ROH TV Results 03/03/2020

ROH TV Results 03/03/2020

– Today’s show begins with a video package of the MexiSquad (formally MexiBloods) won the 6-Man World Tag Team titles from Villain Enterprises.

-Quinn McKay welcomes us to the show as she’s hosting solo this week.

Match: Alex Zayne vs Andrew Everett

Code of Honor is adhered to.

We see some acrobatic moves that were always countered. Both men remained on their feet. They both take turns controlling the match. They keep a cocky smirk on their face each time. Everett hits a cross body off the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring, then tosses Zayn back in. While Everett is distracted by a fan, Zayne flies over the top rope with a corkscrew and takes him out.

Everett and Zayne tried offensive on the inside with neither men being able to keep the other down for a 2 count. Everett takes off a strap from his tights and calls for a Chokeslam. He goes for one, but Zayne just flips over and hits an enziguri. Zayne goes for a shoot star double stop but Everett avoids it. Everett hits a rotating flopsplash but only gets a 2-count. Both men seem overwhelmed.

Everett goes for a reverse Franksteiner, but Zayne counters it and lands on his feet, however Everett manages to hit it from the mat instead. Everett tries to capitalize by going for a shoot star press, but Zayne moves. Zayne hits the Shoot Star into a double stomp. Zayne nails a pumphandle driver for the win.

Winner: Alex Zayne

-After the match, Zayne and Everett hug and show respect. Fans applaud and we cut to commercial.

-Back from the break, PJ Black and Brian Johnson are sparring in a ring. Black asks Johnson what his finisher is and he admits that he doesn’t have one. Black takes Johnson down with a neckbreaker and tells him that its going to be his new finisher from now on.

We get a montage of the two training together. Johnson is attempting to perform his new finisher on a trainer, but he keeps escaping which is frustrating him. Black calms him down and reminds him to focus. After stopping to regain his composer, Johnson lays the trainer out with his new move. Black watches on approvingly. He rewards him with a white belt for his accomplishments and Johnson gets overly excited for the gift. We got to commercial.

-Back from commercial, Silas Young is looking for his clothes in the locker room. Josh Woods has a surprise for him and its a new pair of jeans. He tells Young that he threw away his old pair. Young doesn’t seem so sure about them and really struggles to pull them up. Woods gets behind him and attempts to help him, but Young freaks out and shoves him away. Young tells him that he’s not a baby who needs to be dressed and throws the pants in Woods’ face.

-We see a recap of the match between Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe from 2004 with a reminder than the ROH Past vs Present event is March 14th from Las Vegas.

Match: MexiSquad (Bandido, Flamita) vs. The Briscoes

The announcer introduces them as “MexiSquad” which is a change from their name last month, MexiBlood. Probably sounded too much like Life Blood, which Bandido quietly left 2 months ago.

The Briscoes get a huge pop. They’re very over tonight.

Code of Honor is adhered to.

Mark and Flamito start the match. We see some quick action that ends when they both go for a dropkick, but neither man connect. They get to their feet, and Mark does a karate stance. Flamita responds with the Grosshopper stance and the fans laugh. Jay and Bandido are tagged in.
Bandido and Jay counter each others moves until Jay hits a hurricanrana. Bandido responds with a superkick. Both Briscoes knock Flamita off the apron. They try to double team Bandido, but Flamita enters the ring and takes them both out. Bandido hits a superkick to Jay, but Jay responds with a big boot.

Flamita and Jay battle in the middle of the ring. Flamita botches a head scissors so they do the whole sequence a second time and this time he nails it. Flamita goes up at least 6 feet from the ropes and hits a moonsault onto both Briscoes.

Bandido now goes off the ropes and hits a Shoot Star Press onto all three men, including his partner Flamita. The MexiSquad double team Mark. Jay tries to stop them, but they double team him as well. Bandido does the wheel barrel on Flamita that sends him into both Briscoes for a pin, but only gets a 1.

The Briscoes double team both Flamita and Bandido. Mark sets up a chair in the ring and jumps off of it onto the MexiSquad. Fans chant “This is awesome!” Mark nails the Cactus Jack elbow drop onto Flamita. Jay runs over Bandido in the ring with a shoulder block and goes for the pin, but he kicks out.

The Briscoes double team Bandido while Flamita recovers on the floor. Bandido launches over Jay’s back and dropkicks Mark out of the ring. Flamita joins Bandido now and they hit double dropkicks on Jay in the corner. Bandido launches Flamita over the top rope onto Mark. Bandido hits the X-Knee on Jay and gets an extremely close 2-count.

Bandido tags in Flamita. He hits a 450-Splash pin. Mark enters the ring and breaks up the pin. Mark and Flamita get into a shoving match in the middle of the ring. They trade blows now. Mark hits an overhead belly-to-belly. The Briscoes hit the Redneck Boogey. Flamita is able to kick out of it. Mark rushes Flamita in the corner but he gets a boot up. Jay enters the ring. Flamita goes off the turnbuckle and hits a double kick to both Briscoes at the same time.

Mark goes for a cover on Flamita, but Bandido breaks it up by hitting a German Suplex on Jay into both men. They slowly get to their feet and all four men trade blows. The Briscoes both go for clotheslines, but MexiSquad duck and hit stereo Spanish Flies.

They take out Bandido. Jay gets Flamita on his shoulders. Mark nails the Doomsday Device for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes

-After the match, both teams shake hands and celebrate in the ring. We fade to black.

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