ROH Global War Espectactular from Dearborn, MI 9/7/2019

ROH Global War Espectactular from Dearborn, MI 9/7/2019

Quick Results:

Dak Draper defeated the Haitian Sensation to advance in the Top Prospect tournament.

Josh “The Goods” Woods defeated The Bouncers

Rush defeated Triton

Mark Haskins defeated Rhett Titus

Kenny King defeated “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams and Jeff Cobb by pinning Tracy Williams

Jay Lethal and Jonathon Gresham defeated Dalton Castle and “The Prestigious” Joe Hendry

Villain Enterprises defeats Team CMLL

Volador Jr and Stuka Jr defeated ROH World Champion Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia

Bandido defeated Tag Team Champion Jay Briscoe

Live Results:

First out is Dak Draper. We get a replay of him manhandling his opponent in a debut match. Out next is the Haitian Sensation. We get a replay of him winning his last match. The crowd is into his entrance. He asks the referee to get involved but he wants nothing to do with it. The Sensation tosses beads into the crowd, but the crowd boos when the wrong fan catches it.

Dak offers his hand for the code of honor, but Sensation says no. Dak gets the immediate over hand by flooring Sensation. Sensation comes back by sending Dak over the top rope. Sensation is more worried about getting the crowd behind him and Dak climbs back onto the apron. Dak shouts “shame on you” to the crowd and takes down Sensation.

Dak continues to manhandle the Sensation. He cuts a promo for the crowd while Sensation is down. Sensation ends up making a hot comeback. He nails a scissor kick and goes for the pin. Dak kicks out at two. Sensation charges at Dak, but he catches him and nails his finisher for the three count.

Winner: Dak Draper

Dak offers his hand once again, but takes it away before Sensation could shake it. Dak cuts a promo into the camera about being the “future.” The fans aren’t behind either of these men.

Silas Young and Josh Woods vs. The Bouncers

We get a recap from the commentators about how Josh Woods and Silas Young got into an argument because Woods didn’t help him cheat. Woods and Silas come out first.

The Bouncers come out next with beers and kegs from the bar. They have to climb the barricade and struggle a little bit, but celebrate when they make it over.

Josh Woods accepts the code of honor handshake from the Bouncers and Young is mad. The Bouncers call Silas a buzzkill.

The Bruiser of the Bouncers get the fans to chant “beer.” Silas gets the upperhand and yells in Bruiser’s face. Bruiser takes advantage with the punches that make the fans chant “beer” again. Bruiser bites Silas head. The referee tells Bruiser he can’t bite. Bruiser replies, “I can’t bite, I don’t got no teeth.”

Woods tags himself in and Brian gets tagged in as well. Woods gets some good offense in, but Brian runs him over. Brian tags back in Bruiser and Silas tags himself in, but immediately gets knocked down.

Josh accidentally sends Bruiser to the outside by tying his shoes on the apron and holding the ropes down. Silas is happy but Josh has no idea why. Silas rolls Bruiser back inside and gets plenty of offense. Bruiser makes a comeback by knocking Woods off the apron and suplexing Silas. Bruiser takes in Brian. Brian runs over Silas with bodysplashes in the corner and a crossbody. Huge Bossman Slam from Brian to Silas and a pin, but its only a two.

Brian tags in Bruiser. Brian suplexes Silas off the turnbuckle and Bruiser lands a frogsplash for a pin. Woods stops the pin. Woods goes to the apron and tags himself in.

Woods and Bruiser battle on the apron while Silas and Brian battle on the floor. Woods hip tosses Bruiser off the apron and onto Silas and Brian. Woods rolls Bruiser into the ring and locks on a ankle lock. Woods manhandles Bruiser with a German suplex but only gets a 2-count.

The Kingdom make their way to the ring and mock everyone in the ring from ringside. While The Bouncers are distracted, Woods Rolls up the Beer City Bruiser to get the three count.

Winner: Josh Woods and Silas Young

Silas looks proud and celebrates with Woods. The Bouncers offer Silas and Woods a beer. Woods gladly accepts and celebrates with the Bouncers, but Silas Young leaves the ring. Silas stops at ringside. The Bouncers toss him a beer, and after hesitating, Silas opens the can and drinks it. The fans cheer. The Bouncers and Josh Woods celebrate with a “Toast of Honor.”

