Britt Baker Says WWE Wouldn't Allow Adam Cole To Attend ALL IN, Talks Cole's Relationship With The Elite

Britt Baker Says WWE Wouldn’t Allow Adam Cole To Attend ALL IN, Talks Cole’s Relationship With The Elite

AEW women’s division superstar Britt Baker was the most recent guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast where the dentist spoke about her boyfriend, NXT champion Adam Cole. Baker reveals that Cole was originally not allowed to attend AEW shows under orders from WWE, but that recently they “changed their tune.”

As we all know, I was in the crowd at TakeOver when he won the title for the first time, which, he’s — this is also annoying but he originally was told he can’t come to our shows. For ALL IN actually, he had a plane ticket booked, and then they told him, ‘You can’t go.’ So he still came to be supportful. He just watched it on his phone in the hotel and went to the after party afterwards but he wasn’t allowed to go, and then recently they’ve changed their tune and he was able to come to our New Year’s show and it’s great for him too because this is his family. The Young Bucks and Adam Cole go way back. They have been together long before Adam Cole and Britt Baker were together.

Baker goes on to say that she hopes Cole can one day reunite with his Elite brothers inside of a wrestling ring, as they are all very close.

It’s an on-going joke [Adam Cole being a ghost] they have, and Excalibur, they’re from the PWG family. It’s all one, huge, giant family and I hope there is a day in the future, in the near future where Adam Cole can be in a ring with The Young Bucks and Kenny and Cody and it’ll all come full circle and we can all be one giant, happy family again.

Check out the full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)


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