WWE nXt Results- June 27, 2018 (6-Man Tag Team Main Event!)

WWE nXt Results- June 27, 2018

WWE nXt Results

June 27, 2018

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Big news to start off the show tonight. The nXt Tag Team Championships were defended by the Undisputed Era at the Royal Albert Hall, last night, on the WWE Network’s presentation of the 2018 UK Tournament. Moustache Mountain (Bate and Seven) successfully defeated Strong and O’Reilly to become the new champions. They will be in action tonight.

Opening Segment

nXt Champion Aleister Black is first to return to Full Sail and he is greeted with “Aleister” chants. How you deal with adversity is what defines you as a champion, says Black. Lars Sullivan was that adversity at Takeover: Chicago but Black made it fade to black.

Suddenly, boos ring out in the crowd and it’s Tommaso Ciampa, standing on the stage. Now it’s time you stand face to face with the devil, says Ciampa. He’s not buying what Black’s saying. The man makes the title, but, in Black’s case, the title makes him. You barely beat Lars Sullivan and, in the main event, Ciampa beat Johnny freakin’ Wrestling. He beat him with his hands tied behind his back!

Now, Ciampa wants the title. Black says if GM Regal wants it to happen…
Ciampa cuts him off and says when he does step in the ring with him, you lose more than just the title. You lose the mystique you have, too.

Ciampa sits cross-legged on the FSU stage, waving to Aleister Black (off-camera).

Ciampa sits cross-legged on the stage and says Black’s title reign will fade to black. Black doesn’t like the mocking and he gets out of the ring, staring down Ciampa who walks away waving.

Announce Team Update

We find out from the announce team that Sullivan fought half the match with a broken jaw. They show the x-ray. Black still managed to beat him though. Now he may have a new challenger in Ciampa.

Second Segment

Vanessa Borne askes nXt reporters a question during the interview scrum. Why does Kairi Sane dress up as a pirate? She doesn’t get why people admire her for wearing that kind of stuff. They should be adoring her, Vanessa Borne. Borne says she should be the one on t-shirts and posters.

Singles Match: Kona Reeves vs. Max Humberto

Watson tells us Reeves was in Hawaii getting some tips from “The Magnificent” Don Muraco. He also points out Reeves has more chains and looks more confident.

Reeves tries to intimidate Humberto, pushing and shoving him, and yelling if he wants to fight. Side headlock, and after a few quick moves, he brings Humberto to the mat with it. Back up to their feet, whip to the ropes and a snapmare. Reeves follows this up by throwing Humberto through the ropes to the outside.

Back in the ring, Reeves stomps Humberto down in the corner. Butterfly suplex. Reeves with a reverse diving elbow from the second rope. He forces Humberto’s face into the mat until the referee calls him off.
Humberto’s fighting back with right hands. Off the ropes, Humberto runs right into the big boot of Reeves. Fireman’s carry into a Hawaiian Drop. 1-2-3.

Winner: Kona Reeves via pinfall in 3 minutes

One cool point for Reeves who did his best to make this match meaningful. His vocal nature is unique and his move set is quite unique, with that reverse diving elbow and the Hawaiian Drop. That’s 3 TV wins, I believe. He’s going to need a high-profile match in the coming weeks.

Clips from the ending of the nXt Tag Team Championship match, at the Royal Albert Hall, are shown. Bate and Seven got a standing ovation from the home crowd.

Third Segment

Singles Match: Candice LeRae vs. Lacey Evans

Hard shoulder blocks from Evans to start this one. LeRae trips her up. She follows up with arm drags and dropkicks. 1-2- kickout by Evans. Evans charges LeRae into the corner. Evans flips over the top rope and begins working over LeRae’s left arm. She wraps it around the turnbuckle violently. 1-2- kickout by LeRae.

LeRae’s audibly in pain as Evans wrings that left arm of hers. A surprise roll-up for 2 by LeRae, but Evans slams her back to the mat. Evans beats her up in the corner, wrapping her leg around LeRae’s head and squeezing it. She follows up with a Cobra Clutch as the fans clap for LeRae to fight back, but it’s to no avail. Evans modifies the hold but maintains it.

LeRae breaks the hold but struggles to build up enough momentum for an attack. Effective right hands to knock Evans off of her feet. She keeps it going, jumps off the top rope and nails Evans with a jumping bulldog. LeRae gets up quickly. Vertebreaker!

Springboard moonsault! 1-2-3! LeRae is victorious.

Winner: Candice LeRae via pinfall in 5 minutes

One cool point for LeRae who is trying to assert herself and her career as one worthy of watching. She may yet build up the fan support to challenge for the championship, but she’s not there yet.

Post-match, Johnny Gargano was watching his wife’s match and he’s asked about he is recovering. He says Candice is his favourite wrestler to watch, but he keeps playing over what happened in Chicago. When he saw Ciampa rip the wedding ring from his finger, spit on it, and throw it into the crowd, he shouldn’t win. He doesn’t get to win.