Triton vs. Rush

Out first is Triton. Rush comes out and gets the first real fan reaction of the night, with all due respect to the previous competitors.

We start with some incredible high speed chain wrestling and reversals with never man getting the advance until Rush levels Triton. Fans chant “Rush.”

Triton tries to chop Rush in the chest but Rush isn’t selling it. Rush sends Triton to the corner and pretends to do his finisher “Bull’s Horns” in the corner, but stops and kicks him in the face instead. Rush then mocks his opponent by laying in the ring.

Triton gets a reversal and we see some momentum. Triton sends Rush to the outside and hits two suicide dives. Triton goes for a third but Rush sends him into the barricade instead. Rush beats Triton down on the outside and grabs a chair, but the referee takes it back. Rush sends Triton back in the ring.

Rush calls Triton a dog and overhead suplexes him into the corner. Rush hits the Bull’s Horns for a quick match and the win.

Winner: Rush

-Mark Haskins comes out in a full gear and says he’s not scheduled for a match but wants one.

Rhett Titus comes out and says he wants to thank Haskins and the Lifeblood for restoring honor to Ring of Honor. Titus says he wanted to be ROH World champion but somewhere along the way he lost his way. He said when his son was born it changed his whole perspective on life.

He challenges Haskins to a match. Haskins asks the fans if they want to see that. They barely cheer. He asks again more enthusiastically, and the fans barely cheer louder. The match is official. They do shake hands for the Code of Honor.

Mark Haskins vs. Rhett Titus

They lock up. Haskins and Titus chain wrestle with neither man getting the advantage. They lock up again. They break up the lock again. Titus bounces off the turnbuckle but Haskins reverses it into an armbar in midair. Titus quickly breaks free and goes to the outside to rest.

Titus enters the ring and Haskins takes him down with some very quick offense. Titus locks in a submission, but kicks Haskins hard into the turnbuckle to break up his own submission. Titus goes for a pin, but Haskins kicks out at one.

Titus locks in another submission, but Haskins escapes. A full nelson attempt by Titus, but Haskins escapes again and this time takes Titus out. They battle to the top of the turnbuckle, but Haskins knocks Titus off. Haskins dives at Titus on the outside. Titus rolls into the ring. Haskins hits an exploding suplex and goes for the pin, but gets only a two.

Haskins can’t successfully lock in a submission. He nails a drop instead and goes for a pin. Only two.

Haskins goes for his finisher but Titus gets away. Titus gets a norther lights suplex with a bridge pin, but it’s only a two count.

Haskins is able to take Titus down. He goes for the drop kick but Titus rolls away. Titus nails and facebuster and goes for another pin, but Haskins kicks out again. Titus hits a big DDT and goes for another pin, but again its two. Titus looks shocked.

Titus rushes to the corner and hits a big boot. He goes for a second one but Haskins catches it and locks in a sharpshoot. Titus has nowhere to go and taps out quickly.

Winner: Mark Haskins

Both men adhere to the code of honor. Haskins raises Titus’s arm out of respect and quickly leaves the ring.

-We get a pretaped promo from the Briscoes. They name off all their accomplishments to Bandido and say they’ll see him in the ring.

-The Allure’s Angelina Love and Mandy Leon make their way out. Angelina cuts a promo and calls everyone in the audience “slow.” She claims to have beaten every woman ROH has put in front of her, including ROH Women’s champion Kelly Klein. Angelina calls out “the booker” for not giving her a title match. She calls out Kelly Klein.

Kelly Klein accepts her match and says they’re doing it right here and right now. Angelina says she’d never accept that match in a trashy town like Dearborn. She says she’ll wrestler her at Death Before Dishonor in the beautiful Las Vegas. Kelly calls her a coward. Angelina offers to shake Kelly’s hand, but before Kelly can shake it, Mandy Leon attacks her. It’s a two on one assault. Sumi Sakai comes out to make the save. The numbers advantage allows Angelina to level Sumi.

Jenny Rose comes out and this time they babyfaces have the numbers. The Allure are sent over the top rope and they retreat. Commentators confirm the match is official.

-ROH Television champion Shane Taylor makes his way to ringside to watch the triple threat match.

