ROH Global Wars From Chicago, IL 9/7/19

ROH Global Wars From Chicago, IL 9/7/19

NWA tag team championship

Thomas Latimer and Royce Issacs vs PCO and Brody King

Both teams get offensive in to start the match. Brody sent PCO flipping into corner on both men. Then Brody flipped into all three of them. PCO asked Brody to chop his chest and he reluctantly does. PCO climbed the turnbuckle but was shoved off and took a nasty fall. Thomas took advantage of the distraction and pinned Brody for the win.

Winners and new champions: Royce Issacs and Thomas Latimer

Top Prospect tournament

Dante Cabellero vs Austin Gunn

Dante has a little alcohol before the match. Code of Honor is upheld. The two exchange offense until the referee is accidentally knocked out. Dante uses that chance to drink more alcohol. He goes to spit it in Austin’s face but accidentally hits the referee with it. The cheating backfired and Austin is able to win with his finisher.

Winner: Austin Gunn

Josh Woods and Silas Young vs PJ Black and Okumura

Josh Woods holds the ropes open for Silas but Silas just rolls in. He lectures Woods on doing that. Josh shakes their opponent’s hands but as usual Silas declines.

We see get some chain wrestling from Josh Woods and Okumura until they start trading submissions and escaping.

Silas is not amused by any of Woods goofing off. After some impressive chain wrestling, PJ asks for Silas handshake. He does it, but attempts to turn it into a clothesline.

Josh Woods gets Okumura into a submission and he taps.

Winners: Josh Woods and Silas Young

-After the match Silas finally accepts the handshake.

-Once again the Bouncers come out to offer Silas a beer. He turns it down again. Silas mocks the fans for chanting “beer” but then Woods chants it too. Silas leaves disappointed.

Angelina Love and Mandy Leon vs Sumi Sakai and Jenny Rose

Sami and Jenny quickly take down the Allure before the bell even rings. Jenny and Sumi send the allure over the top rope. Sumi and Mandy meet in the ring. Sumi gets the upperhand  

Before Jenny could get the tag, Angelina tripped Sumi off the apron then sprayed Jenny in the face with the hairspray for the DQ. Very short match.

Winners by DQ: Jenny Rose and Sumi Sakai

-After the match the Allure continue beating down the babyfaces. They set up a table but the lights go out. The Maneater Maria Manic appears and attacks Angelina. She threatens to put her through a table but security stops her. She levels the security and sends one of them through the table with a choke slam to end the segment.

Joe Hendry vs Shane Taylor

Joe Hendry offers his hand but Shane says no way. The crowd chants “Shane is going to kill you.” Joe answers by shouting his name and a small section of the crowd responds with “so prestigious.” It’s slowly catching on.

They do some chain wrestling but Shane ends it. He says he didn’t come here to do flips in Shy Town. He gets in Hendry’s face and tells him to bring it.

Shane chops Hendry and it makes him mad, so he gives him one back. They exchange chops.

Shane levels Hendry with a shoulder block. Hendry comes back with some big uppercuts and a knee to the face. He tries to lift Shane but fails. Shane responds by knocking him down.

Shane and Hendry battle in the corner, but Hendry escapes out of the ring. They battle outside the ring. Shane sends Hendry into the barricade.

Once again they trade chops. Shane tosses Hendry into another barricade.

They make their way back to the ring. Joe once again tries to lift him. He does get him up this time but again he fails to slam him. Shane knocks him down with a clothesline and goes for a pin. It’s a very close 2.

Joe Hendry gets some momentum and manages to take down Shane. He goes for a pin but only gets a 2.

Shane gets him with a flatliner and another two count. They trade punches. Joe picks him up for a third time and manages to get him with a slam this time. He goes for the pin but still only gets two.

Hendry and Shane get into a brawl that Hendry eventually gets the upperhand on. Shane tells Hendry to bring it and they brawl some more. The referee calls for the bell because of a time limit. Fans boo. 

The announcer says that despite the no draw conclusion, Hendry will still get a television title match.

Winner: None

-After the match Shane says that Joe is not winning. Joe Hendry says he’s bringing home the title.

The Bouncers vs the Briscoes vs Team CMLL (Bucanero and Hechicero)

The Bouncers ask if the Briscoes want some beer after the match and they say it sounds good to them. All three teams start brawling. Everyone ends up outside but the Bouncers. Brian sends Bruiser over the top rope onto everyone. The fight spills of all over the floor. Team CMLL double team Mark Briscoe. They throw him over the top rope. Hechicero and Brian meet in the middle of the ring. Hechicero flies off the turnbuckle with a crossbody. Pin attempt stops at 2.

