Martha Hart Responds To WWE's Jerry McDevitt: "I Am Not Surprised That The WWE Would Trot Out Mr. McDevitt To Do Damage Control"

Martha Hart Responds To WWE’s Jerry McDevitt: “I Am Not Surprised That The WWE Would Trot Out Mr. McDevitt To Do Damage Control”

Martha Heart was recently interviewed by David Bixenspan from the Daily Beast to hype tonight’s Dark Side of the Ring season two finale on the late Owen Hart. Highlights from the interview are below.

Being happy with the Dark Side of the Ring on Owen Hart:

I honestly could not be happier with the story that Dark Side of the Ring has told. It is a story that I’ve wanted to tell for a long time, and it’s everything that I wished it would be. And I was really happy that they were able to show the type of person that Owen was behind the curtain, for people to see what an incredible dad and husband he was, and his personality, that really shines through.

Comments on WWE’s Jerry McDevitt’s recent comments:

In response to Jerry McDevitt’s recent comments I want to make it very clear, if there was one person on this planet who wanted to get to the bottom of what happened to my husband Owen it was me!,” she wrote. “The defense on the other hand was doing everything in their power to muddy the waters (as they try to continue to do) in an effort to detract from the case because they didn’t have one. I read every single affidavit taken, sat through endless face-to-face depositions, and spent over a year of my life dissecting every solitary fact of this case. To insinuate for one second that I of all people did not care about the truth behind Owen’s death, but instead was more interested in a ridiculous vendetta against the wrestling business, is beyond the pale.

Jerry McDevitt’s comments are absolutely absurd, reckless, and pathetic,” she continued. “I am not surprised that the WWE would trot out Mr. McDevitt to do damage control. After all, the events surrounding Owen’s death and the aftermath that followed are extremely disturbing and do not reflect well on their company. Not to mention that Linda McMahon was the acting CEO of the WWF (now WWE) at the time of Owen’s death, which does not bode well for them either, especially given her ties to President Donald Trump and his administration. At the end of the day truth has always been my defense and for anyone who seeks it regarding this case and the events surrounding Owen’s death I suggest they read my book. It is all in there.

Says people will become aware of the blood on WWE’s hands:

Not everybody is going to read my book,” Martha explained. “So to be able to show it as a visual presentation, it’s more effective. It reaches more people. It has more impact. It has been frustrating [that the full story wasn’t more well-known]; I’m just one individual, but WWE is a powerhouse PR machine, so they can kind of pump out whatever they want to and it will reach more people than one individual…It’s a story about an incident that never should have happened, about egregious negligence, about a corporation’s greed, and their willingness to bulldoze me just for their own personal gains. [After watching the episode], people will become aware of the other side of the story.


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