ROH Final Battle Fallout Results From Philadelphia, PA 12/15/19

ROH Final Battle Fallout Results From Philadelphia, PA 12/15/19

-Fallout begins immediately with Villain Enterprises coming out together, accompanied by Destro for PCO. Fans chant for PCO. Marty Scurll has the microphone.

Marty says that it’s an amazing time for Villain Enterprises. Marty says he wants to address the elephant in the room. “I… have a sick new pair of shoes.” The commentators acknowledge that he’s referring to NWA without naming off NWA. Marty builds up PCO. Fans chants “you deserve it” for the new ROH World Heavyweight champion. Marty says, “For once the fans are right.”

Marty gives PCO the microphone. PCO asks the fans how they feel tonight, because he’s feeling damn good. PCO says that thanks to being reanimated, it took him 2 lifetimes to win the ROH title.

Rush is shown on the tron. He says that PCO can’t beat him and get away with it. Rush says he’s bringing his army. Rush says he’s joining forces with Kenny King and his brother, Dragon Lee.

PCO says you may have your new team, but we are Villain Enterprises.

-We get the opening video and the commentators rundown the card for tonight.

Match: Hallowicked vs. Mark Haskins

Hallowicked is out first. He’s announced as being from Sleepy Hollow. Out next is Mark Haskins with his wife, Vicky.

The match begins with a lot of chain wrestling. Fans applaud each time they break away. Haskins gets him in a tight headlock. Hallowicked reverses it into a headlock of his own. Haskins kicks his legs out from underneath him and goes for a quick pin, but doesn’t even get a 1 count.

Haskins keeps him grounded with submissions, including a Rings of Saturn that the commentators call the “Rings of Haskins.” Commentators talk about how tough Vicky is.

They take turns making pin attempts. Neither man can keep the other down. The spot ends when both men dropkick each other. Hallowicked is the first to his feet. They recuperate in separate corners. Haskins ducks a clothesline and hits a Falcon Arrow into a submission. Hallowicked gets to the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Haskins flies off the apron to take him out.

Vicky yells at Haskins to get up. They both get back in the ring. Hallowicked hits a “Go 2 Sleepy Hollow.” Haskins clumsily reaches his feet and Hallowicked dropkicks him. He goes for a pin but only gets a 2. Fans start chanting for Hallowicked now.

He hits a running knee in the corner, then lifts him to the top turnbuckle. He nails a huge belly to belly. He runs to the other turnbuckle and goes for a Swanton bomb, but Haskins gets his knees up. Haskins runs to the turnbuckle and nails the Stomp Boy for the win.

Winner: Mark Haskins

-Commentators really play up how bad Vicky is as a person after the match.

-We get a video package for Flamita

Match: Sumie Sakai vs Nicole Savoy

Nicole Savoy is out first. Sumie Sakai is out next. Code of Honor is adhered to.

They try to chain wrestle but nothing comes of it. Sakai challenges Savoy to an amateur wrestling match up. Nothing comes of this either. They’re broken up by the ropes. They shake hands .

Savoy is able to toss her to the mat now. She gets a submission locked in, but Sakai breaks free and locks one in as well. Savoy gets free now. They both get to their feet. Savoy offers her hand to shake. They shake again, but this time Sakai grabs her in and kicks her in the gut.

They wrestle on the mat once again. Sakai gets in a big ankle lock, but Savoy rolls it to the ropes. They go back and forth but Savoy is the favorite. She locks in a Rings of Saturn variation. She yells at Sakai to give up, but she slowly slides to the ropes. The hold is broken. Savoy hits a high angle back drop and goes for the pin, but gets a 2.

They trade running forearms now. Sakai hits a Roll of the Dice, but can’t recover to get a pin. They crawl to each other in the middle of the ring. They trade punches until Savoy hits her with a huge headbutt. Savoy goes for a pop-up powerbomb, but Sakai reverses it until a roll-up. She gets a 2.

Savoy hits a big T-bone suplex, but only gets a 2. She looks shocked she only got a 2. She picks Sakai up and hits a TKO, but still only gets a 2. She smacks the mat in frustration. She climbs the turnbuckle, but Sakai runs over and stops her. She applies a submission on the turnbuckle then drops her on her head. She goes for her moonsault, but misses. Savoy locks in another Rings of Saturn, but Sakai rolls her up. Not even a 2 count.