Gargano’s going to make sure they do this thing one more time and he doesn’t care where it happens, or when. This ends when he does.

Fourth Segment

Earlier today, we see Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight barbecuing. No more fun and games, they say.

A tweet from nXt General Manager William Regal is shown. It says Gargano needs to move on from Ciampa, so he’ll be facing EC3 next week!

Cathy Kelley interviews Candice LeRae, following her match. LeRae says she made the mistake of letting everything going on with Gargano distract her from her own career and future. She cares about Gargano and his motivation has inspired her to chase after the nXt Women’s Championship.

Tag Team Match: Moustache Mountain (c) vs. Dave Dixon & Carl Axelrod

Just as Dixon and Axelrod get to the stage, they’re attacked by Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly and nXt North American Champion Adam Cole. Pretty viciously, too. Both men are tossed from the stage after being beaten.
O’Reilly grabs a mic and says their loss in England was a fluke. Bate and Seven are phonies! None of their UK buddies are here to help now. They’re going to make sure that they get on a plane for home without the Tag Team Championships.

Suddenly, Ricochet’s music hits and he runs to the ring, standing in between Bate and Seven to share his support, evening the numbers.
Match doesn’t start

Final Segment

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Moustache Mountain (c) & Ricochet vs. Undisputed Era

Bate and O’Reilly start off the match. Bate shows off his high-flying and then wrenches O’Reilly’s arm a few times. Seven gets tagged in briefly. Bate and Ricochet tag in one after the other for some top rope flying on O’Reilly. Seven looks for his Seven Stars Lariat, but O’Reilly defends. He tags in Cole.

Cole gets chopped ferociously and loudly in the chest. DDT by Seven for a 2 count on Cole. Cole runs at Seven and is powerslammed to the mat. Strong runs in and receives a similar fate. Ricochet tags in, gets a hand out by Bate so he can step up and do a moonsault on both UE members in the ring.

Bate tags back in and he punches out all three UE members. Strong throws him into the ropes where he gets smacked in the head pretty good by a kick from Cole on the outside. Half Nelson Slam by Strong!

Cole’s tagged in briefly to stomp down Bate in their home corner. O’Reilly’s brought in to keep it going. He does. Strong enters for a bit before tagging back in O’Reilly. Some real punishment happening to Bate’s body.
A few minutes later, Bate headbutts Strong. Strong retorts by locking up Bate in a ground submission. Bate punches his way back to his feet. Strong charges him in the corner. Bate counters the knee strike then nails Strong with a beautiful suplex.

Ricochet gets the tag and he’s taking care of business, including a beautiful neckbreaker on Strong. O’Reilly returns to the ring. Ricochet nails him with flying kicks and shoulder blocks from the top! 1-2- kickout by O’Reilly.

Ricochet hits a Northern Lights suplex, and bridges over O’Reilly to face forward on him. Wow. O’Reilly wraps his legs around him to squeeze him into submission. Ricochet tags in Seven as he has a headlock and torso squeeze applied by O’Reilly. Seven with a beauty of a modified side slam for a 2 count on O’Reilly. Close call and the fans let them know.

Seven tries to tag in but his partners are pulled off the ringside apron by Strong. Seven takes the brunt of the punishment, including a high knee from Strong in the corner, a nasty Last Shot by Cole and the penalty kick by O’Reilly. 1-2- Ricochet and Bate interfere and break the pin!

They get tossed out of the ring, bringing O’Reilly and Strong with them. Cole prepares to take on the vulnerable Seven, but Cole gets the lariat from Seven instead!

Ricochet is tagged in. Fireman’s carry into a Vertigo. 1-2- no. Rolling Wheel Kick by Bate on Strong. O’Reilly enters and forearm smashes Bate. Ricochet nails O’Reilly. Cole attacks Ricochet. Ricochet knocks down Cole and the fans chant “NXT!”. That was a melee scene.

All 6 men slugging it out all over the ring and aprons. In the ring, it’s Cole and Ricochet. Guys, Ricochet is doing amazing things that I cannot do justice with words. The fans are so into this dynamic offense. He goes to the top rope….640 Splash!

1…2….NO! O’Reilly drags Cole’s leg to the bottom rope just in time. Ricochet flies through the ropes to splash O’Reilly on the ramp. Suddenly, Strong runs around the corner of the ring, picks up Ricochet and slams him back first on the apron with a modified End of Heartache. Ouch. He rolls him into the ring and Cole flops over to pin Ricochet for the win.

Winners: Undisputed Era via pinfall in 14 minutes

Two cool points for Ricochet. This sequence near the end was breath-taking. One cool point for the Undisputed Era, with an additional point for the timely actions of O’Reilly and Cole to secure the win for their team. One cool point for each member of Moustache Mountain because their energy made this match exciting. Everyone got a chance to shine in this one, and it looks like it will set up another series of matches, possibly a Tag Team Title rematch, and an NA Title match with Cole and Ricochet.

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.

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