Kenny King vs Jeff Cobb vs “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

Tracy Williams is out first. Next out is Kenny King with Amy Rose. Kenny sends Amy to ringside so she doesn’t interrupt his entrance. Jeff Cobb is out last. Tracy and Cobbs shake hands. Kenny King is being difficult, then mocks them instead.

Kenny King puts Tracy into a submission, so Jeff Cobb puts King in a submission. King escapes and puts another submission on Tracy. Cobbs looks bored. King, Tracy and Cobb put each other in a headlock. Some clumsy botched chain wrestling happens, but finishes strong with no one getting the advance. The fans cheer.

Cobb knocks Tracy down. He poses for the crowd but King knocks him out of the ring. Tracy and King trade blows. Cobb tries to reenter but King knocks him back out.

King and Tracy trade moves. Cobb tries to reenter and Tracy knocks him down.

Kenny rolls out of the ring. Tracy dives out and nails Cobb. He runs after King but he shields himself using Amy. Kenny takes advantage and knocks both men down. Tracy and King make their way into the ring. King dives off the top rope with a Blockbuster. He goes for a pin, but its just a two.

Kenny holds the advantage.

Cobb enters the ring and takes down both men with power moves. Cobb is manhandling both men with tosses and slams everywhere. Cobb hits a standing moonsault. Tracy fights back and manages to get a DDT on King. Cobb is out of nowhere with a superkick to Tracy. King and Tracy double team Cobb. They fight over who is getting the pin.

King and Tracy chop each other’s chest. They stop and point at Cobb for the double team. They manage to keep Cobb down with striking attacks. King turns on Tracy, but Williams reverses it for a stalling suplex. Cobb throws Tracy up in the air, but Tracy locks in a headlock in midair and holds it tight. Cobb is losing momentum. Tracy nails his piledriver finisher. He goes for the pin, but its broke up by Flip Gordon from the outside.

While Tracy is distracted by Flip, Kenny King rolls him up for a pin and wins.

Winner: Kenny King

-Dalton Castle makes his way to the ring.

-Joe Hendry has a special entrance that announces his tag team with Dalton Castle as “The Joe Hendry…and Friends.” His music actually mocks Dalton Castle and is specially made just for this team. He gives Dalton a “Joe Hendry” t-shirt but Dalton rejects it.

Dalton Castle and “The Prestigious” Joe Hendry vs Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal

Fans chant “Some guy” at Dalton Castle. Castle responds “I’m a somebody!” All four men adhere to the code of honor. Castle and Joe argue in the ring. Joe says Castle is hurting his feelings. Joe wants a hug but Castle declines.

Joe gets in offense. Jay Lethal manages to counter a hiptoss into a drop kick. Joe and Castle argue some more. Joe tags in Dalton. More “some guy” chants. Castle says to Joe, “this is your fault.”

More chain wrestling between Lethal and Castle. Castle manages to break free with a knee to the face. He winds up and poses in Lethal’s face. Lethal gets the upperhand and this upsets Castle. Lethal takes in Jonathon. More “some guy” chants. It’s extremely over.

Jonathon keeps Castle grounded with strikes and submissions. Castle gets upset and tags in Hendry.

Hendry takes down Jonathon and poses. Fans cheer. Jonathon sends Joe down with a drop kick. Joe says he’s got an idea, but Castle tags himself in instead. Fans start chanting “some guy” again.

Castle challenges Jonathon to a feat of strength, but ends up tackling him to the ground and giving him some take downs.

Jonathon gets upset and rolls out of the ring for a chair. Lethal gets in his face and throws the chair away. Castle and Joe get in their face too about the potential assault. Lethal and Jonathon attack them instead and double team Castle. Jonathon tells him he’s okay and to get back to the corner. Jay does. He gets some offense on Castle then tags in Lethal.

Lethal and Castle battle. Lethal drop kicks Joe off the apron, then sends Castle over the top rope. Joe retaliates with a huge clothesline and sends Lethal back in the ring. Castle doesn’t appreciate the save. Joe keeps the advantage over Lethal and reluctantly tags in Castle.

Lethal reverses a suplex into a roll up but its a two count. Castle gets mad and takes down Lethal with a tackle and applies a submission. Joe is tagged back in and keeps the offensive on Lethal. Botched spot saw Castle kick Lethal but Lethal didn’t sell it. Dalton yells, “I helped.”

Castle is tagged in. Castle goes for a air raid drop but Lethal reverses it into an octopus stretch. Dalton fights out of it.

