ROH TV Results 03/17/2020

ROH TV Results 03/17/2020

The show begins with clips of The Briscoes versus Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham. Lethal and Gresham win after a series of constant cheating.

Match: ROH Battle Royal

Several men are already out on the floor. Blue Meanie, Gangrel, Maria Manic, Kenny King, and Dragon Lee get special entrances. Kenny King is surprised to see Dragon Lee in the match since they’re on the same team. Gangrel spits blood in Kenny King’s face. The bell rings. Brian Johnson gets in Gangrel’s face. Gangrel hits a huge Impaler DDT. Dak Draper takes advantage and eliminates Gangrel. Draper eliminates LSG as well. WCW’s Crowbar and Elias are thrown out by Dak Draper.

Draper rushes Cheeseburger, but Cheeseburger pulls down the ropes and Draper falls to the outside. Dak Draper is eliminated.

The Bouncers start double teaming everyone. Blue Meanie joins the Bouncers and convinces them to do the Blue Meanie dance. They do. Fans are loving it. Brian Johnson sneaks in and tosses Meanie over the ropes. Fans boo. The Bouncers surround Johnson and take turns punching him. They attempt to eliminate him, but Johnson hangs on. PJ Black attacks the Bouncers and makes the save.

2Guys1Tag (Silas Young and Josh Woods) have been waiting outside the ring the whole time. Brian Johnson eliminates PJ Black from behind. He’s celebrating having just eliminated his tag team partner, but Maria Manic comes from behind. Maria sends him over with a Gorilla Press Slam. Titus gets her attention and they have a flex-off for some reason.

Titus shakes her hand as he’s impressed with her physique. She won’t let go of his hand. Titus rolls around and goes for a German Suplex, but realizes where his hands were. He stops apologizes for… groping her? She eliminates him.

Maria then eliminates both Bouncers at the same time over the top rope. Danhousen is so happy that she saved him. He wants a hug. She panders to the audience and does actually hug him. Then she shoves him down to the mat.

Silas Young enters the ring finally and shoves Maria. He says you want to beat a REAL man? Come on!

She chops him, but it doesnt phase him. He said hit him harder. She tells the fans to be quiet. She nails a chest chop. He does it back. Then he knees her in the stomach. She responds by nailing him. Silas hits a backbreaker, but the fans are booing it. He tries to eliminate her but she hangs on. Bully Ray comes out of nowhere and pulls her out. Silas celebrates in the ring as if he did it all.

Bully Ray grabs a steel chair and hits Maria in the back. He drags her to the table at ringside, then powerbombs her through it. Fans chant “asshole.”

Danhousen and Delirious bump into each other. Delirious tries talking but its all gibberish. Danhousen asks for his teeth, which the referee gives him. Delirious takes the teeth and swallows them all. Danhousen then hits a big boot and eliminates him.

Silas Young confronts Danhousen and goes to call him a “son of a bitch,” but Danhousen cuts him off and tells him not to swear. Silas eliminates him.

Cheeseburger tries to eliminate Silas. He hits a crossbody, but Silas holds on and tosses him over the ring. Cheeseburger lands on the apron and tries to pull Silas over the ropes, but Josh Woods grabs Silas’ foot and keeps him in. Silas clotheslines Cheeseburger off the apron and eliminates him.

2Guys1Tag team up to take on the final two competitors: Dragon Lee and Tracey Williams. Williams hits his turnbuckle DDT on Silas, but Woods attacks Williams. They battle in the middle of the ring, but Williams clotheslines Woods down. Williams tries to eliminate Woods, but Silas saves him. They double team Williams now. They dump over of the top rope.

They corner Dragon Lee now. Woods and Silas double team Dragon Lee with clotheslines and knee drops. After some miscommunication, Woods accidentally eliminates Silas Young. Dragon Lee eliminates Woods.

Kenny King comes from behind and tries to eliminate Dragon Lee, but Lee hangs on. Lee flips Kenny King over the top rope. Kenny looks surprised, but Dragon Lee takes off his mask to reveal… It’s actually Flip Gordon. Flip Gordon is freshly shaved wearing Dragon Lee’s attire.

Winner: Flip Gordon

– Backstage, Quinn McKay is about to interview Flip Gordon. A clean-shaven Gordon appears holding his Dragon Lee mask. Gordon says he can finally become ROH World Heavyweight champion. After returning from his knee injury a year ago, he became a wrestling legend. It doesn’t matter who the champion is, he’s going to be the champion.

Match: Session Moth Martina vs. Sumi Sakai

Most of this match is a comedy match that focuses primarily on the fact that Martina is wasted. Fans don’t know what to make of Session Moth Martina yet. Most of the wrestling is done by Sumi.

Session keeps taking breaks to drink from her beer. It seems to fire her up and she nails several clotheslines on Sumi. She nails a twisting suplex. Each time she goes for a pin, she nearly gets a three count. She goes for a third clothesline, but Sumi ducks it and hits a German suplex. Sumi rushes her in the corner, but Session knocks her down then lands a knee in her face. She goes for a pin but its once again a 2. Session hits a senton, but once again gets a 2. She’s getting frustrated.

Session takes a beer break. She hits a corner splash but only connects with the referee. She continues with a stink face because she thinks its Sumi. Meanwhile Sumi goes outside and grabs a steel chair. She nails Session in the back with it, then hits a DDT onto the chair. Sumi goes for the Smash Mouth but notices the referee isn’t up. She helps the referee back into the ring.

Sumi enters the ring, but Session nails the Jager-Bomb for the pin.

Winner: Session Moth Martina

Match: Dan Maff and Jeff Cobb vs. Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

Code of Honor is adhered to even though it seemed a little rough.

The titles are not on the line, but winning would give Cobb and Maff a future title shot.

Gresham tries to chain wrestle, but Cobb just tosses him across the ring. Gresham tags in Lethal. They go to lock up, but Lethal says he wants Maff. Cobb tags in Maff.

Lethal chops Maff but it only fires him up. Maff chops Lethal and its sends him back. Lethal goes for another chop, but instead smacks Maff twice in the face. Maff does it back. Lethal goes to attack, but Maff sends him outside the ring. Lethal and Gresham recover outside the ring. Lethal tags in Gresham.

Maff hits a shoulder block on Gresham, but Gresham doesn’t go down. Gresham and Lethal go to double suplex Maff, but he reverses it and suplexes them instead. Lethal and Gresham double team Cobb in the middle of the ring. Maff goes to enter to help, but Lethal drop kicks him off the apron.

Both teams take turns take the other out. Cobb its the Tour of the Islands on Lethal, but Gresham breaks up the pin. Lethal hits the cutter on Cobb, but Maff breaks up the pin. Lethal and Gresham take Maff out of the ring. They hit continuous suicide dives on Maff to finally take him down. Gresham locks in a headlock on Maff on the outside to keep him out.

Lethal applies to a figure four to Cobb inside the ring. Maff carries Gresham into the ring on his back. Maff hits a Death Valley Driver to Gresham ontop of Lethal to break up the submission.

Maff spears Gresham. Cobb its a Stampede on Lethal. Maff is tagged in. Lethal goes for the cutter on Maff, but Maff catches him and turns it into the burning hammer. Gresham comes in and frees Lethal. Gresham dives outside onto Cobb. Lethal goes for a Cutter again, but once again Maff turns it into the Burning Hammer. This time he nails it for the win.

Winners: Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff

– We go off the air with Cobb and Maff celebrating in the ring.

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