Sakai hypes up the crowd and gets them behind her. Savoy ducks a clothesline and hits a German suplex. Sakai tries to recuperate and takes a swing, but Savoy hits a snap dragon into a pin attempt, and scores the win.

Winner: Nicole Savoy

-After the match, both men take a while to recover. Savoy motions for Sakai to shake her hand, and she does.

The Allure enter the ring and beatdown both women, then toss them out of the ring. Angelina grabs the microphone. She tells Maria Manic that she tried to kill her, but she failed. She challenges her to come out and try it again, then calls her an ugly bitch.

Manic’s music hits and she makes a bee line to the ring. The Allure try to ambush her 2-on-1, but she easily fights them off and starts tossing them around the ring. She throws Mandy Leon out of the ring. She calls for a microphone. She says, “Angelina….”

Then the feed dies.

When the feed is back, Maria has been put through a table and Bully Ray is being pulled away by security.

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Match: Jonathan Gresham (w/Jay Lethal) vs.

Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal come out first with their new music and entrance. Alex Shelley is out next to a decent reaction.

The Code of Honor was not adhered to, technically. They chain wrestle, and Alex Shelley forces him to shake his hand at the end. Gresham stares at his hand in disbelief. They go back to chain wrestle, but this time Gresham holds control. Lethal tells him that no one can out chain wrestle him.

They continue to chain wrestle, with Alex Shelley getting the upperhand.

At this point, the stream dies three times on I switched over to the Honor Club and the stream works and it’s in better quality. Cheap plug for the Honor Club.

They’re reversing each other’s offense quickly. The commentators are calling every single move. Ian Riccobani runs out of breath. Gresham locks in a pin out of nowhere and Shelley can’t kick out.

Winner: Alex Shelley

-After the match, Shelley gets in Lethal’s face. He pushes Gresham’s shoulder and Lethal steps up to him. Shelley tells him to calm down, and offers his hand to shake. Gresham is reluctant, but grabs it. The fans clap. Lethal shakes his hand as well.

-We get a nice video package for Australian wrestler Slex. We see the slogan “business is booming.”

Match: Bateman vs. Tracy Williams

Bateman is out first. Commentators still have no idea what the “V” on Bateman’s hand is while simultaneously discussing Vincent. Tracey Williams is out next.

Williams comes off quick when the bell rings. He hits Bateman with a flying clothesline early on. Bateman rakes the eyes to take control. Bateman hits multiple knife edge chops in the corner. Williams hits some back. They battle to the floor now. They trade chops. Bateman tosses Williams into the barricade now.

The referee nearly counts to 20 before both men get back into the ring. They go back to trading chops now. Bateman gets the upper hand. He lays into Williams in the corner. He hits some very nonchalant kicks to Williams chest in the corner to taunt him.

Williams gets hyped up and takes down Bateman with a kick to the chest. He’s not able to battle back long as Bateman locks in a headlock. Williams is able to fight off with a back body drop. Bateman chops Williams to stop his momentum, but Williams hits a back suplex. Williams goes for a cover but only gets a 2. Fans chant “Let’s Go Hotsauce” now.

He picks Bateman up and puts him in the fireman’s carry, but Bateman gives him some elbows to the head to break free. They trade punches now. Williams is able to get him back up for the fireman’s carry. Williams hits the Spicolli Driver, but only gets a 2. Williams is shocked. Williams lays into him with some forearms and goes for another pin. 2, again.

Fans start chanting “Hotsauce.” He picks up Bateman, but red balloons are released. Bateman goes for a powerbomb while he’s distracted but Williams kind of reverses it. He was supposed to reverse it, but just kind of lazily gets put down by Bateman. Meanwhile, a woman in heavy makeup comes out and hangs upside down from the ropes. While the referee is distracted, Williams picks up Bateman for a piledriver, but a clown comes from out of nowhere and lazily pushes Bateman back to his feet. A lot of botches happening right now. Bateman is able to hit the tombstone for the win.