Joe Hendry is tagged in and manages to power slam but Lethal and Jonathon at the same time. Commentators call it “so prestigious.” Dalton isn’t happy. He tosses Joe out of the ring to some boos. Lethal and Jonathon double team Castle instead. Joe Hendry enters the ring and is mad. They manage to double team Lethal, but Joe Hendry accidentally hits Castle with someone else’s foot. Castle purposely hits Hendry with a knee to the face. Lethal and Jonathon take advantage for the pin and the win.

Winners: Jay Lethal and Jonathon Gresham

Jonathon apologizes to Lethal for the chair.

Team CMLL vs Villain Enterprises

Okumura, Rey Bucanera, Hechicero, and Barbaro Cavernario make their way out. The Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO, Brody King, and Flip Gordon) make their way out.

All 8 men meet in the center of the ring. The crew is struggling to get all the ribbons out of the ring. Marty Scurll does offer his hand but CMLL decline. Villain enterprises has a huddle that lasts seconds.

Marty mockingly does some stretches. Marty dances on the outside of the ring and offers to get a highfive from a fan, but flips him off and heads back into the ring. Hechicero and Marty lock up but Marty breaks it quickly. Marty gets some offensive and an arm submission. Hechicero rolls up Marty but he kicks out at 1.

Marty and Hechicero chain wrestle and Marty breaks free, then does some more dance moves to mock him. Marty tags in PCO and the fans chant for him. Barbaro is tagged in. They meet in the middle. Barbaro tries to take down PCO but he runs him over more than once. PCO holds the offensive until Barbaro hits a hurricanrana. PCO rolls out of the ring. Barbaro pretends to launch outside but just rolls backwards with some flips and taunts him. Brody King is tagged in, and so is Bucanera.

Bucanera and Brody King trade power moves but Brody is taken down. He tags in Flip Gordon instead.

Flip is taking down Bucanera. Okumura is tagged in and takes down Flip with some clotheslines. Okumura pins Flip but he kicks out at 1. Team CMLL enter the ring and all four men kick Flip while he’s down. Barbaro is tagged in.

Barbaro continues beating Flip. Hechicero is tagged in. Stalling suplex to Flip. Some quick drop moves by Hechicero. Villain Enterprises complains to the referee that rules are being broken. All four men team up on Flip again. Brody King is tagged in and he does take out all four members this time. The big man destroys team CMLL.. Pin attempt by Brody but its only a 2.

Marty and Brody double team Hechicero now. Once again, all four men of CMLL attack. This time Villain Enterprises joins in and its chaos. The Villains are taken out and team CMLL attacks Brody King together. Brody makes a comeback and gets everyone outside the ring. Brody launches over the top rope and takes out CMLL. The fight goes back into the ring, and team CMLL unloads on Villain Enterprises once again.

PCO meets Hechicero in the ring and manages to power him over the top rope. PCO climbs the top turnbuckle and jumps to the outside taking out all of CMLL. Fans are chanting “holy shit” and “PCO” now. Marty Scurll meets Okumura in the ring now and does his signature finger breaker. Marty and Brody King double team Okumura for the pin and the three count.

Winners: Villain Enterprises

-After the match, team CMLL is mad. The referee tries to hold up the Villain’s arms but Brody pushes him away.

The Kingdom (ROH World Champion Matt Taven and Vincent “Vinny” Marseglia) vs. Volador Jr and Stuka Jr

Taven and Volador meet in the ring. Taven yells in Volador’s face about being the ROH champion but Volador is amused.

Taven gets control of the match. He sends Volador outside the ring and launches over the top rope onto him. Before Taven and recover Stuka jumps off the turnbuckle onto him.

The fights goes back into the ring. Taven tags in Vinny and Volador tags in Stuka. They brawl outside the ring. Vinny tosses him back in the ring and tags in Taven. Taven has the advantage but Stuka manages to come back with some reversals. Taven still takes down Stuka and goes for the pin. A really close two count but he kicks out.

The Kingdom double team Stuka now. Vinny goes for the pin, but it a quick kick out. Vinny keeps control. Stuka reverses and suplexes Taven onto Vinny. Stuka makes the hot tag to Volador. Volador drops both members of The Kingdom. Team CMLL keeps control for several minutes. Volador hits a Super Frankensteiner on Taven off the top ropes, but Vinny hits the Red Rum before he can recover. It’s only a two count when Stuka makes the save. CMLL hit some lucha double team moves including flipping Stuka onto both members of the Kingdom in the corner.