Bruiser is in now. He hits Hechicero with the beer punches and bites his head. He says his “I ain’t got no teeth” catchphrase. The Briscoes come in and double team Brian until he comes back and levels them both. Team CMLL sneaks up from behind and takes out Brian. The Briscoes come in and take out CMLL. The Briscoes but their finisher to get the win.

Winners: The Briscoes

-After the match Team CMLL shake the Briscoes’ hands and raise their arms. The Bouncers join in. They open a cooler that was supposed to have beer but instead a red balloon came out. The balloon is supposed to be like Pennywise’s balloons from It. Vinnie Marseglia then comes out and nails them both with a chair from behind.

Josh Woods and Silas Yoing come out for the save. Brian thinks it’s a trick and goes to attack Silas but Silas reassures him they’re here to help. They finally shake hands and leave together.

Barbaro vs Rush

Fans chant for Rush. Rush declines the code of honor. None of Barbaro’s offense has any effect on Rush.

Rush runs over Barbaro and bows to the audience. He chops Barbaro in the corner. Rush gets a series of offense in. Rush pretends to punt his head across the arena and watches it soar.

Barbaro tries again to get in offense but it has no effect at first. He’s finally able to take him down with some clotheslines and a springboard body splash for a 2 count.

He’s able to take Rush out of the ring with a head scissors then dives out of the ring on top of him. Barbaro runs off the apron and dives on him once again. Barbaro gets some offense in.

Rush finally fights back. He flips over the ropes onto Barbaro. He says he’s going for a second one but fakes everyone out and poses in the ring instead.

Rush gets in some power offense then hits the Bulls Horns for the win.

Winner: Rush

-After the match Rush celebrates with the fans and poses before leaving.

Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham vs Triton, Stuka Jr, and Caristico

Fans chant Cobb during his entrance. Team CMLL receive a good ovation too. Jay Lethal gets the biggest reaction. They all shake hands.

Plenty of chain wrestling between everyone to begin the match. Lethal and Caristico manage flip each other around a bit. Lethal tags in Cobb and Stuka Jr is in as well.

Stuka can’t take down Cobb even after bouncing off two ropes. They continue to reverse each other’s moves until Cobb takes him out with a drop kick and tags in Lethal.

Lethal gets a few moves in before tagging in Gresham. Gresham slams Stuka and goes for the pin but it’s barely a 1 count.

Cobb is tagged in. He goes for a stalling suplex. He holds it for a long time. CMLL tries to stop him with strikes but they can’t. Cobb nearly drops him after each strike but manages to lift him back up. He slams him to the mat. Lethal, Cobb and Todd triple team Stuka now. They knock CMLL off the apron. Tag made to Gresham. Stuka makes a big comeback and tags in Triton.

Cobb almost accidentally takes out Jonathan. Cobb stops in his tracks and team CMLL attack him. All three men triple team Gresham now. Triton drop kicks Gresham in what looks like a low blow.

All three members of CMLL climb on top of Cobb but he manages to slam each man at once. He tries to pin Stuka but he kicks out.

Stuka comes back with some offense. Team CMLL triple team Gresham again. Stuka comes off the turnbuckle with a stiff frogsplash.

Lethal manages to take out Caristico and Stuka. He locks in a figure four but he gets Gresham powerbombed onto him to break the hold.

Stuka tags in Caristico and Lethal tags in Cobb.

Triton is in now and so is Gresham. Lethal and Gresham nail a double team finisher on Triton to pick up the win.

Winners: Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

Afterwards they all shake hands and celebrate. Fans applaud their show of respect. Team CMLL celebrate some more and everyone leaves.

Kenny King vs Dalton Castle vs Marty Scurll vs Colt Cabana

Kenny King comes out with his eye covered. He said that the camera man purposely assaulted him and shows the replay. It was clearly an accident but Kenny King shows it three times and in slow motion. He says that unlike PCO he will work injured (PCO really did get a cut around his eye and had to take some time to heal before he was cleared).

Colt Cabana got a great reception but fans were more into Marty Scurll. Duel chants for Colt and Marty.

Cabana asks King which eye hurts even though it’s wrapped. He “accidentally” pokes him in the bad eye. We get a lot of comedy from Colt to begin. Marty offers to double team Dalton. Colt puts Dalton in a camel clutch while Marty runs the ropes like 10 times and runs out of energy. He gets a second wind and nails a drop kick. King takes Marty out.

King with some comedy by missing several moves because he only has one eye.  He rolls out of the ring and says “shit sucks I can’t see.” He almost runs into two camera men. Dalton and Colt hold Marty on the turnbuckle and King climbs another one. No one does anything because King can’t climb it and aim with one eye. They all release their grip.