Winner: Bateman

After the match, the woman, clown, and Bateman celebrate. Vincent’s music hits. He comes out to his twang music. The four freak shows gather together on the apron for a promo. Vincent has a microphone. Vincent asks if everyone’s feeling this. He discusses doing a bunch of dirty things to win the ROH World Heavyweight title, but not being the one to hold it. He’s referring to all the help he gave Taven to win the title, but not being rewarded.

He asks everyone if they’re digging what he’s saying. It gets no reaction, unfortunately. He tells everyone “Welcome to Ring of Horror.” Then once again asks if everyone is digging what he’s saying.

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#1 Contenders Match: 2 Guy 1 Tag (Josh Woods, Elias Young) vs. the Briscoes

-Silas Young and Josh Woods are out first. Woods convinces him to high five a fan. Young does it reluctantly. They’re wearing matching ring attire. The Briscoes are out next. Code of Honor adhered to. Woods and Young play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets in the ring.

Woods easily out wrestles Mark on the mat. Woods fakes a pump kick and smacks him to the mat. Mark goes to get up, and Woods smacks him on the ass. Young tells him to get out of the ring. Woods doesn’t want to, but Young tells him to touch his hand right now so he can get in. Woods does it.

Young now beats Mark around the ring. Young holds control for a while. Mark is finally able to get Young down, and taunts Woods. He tags in Jay. Jay takes down Young and Mark attacks Woods on the apron. Fans chant “Let’s go Briscoes.” Young is able to make a desperate tag to Woods.

Woods runs over both Briscoes. He puts Jay in a submission. Mark breaks up the hold. Young goes to chase after Mark, but he gets to his corner and the referee tells him to back off. Woods gets Jay in his corner. He tags in Young who hits a senton off the top rope. Fans applaud.

Young gets Jay in a headlock that he holds down to a pin. He only gets a 2. Fans start clapping for Jay to build him up. Jay escapes and tags in Mark. Young tags in Woods.

Mark lays into Woods. Woods stops him with a back elbow, but Mark responds with a Spicolli Driver. Mark hits him with a brainbuster and fans are really behind him. Mark calls for the Froggy Bow. He flies off, but Woods catches him with an armbar. Mark is able to escape, but Woods quickly locks in an ankle lock. Jay goes to break it up, but Young quickly takes him out. Woods keeps the ankle lock attached. He turns it into a suplex, but only gets a 2.

Mark is able to tag in Jay. Jay takes out Woods and goes for a pin. Silas is able to make a last second assist to break it up. The Briscoes knock him out of the ring. They nail the Redneck Boogey on Woods. Mark is already celebrating. Jay goes for the pin, but Woods kicks out at the last second. Young enters the ring and takes out Jay. Mark takes out Young. Woods and Mark battle to the top of the turnbuckle.

Mark tries to suplex Woods to the outside, but he fights it off. They trade blows on the top now. Woods hits a Super Belly-to-Belly. All four men are down.

All four men meet in the middle and get to their feet. They trade punches now. The Briscoes clothesline Young out of the ring. Woods is able to take advantage, but the Briscoes shoulder tackle him. The Briscoes set up the Doomsday Device. Before Mark can go off, Jonathan Gresham appears out of nowhere and tosses him off. Woods escapes Jay, but he doesn’t see the interference.

Woods hits his rolling German Suplex finisher and gets the pin.

Winners: Josh Woods and Silas Young

-After the match, Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham cheer them on from the stage. They clearly think they’d be easier to beat than the Briscoes.

Match: Rey Horus vs. Flip Gordon

Commentators do acknowledge Rey Horus’s stint on Lucha Underground. They also comment on his past feud with Ricochet. Flip is out next.

Flip and Horus chain wrestle. Horus wins the chain and threatens to punch Flip in the face, but doesn’t. They chain wrestle again. This time they both threaten to punch each other but don’t. Fans applaud. They battle to the outside of the ring. Flip hits a huge German suplex to the floor. Fans chant for Flip.

Back in the ring, they fight around the ring. Horus flies off the turnbuckle and hits a tornado arm drag that sends Flip outside the ring. Horus jumps over the turnbuckle and onto Flip outside the ring. Horus beats Flip around the outside now.

