ROH TV Results 1/21/2020

ROH TV Results 1/21/2020

-The show opens with clips of The Briscoes vs Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham for the World Tag Team titles. Lethal and Gresham won with a little cheating.

-Ian Riccobani and Quinn McKay welcome us to the show. They tell us that today’s theme will be tag team action.

Match: The Bouncers vs. Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry

During The Bouncer’s entrance, they get a picture-in-picture promo. They tell us that Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry don’t always work well together, but they do. They’re coming for the world tag team titles.

Dalton Castle is out next and he’s brought to the ring by “Boys,” who are played by different people than the original twins. Joe Hendry gets his big entrance with his custom made theme song. The camera pans over to show the commentators are waving their hands from side-to-side with his music.

Code of honor is adhered to. Brian and Hendry are the legal men. They lock up, but Brian tosses him across the ring. Hendry gets up and gets the fans hyped up. They lock up, and once again Brian tosses him. He flexes for the crowd as we go to commercial.

Tag is made to Beer City Bruiser. Tag is made to Dalton Castle. Castle gets in Bruiser’s face and talks smack. They belly bump a few times to intimidate each other. Castle bounces off the ropes and runs into Bruiser, but he doesn’t budge. He repeats it several times but Bruiser doesn’t move an inch. Bruiser hits his “Beer” punches and goes for the bite, but Castle ducks it and does his back pose. Bruiser bites him anyway. Castle backs away and tags in Hendry.

Bruiser tags in Brian. Brian uses Bruiser’s head to ram into Hendry. Bruiser climbs the turnbuckle but Castle knocks him off. Brian pulls Hendry outside the ring. Castle dives through the ropes and connects with Brian. They beat on Brian, but meanwhile Bruiser is climbing the turnbuckle. He flips off and lands on all three men to take them down.

Bruiser tosses Hendry back in the ring. Brian rolls in and tags Bruiser in. Bruiser hits a samoan drop. Brian then hits a senton. Bruiser covers Hendry but only gets a 2 count. Hendry gets to a corner. Bruiser goes to hit a corner splash, but Hendry rolls out of the way and makes a desperate tag to Castle.

Castle runs in and hits Bruiser with a DDT. Castle is bleeding down his leg. He goes for a pin, but only gets a two. Castle bounces off the ropes and Hendry tags himself in. Bruiser clotheslines Castle, but Hendry hits a fallaway slam on Bruiser. Castle takes awhile to exit the ring so the referee is distracted by him. Hendry goes for a pin, but the referee doesn’t see it in time. Bruiser hits a spinebuster on Hendry and tags in Brian. Hendry tags in Castle.

Castle goes for a running knee but Brian just swats him away. Castle gets thrown outside. The Bouncers attempt to double team Hendry, but Castle runs back into the ring to break it up before anything can happen. Castle and Brian fight up the turnbuckle, but Brian just tosses him off. Bruiser and Brian hit the “Final Call” leg drop. The Bouncers score the pinfall.

Winners: The Bouncers

-Ian and Quinn plug ROH Pro Shop.

Match: Master and Machine vs. Brian Johnson and PJ Black

PJ Black and Master and Machine shake hands, but Brian Johnson refuses. Starting the match is Black and Machine. Before they can lock up, Johnson tags himself in. Garrison immediately takes him down with a clothesline. Cross and Garrison double team Johnson. Black comes in to make the save. They try to double team him with a double hip toss, but Black lands on his feet and takes both men out. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Black has Cross in a wristlock. He tags in Johnson, but fans boo. Johnson puts Cross in a stretch. He uses the ropes to apply more pressure, but Black kicks his hand off the ropes. Johnson is mad and yells in his face. John takes out Cross and goes for a pin by using the ropes as leverage, but once again Black kicks him off. He bickers with Black, but Master and Machine take him out. Griff “Machine” Garrison takes out both opponents. He tags in Cross, who launches off the turnbuckle with the Skywalker Elbow, but Black tosses him out of the ring before he can go for a pin. Black slams Garrison.

Cross springboards off the ropes into the ring, but Black hits him in midair with a knee to the face. Black hits Cross with a superkick. Johnson hits a fistdrop and pins him for the win.

Winners: PJ Black and Brian Johnson

-After the match, Johnson celebrates as if he’s the reason they won with his fist drop.

-Wrestling With Wregret lays down his top tag teams in ROH.

#1 Contenders Match: 2 Guy 1 Tag (Josh Woods, Elias Young) vs. the Briscoes

Silas Young and Josh Woods are out first. Woods convinces him to high five a fan. Young does it reluctantly. They’re wearing matching ring attire. The Briscoes are out next. Code of Honor adhered to. Woods and Young play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets in the ring.

Woods easily out wrestles Mark on the mat. Woods fakes a pump kick and smacks him to the mat. Mark goes to get up, and Woods smacks him on the ass. Young tells him to get out of the ring. Woods doesn’t want to, but Young tells him to touch his hand right now so he can get in. Woods does it.

Young now beats Mark around the ring. Young holds control for a while. Mark is finally able to get Young down, and taunts Woods. He tags in Jay. Jay takes down Young and Mark attacks Woods on the apron. Fans chant “Let’s go Briscoes.” Young is able to make a desperate tag to Woods.

Woods runs over both Briscoes. He puts Jay in a submission. Mark breaks up the hold. Young goes to chase after Mark, but he gets to his corner and the referee tells him to back off. Woods gets Jay in his corner. He tags in Young who hits a senton off the top rope. Fans applaud.

Young gets Jay in a headlock that he holds down to a pin. He only gets a 2. Fans start clapping for Jay to build him up. Jay escapes and tags in Mark. Young tags in Woods.

Mark lays into Woods. Woods stops him with a back elbow, but Mark responds with a Spicolli Driver. Mark hits him with a brainbuster and fans are really behind him. Mark calls for the Froggy Bow. He flies off, but Woods catches him with an armbar. Mark is able to escape, but Woods quickly locks in an ankle lock. Jay goes to break it up, but Young quickly takes him out. Woods keeps the ankle lock attached. He turns it into a suplex, but only gets a 2.

Mark is able to tag in Jay. Jay takes out Woods and goes for a pin. Silas is able to make a last second assist to break it up. The Briscoes knock him out of the ring. They nail the Redneck Boogey on Woods. Mark is already celebrating. Jay goes for the pin, but Woods kicks out at the last second. Young enters the ring and takes out Jay. Mark takes out Young. Woods and Mark battle to the top of the turnbuckle.

Mark tries to suplex Woods to the outside, but he fights it off. They trade blows on the top now. Woods hits a Super Belly-to-Belly. All four men are down.

All four men meet in the middle and get to their feet. They trade punches now. The Briscoes clothesline Young out of the ring. Woods is able to take advantage, but the Briscoes shoulder tackle him. The Briscoes set up the Doomsday Device. Before Mark can go off, Jonathan Gresham appears out of nowhere and tosses him off. Woods escapes Jay, but he doesn’t see the interference.

Woods hits his rolling German Suplex finisher and gets the pin.

Winners: Josh Woods and Silas Young

-After the match, Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham cheer them on from the stage. They clearly think they’d be easier to beat than the Briscoes. The show abruptly comes to an end.

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