Aron Stevens On Being Surprised His NWA Gimmick Got Over

Aron Stevens On Being Surprised His NWA Gimmick Got Over

During an interview with WINCLY, Aron Stevens spoke on not thinking that his Question Mark gimmick would get over in the manner that it has with the NWA. Here’s what he had to say:

Their reaction to what I’m doing. My interaction with them…With this character, I just want to make it good. People might say that’s a karate gimmick, it will never work. No, it shouldn’t work. My job is to make it work. I think we’re definitely seeing that. Every character we would like to get over. That’s across the board, but I don’t think people were expecting the Question Mark to become the overnight sensation that he is. It’s kind of cool because what I have with the Question Mark is the same thing I had with The Miz where they love one of us and hate the other one. We feed off each other.

I just remember we did a promo. It was like, ‘When I say karate, you’ll correct me in the punctuation of it.’ By the second time he said it, the whole building was saying it with him. Whether you are at an arena or a studio or wherever, when you can do that and people catch on that quick and sudden. You know it’s going to work. Once you have lightning in a bottle, you have to nurture it because if you remain stagnant it will get old. Case in point the Stunt Double. You have to continue to facilitate the development of the character in the right way. If you give fans completely different than what they are popping for or buying, it’s not going to work. But if you give it to them the same thing all the time, it’s going to get old. It’s a fine line. He has been so great to work with, so I think we’re doing a pretty decent job with that. There are so many other people who are doing a great job. It’s definitely a team effort there.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: WINCLY.

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