Back in the ring, they battle for control. Flip hits a falcon arrow out of nowhere and attempts a pin. He gets a 2 count. Flip toys with him by lightly kicking him around the ring. Horus recovers and hits a Spanish Fly. He goes for a pin but also only gets a 2.

They start chopping in the middle of the ring. Flip asks him to bring it. They chop each other. The sequence ends when Horus just kicks him in the gut instead. They battle to the top of the turnbuckle. Horus knocks him. Flip responds by hitting the springboard kick. Horus falls to the floor. Horus gets back inside the ring, but Flip is still able to hold control. Horus goes for clothesline, but Flip ducks it with a kip-up followed by a pele kick.

They battle back up the turnbuckle. Horus calls for a move and says its the end. Flip tries to fight him up, but Horus hits a flying rollup. Flip is able to escape. He catches Horus with the “Flip-5” then locks in the STF for the win.

Winner: Flip Gordon

-The commentators rundown the rest of the card for tonight.

Match: Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff vs. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO w/Destro)

Jeff Cobb is out first. Dan Maff is out next. Interestingly, Marty Scurll comes out alone. PCO gets his own entrance as ROH World Heavyweight champion. He accompanied by Destro. Code of Honor is actually adhered to, but Maff has an attitude about it when he shakes PCO’s hand.

Marty and Cobb battle in the ring. Marty goes off the ropes and hits him with a shoulder tackle, but Cobb doesn’t budge. Marty grabs his shoulder in pain. Cobb tells him to do it again. Same result. This time Marty flexes his arms and gets in Cobb’s face. Cobb tags in Maff. Marty takes down Maff. He goes for a kick, says “Just kidding!” Then bops him on the head. Maff chases him outside the ring.

Marty says, “Hey, you listen to me!”… the runs inside the ring and tags in PCO. The crowd cheers for PCO and chants his name. PCO and Maff meet in the middle. They charge into each other, but no one budges. They try it again to the same result. PCO runs off the ropes and takes down Maff with a shoulder tackle. All four men meet in the middle to try to suplex each other. Maff and Cobb win and they suplex the Villains. PCO tags in Marty.

Marty yells, “I’m going to suplex this bitch!” Then Maff suplexes him. Maff tags in Cobb. Cobb lays into Marty. Marty fights back and jumps off the turnbuckle, but Cobb catches him in mid-air and hits a bell-to-belly. Cobb runs to the Villains’ corner and nails PCO. Cobb dead lift suplexes PCO off the turnbuckle. PCO immediately sits up. PCO runs over Cobb. Fans chant his name again.

Cobb and Maff double team PCO with some huge heavyweight moves. Maff jumps off Cobb’s back and hits a senton splash on PCO. He goes for a pin, but PCO kicks out. Marty enters the match and his fired up. Marty is laying into Cobb and Maff now. Marty with his superkick fakeout to Cobb. He chops Maff in the corner. Cobb goes to hit a splash but misses Marty and hits Maff. Marty goes off the turnbuckle with a tornado DDT.

Marty tosses PCO over the top rope onto Maff. Marty holds Cobb down while PCO goes off the turnbuckle with a leg drop. He goes for a pin but Cobb kicks out at 2. PCO hits the Canadian Destroyer on Maff. They go for a pin and get a clear 3 count, but Maff makes the very late save. Fans boo and chant “That was 3.”

Cobb and PCO battle in the ring with Cobb getting control. He turns around to attack Marty, but Marty drops the ropes and sends him outside. He goes off the ropes for a suicide dive but Maff spears him in the middle. Maff goes for his own suicide dive, but accidentally connects with Cobb. PCO goes for his PCO Sentonbomb, but misses and connects with the edge of the apron. It makes a sickening thud.

Marty calls for the chickenwing, but Maff turns around and decks him. Maff sets up the Burning Hammer, but Marty escapes and rolls him up for the surprise win.

Winners: PCO and Marty Scurll

-After the match, PCO and Marty Scurll celebrate on the floor. Marty grabs the titles and hands PCO’s two titles to him. Ian signs off as the Villains hug it out in the middle of the ring. We fade to black.

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