. He recovers for a second, but continues his offensive on Speedball. He tosses him into the ring.

Flamita applies a Boston crab, but Speedball makes it to the ropes. Flamita holds complete control over the match. He manages to avoid some moves and nail a moonsault, but he tweaks his knee a bit. Speedball goes to the top turnbuckle, but Flamita hits an enziguri that stops him. Flamita lifts him up and hits a brainbuster.

Speedball nails some strike moves, including faking a kick so that Flamita ducks nothing, then really does kick him. Flamita responds by faking swinging a punch, then really punching him. They fight to the apron. Apron goes over the top rope and hits a tornado DDT off the apron onto the floor.

They trade offensive cruiserweight moves. Flamita hits a C4 and goes for a pin, but Speedball reverses it into a sliding pin. Speedball gets some monetum, but Flamita gets him with a superkick. Flamita hits a powerbomb, but Speedball kicks out. Flamita goes up top for a 450 splash, and this time scores the victory.

Winner: Flamita

-After the match, Speedball and Flamita shakehands.

-Shane Taylor comes out and calls for a local star to challenge him for the TV title.

Tracy Williams responds, but he’s not a local star. Tracy acknowledges he’s not local, but tells Shane Taylor he’s willing to represent anywhere.

Matt Taven’s music hits, but for some reason the commentators act like they don’t know who’s music is hitting. Matt has a microphone. He says that if Shane Taylor is just offering title shots, he’ll gladly take it. He’s working on getting his World Heavyweight title back, but he’d like to hold two titles.

Mark Haskins comes out accompanied by his wife. Haskins is at least local. Haskins says he was looking forward to his match with Taven, and he’s cool with Tracy Williams but he’s willing to do this anyway, and challenges Shane Taylor for the Television title.

Shane accepts everyone’s challenge for a fatal four way right now.

Television Championship Match: Shane Taylor (c) vs. Mark Haskins vs. Tracy Williams vs. Matt Taven

They all start battling but no one gets the upperhand. Haskins, Williams, and Taven all bump fists for a code of honor, but Shane Taylor refuses. All three men attack Taylor and knock him out of the ring. The other three take turns pinning each other. Lifeblood members double team Taven and take him out of the ring.

Williams and Haskins trade roll ups and submissions. Taven and Taylor climb the apron, but Lifeblood takes them out. They work together to attack them outside the ring. Williams gets Taven in the ring. Haskins goes to climb in too, but Taylor takes him out.

While Williams is distracted watching, Taven attacks Williams. Side Russian Leg Sweep, but only gets a two count. Taylor climbs in the ring and confronts Taven. Taven says, “Do you know who you’re talking to?” Then takes out Taylor. Williams takes out Taven, then drop kicks Taylor in the corner. Williams puts Taven in the crossface, but Haskins comes off the turnbuckle with the Stompboy on Williams. Taylor hits a bodysplash on Haskins. Williams hits a frogsplash on the pile of all three men.

Taylor tries to powerbomb Haskins onto Taven, but Williams makes the save and chaos ensues. Everyone is attacking each other. Taylor goes down. Taven goes down. Williams and Haskins dropkick each other. The commentator says they “scissored each other” and makes himself giggle.

Lifeblood try to work together to take out Taven, but Williams accidentally takes out Haskins. Taylor takes out both members of the Lifeblood. Taylor tosses Williams into the ring. Taylor goes to the turnbuckle and calls for a bodysplash, but Williams moves out of the way. He goes for a piledriver on Taylor, but can’t lift him. Haskins goes to help, but gets distracted by Matt Taven. Taven and Haskins get into it outside the ring because Taven “loves” Mark’s wife.

Inside the ring and off camera, Shane Taylor hits a lowblow on Williams. He nails “Welcome to the Land” piledriver and scores the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor

-After the match, Vickie Haskins is screaming at Matt Taven, who is on his knees apologizing. Shane Taylor puts on a headset and says he’s the best champion we’ve “ever seen boy.”

Matt Taven shakes Tracy Williams hands. He calls in Mark Haskins and offers his hand to him as well. Haskins hesitates but then shakes it. Taven nods and leaves the ring. Haskins raises his hands for the crowd, and Lifeblood leaves together.

ROH World Heavyweight Championship Match: Rush vs Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb offers his handshake, but Rush flips him off.

Jeff Cobb and Rush take turns knocking each other down. Cobb goes outside the ring. Rush pretends to go for a suicide dive, but poses in the ring instead. They meet outside the ring and trade punches. Cobb hits a slow and powerful German Suplex onto the floor.

Cobb rolls into the ring. He pretends to go for a suicide dive but then poses too. Doesn’t get a huge reaction.

Back inside the ring, Jeff Cobb holds control. He’s powering Rush around the ring. He goes for a pin but doesn’t even get a 2. Cobb goes to attack him in the corner, but Rush moves and Cobb hits the pads. Rush comes back with a dropkick that sends Cobb into the turnbuckle. Cobb rolls out of the ring, but Rush follows him out there and attacks him some more.

Rush takes him back in the ring. Rush is able to beat him around the ring some more. Cobb fights back, but Rush spits in his face. Cobb swings again, and Rush spits in his face again. Rush drop kicks him, but only gets a 1 count.

Duel “Cobb” and “Rush” chants now. Both men trade offensive now but can’t keep the other down. Rush starts to take control, but Cobb runs him over with a huge clothesline. Neither man gets up quickly.

Rush climbs the turnbuckle, but Cobb stops him. Cobb struggles for a Super Plex. Rush kicks Cobb into a tree of woe position, then hits a double stomp. Rush goes for a pin but can’t get it. He’s angry now. Rush sets him up for the Bull’s Horns. He runs at Cobb, but Cobb nails a big spear instead.

Cobb lifts Rush. He whips him into the ropes and goes for his twisting powerslam finish, but Rush is able to reverse it into a pin. They battle, but Rush knocks Cobb into the corner. Rush nails the Bull’s Horns, but Cobb is still moving. Rush hits a second one and goes for the pin. This time, Cobb is down.

Winner and still champion: Rush

-After the match, Rush points at Cobb for the fans. Rush offers to help Cobb up, but he refuses. Rush offers his hand to shake, but Cobb kicks it away. Rush looks angry. Cobb says, “No, I extend my hand to you.” Cobb offers his hand and bows his head out of respect. Rush and Cobb shake hands in a rare moment.


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