Dalton hits a spinning powerbomb for a two count. Colt winds up for a punch on Castle and Marty but King walks in the way and gets hit.

Everyone trades some offensive moves now. Marty manages to get the upperhand. He gets the fans behind him and calls for the chicken wing, but Dalton stops him. Colt Cabana comes out of nowhere with his finisher and a pin for the win.

Winner: Colt Cabana

ROH World Championship Match

Matt Taven (c) vs Volador

Volador gets a bigger reaction than Taven. Taven cuts a promo into the camera that we can’t hear at ringside.

Volador offers a handshake but Taven slaps him instead. Volador pushes Taven now. Volador tries to take down Taven but he’s unsuccessful. Taven takes him down and punches him.

Volador sends Taven onto the outside. Volador goes over the top rope and dives onto him. He goes for another one but this time Taven sees it coming and he sends Volador onto the floor. Taven tells the referee to count Volador out faster but he makes it back into the ring.

The fight goes back to the ring. Both men trade offensive moves until Taven tosses him out of the ring and hits a drop kick through the ropes. Taven tosses him back into the ring. He goes off the top rope with a frogsplash and a pin but it’s only 2.

Taven manages to take him down again and get another 2 count. Fans are trying to get behind both men but it doesn’t last very long. Taven locks in a head lock until Volador escapes and nails a super kick that sends Taven outside. Volador goes flying outside to take him out. Both men go into the ring. Volador tries to jump off the turnbuckle but Taven catches him and slams him to the mat. He goes for a pin but it’s only a 2.

Volador comes back out of nowhere with a German suplex and a pin but Taven kicks out. They battle up the turnbuckle. Volador is able to get a Super Frankensteiner and pin but Taven escapes.

They battle up the turnbuckle again but this time Taven trips him into the ropes which catches him in the gut and leaves him hanging. Taven hits a draping cutter for the pin and the win.

Winner and still champion: Matt Taven

-After the match trainers take Volador away while Matt does some poses in the ring.

Lifeblood vs Villain Enterprises

Lifeblood receives a warm reaction. During their entrance, the Villains come out. Flip nails Tracy Williams with a chair from behind.

Tracy gets on the microphone and says this is now a Chicago Street Fight.

Everyone tosses chairs in the ring and they all go at it with the chairs. It’s total chaos. Brody King wants a double team with Flip, but Flip just leaves the ring. Brody King sends someone into the barricade and it hits some little kid who starts crying. Oops.

PCO and Brody both struggle to get a table in the ring. Brody finally manages to get it in the corner. He tries to throw Haskins through it but fails.  Haskins bashes Brody with a low blow using two chairs. PCO meets Haskins in the ring and Haskins can’t get any offense. Bandido tries and also fails. PCO sits Bandido on a chair and then big boots him in the face.

The crowd chants for a table. Bandido swings a chair instead and PCO seems to let him. All three members of Lifeblood dive over the ropes onto the villains.

Haskins and Flip in the ring now.  Flip with some kendo stick blows and a spinning kick to his face.  They trade blows now. Flip sends Haskins face first into a chair. Haskins responds with a falcon arrow onto a trashcan. He goes for a pin but Flip kicks out.

Flip manages to tornado DDT Haskins onto a pile of chairs. PCO tries to come off the top but lands in the chairs too.

Tracy and Brody battle in the ring now. Brody sends Tracy into the table with a Death Valley Driver. Fans chant “this is awesome.” Also, I’m on camera (hi mom).

Bandido and Haskins double team Brody and he asks for more. They put the trash can on his head and hit it with a chair.

All three members of Lifeblood triple team Brody now. Bandido tries to flip outside the ring onto Flip but he gets a super kick for his troubles.

Flip and Tracy battle on the turnbuckle now. Tracy hits a flying ddt on Flip into a trash can but only gets a 2 count before it’s broken up.

PCO buries Tracy with chairs but he escapes from underneath. Brody sends Haskins into them instead. Brody is busted open.

Bandido sets up another table outside the ring. He tries to send PCO through it with a suplex but fails. Instead he hits a sunset flip that sends both men through the table.

Inside the ring Brody sets up four chairs. He tries to powerbomb Tracy through them but Tracy hits a drop toe hold that bounces Brody’s face off them.

Flip comes out of nowhere and hits a spinning cutter on Tracy through the chairs for the win. Flip is also busted open.

Winners: Villain Enterprises

-After the match Brody gives the broken kendo stick to the kid he made cry. Class act.

-Marty shows up after the cameras are off and drops a lot of F bombs for the crowd.

Marty says that no matter which company signs with his heart will always be with ROH and Chicago.

Flip Gordon gets a standing ovation for being busted open pretty bad. Marty comes over and does a selfie with the kid who was crying.

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