Jim Cornette Believes AEW Should Hire Tessa Blanchard, Thinks She Could Help Legitimize The Women's Division, How He Would Book and more

Jim Cornette Believes AEW Should Hire Tessa Blanchard, Thinks She Could Help Legitimize The Women’s Division, How He Would Book and more

Well-known wrestling personality and former NWA commentator Jim Cornette spoke about Tessa Blancard on the latest episode of his Drive-Thru podcast. Highlights are below.

Calls her one of the best female wrestlers in the world:

Since her father is over on the other channel, and she’s one of the best female workers in the world, Charlotte Flair level, the last time that I saw her, maybe even better with some of the facials and shit.

Believes she should sign with AEW and immediately become women’s champion to help legitimize the division:

Tully was not the most popular, gregarious motherfucker in the locker room for Crockett either, but he was so fucking good, and he drew money, and people put up with it. I don’t give a fuck what they do with their women’s division because I don’t give a fuck what they do, but if they are serious about actually having a women’s division, and a professional wrestling company, and they want to get away from the Japanese schoolgirls or the parade of indie-rific, poorly booked, green, inexperienced talent that they have paraded through under the guise of female wrestlers, if I was Tony Khan, I would fucking talk to Tessa Blanchard, and as long as she was willing to do business, and didn’t seem to be causing any issues or trying to cause any issues with coming to a deal, I would then basically bring her in, put the belt on her, and have all these other girls do a job on the way out and just fucking hide them somewhere and get me some women that can work with Tessa and start all over again, or else, I just wouldn’t bring her in and keep having the same green girls having the same shitty matches.

Believes Tony Khan should tell Tessa that if she messes up he’ll fire her and her father:

Tully Blanchard is working in AEW, obviously has had a relationship with Tony Khan for some period of time, months, whatever. I think they could all sit down, and if Tony Khan was Bill Watts, and commanded some respect, OK, I know I’ve already jumped the shark, he could sit down, he could say, ‘You know what, I am willing, because of your great talent and the Blanchard name in the business, to do business with both of you guys, but this shit needs to work out. If you have any other idea of coming in here and doing anything else besides being the women’s champion and leading the division and doing what’s best for business, as we all agree that that’s what it is, then great, that’s what I want to do, if not, I’ll fire you, I’ll fire your father, I’ll hire somebody else from your family just so I can fire them too.’

Says AEW should bring in top talent to face Blanchard:

Then bring in any girl in the business, that is not under contract to the WWE, that can have a legitimate, athletic contest with Tessa Blanchard, whoever that may be. Don’t do any of this intergender bullshit so I everybody tunes out and goes what the fuck and you’re left with the same kind of goddamn play wrestling fans you started with. Focus this girl that works like a fucking guy and has that game face and believable shit and out-fucking Charlotte and Rhea Ripley the other fucking channel. If you wanted to establish a women’s division, you could do that. Or you could keep letting a bunch of goddamn pampered, inexperienced indie-rific outlaw guys recommend their fucking girlfriends and goddamn significant others and trainees and people that saw on a fucking rec center show and it popped them in front of a 100 people. And that’s the kind of girls matches you’ve got right now.

Full podcast is below. (H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)

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