Vinny and Volador battle to the top of the turnbuckle. Volador nails a Spanish Fly. Volador with the pin and the win.

Winners: Stuka Jr and Volador Jr

-Someone enters the ring in a mask doing poor Spanish. He’s dressed like Alex Shelley. He sounds like Alex Shelley. He says his name is Alex Shelley in Spanish. He unmasks and its Alex Shelley. The fans cheer. They chant “welcome home.”

Alex Shelley disses himself by saying he should have lost to Matt Taven in under three minutes. The fans don’t know how to respond to that. He puts himself over now by saying that he took Taven to the limit. He lists off people he can’t wait to wrestle. He names off Mark Haskins and says that they used to work for TNA and they treated him like crap.

Jonathon Gresham comes out to interrupt. Jonathon tells Alex he dropped the ball against Taven. He said ROH needed him but he failed. Jonathon says he’s upset that Alex Shelley was handed a title shot he didn’t deserve and that he’s disappointed he lost.

Alex Shelley said he was about to list off Gresham as someone he wanted to face and called him a douchebag and “puss,” which he says is just short for octopus. Fans chant “puss.”

Alex Shelley challenges Jonathon Gresham to a match in Orlando. Jonathon just walks away but the commentators call it official. Fans chant some derogatory names at him. Alex panders to the audience some more by making some Detroit references and leaves.

Main Event: Bandido vs ROH Tag Team Champion Jay Briscoe

Out first is Jay Briscoe accompanied by Mark Briscoe. Bandido is out next accompanied by Mark Haskins.

PJ Black is on commentary and says he’s been trying to join Lifeblood.

Jay and Bandido trade moves. Bandido stops to do some taunts twice but Jay isn’t amused. Bandido sends Jay to the outside and hits a suicide dive. The fans cheer. Jay rolls into the ring. Bandido goes for a moonsault off the turnbuckle but Jay kicks him in the face. Jay keeps him grounded.

Outside the ring Mark Briscoe and Mark Haskins have words outside the ring. Inside the ring, Jay goes for a slam on Bandido and goes for a pin. It’s only a two. Jay tosses him outside the ring. Jay tosses Bandido around outside the ring, but the referee tells him to take it in the ring. He refuses and continues the attack. Superkick by Jay. More offensive outside the ring. Jay sends him into the barricade. Fans chant “one more time.” Bandido is bleeding from his arm. Mark tosses a chair into the ring.

Jay with a suplex onto the floor, then gets into Haskins face. Back in the ring, Bandido manages to get the upperhand. They roll outside the ring and both men grab a chair. Bandido takes someone’s chair from the audience but its the wrong kind of chair. Jay offers him a folding chair and he takes it. Bandido rolls into the ring and while the referee is grabbing the chair out of his hands, Jay tackles him. It was a trick. Jay hits a snap dragon suplex and goes for the pin, but its only a two count.

Jay goes for the Jay Driller but Bandido counters it into a roll up for only a 2. Jay and Bandido press foreheads together and trade punches. Jay challenges him for some more punches. It ends when Jay goes off the rope and Bandido hits a superkick. Bandido off the ropes now and Jay hits a superkick as well.

Jay manages to hit the Jay Driller and goes for the pin, but Bandido kicks out. Everyone is shocked. Jay brings him to the top of the turnbuckle for a Super Jay Drilled, but Bandido fights back and hits a moonsault slam instead. He goes for a pin but Jay kicks out at one.

Bandido goes for a Jay Driller himself, but Jay reverses it into a piledriver of his own. Pin attempt only gets a two. Fans are chanting “this is awesome.” They meet in the ring to trade punches again. Jay with a headbutt three times. Bandido reverses a clothesline attempt into an inverted G2S. Bandido nails his German suplex finisher for the three count.

Winner: Bandido

-After the match, Matt Taven enters the ring and takes out both men with a title shot to the head. He cuts a promo in the camera but Rush runs to the ring and makes the save with a flying forearm. He goes for the Bull’s Horns in the corner, but Taven slides out of the ring. Rush picks up the ROH World title and holds it in the air while the fans chant for Rush.

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