NJPW G1 Climax 28 Day 10 Results (July 28 2018) Omega vs SANADA

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Day 10 Results (July 28 2018) – Block B Kenny Omega vs SANADA

– NJPW G1 Climax 28 is an annual tournament that this year takes place from July 14 to August 12. Wrestlers are split into 2 Blocks of 10 and fight each person in their allocated Block. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss. The two wrestlers at the top of Block A and Block B will face each other in the NJPW G1 Climax 28 Final, August 12 in Tokyo at the Budokan.

Below are the results from the day 10 of the tournament and updated Block B standings:

Tonga Loa & Bad Luck Fale defeated Toa Henare & Togi Makabe
Hangman Page & Chase Owens defeated Jay White & Yoh
Minoru Suzuki & El Desperado defeated EVIL & BUSHI
YOSHI-HASHI & Sho defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shota Umino
Michael Elgin & David Finlay defeated Kazuchika Okada & Gedp

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Day 10
Block B
Round 5


Tama Tonga & Zack Sabre Jr

Zack Sabre Jr is so strong between the ropes, so Tama Tonga decided to take the fight to the outside. TAKA Michinoku helped even the numbers game where others have struggled this G1, but the sneaky Tama knows just when to strike when things descend into Chaos. Tama Tonga was able to knock down ZSJ and kick him against the barricade.

However, the match cannot be won on the outside and when the action went back inside the ring Sabre Jr started to excel. The Englishman was just too quick for the Tongan, so no points for guessing what happened next. TAKA’s knocked down, the referee’s knocked down, in steps Tonga Loa and now it’s 2 vs 1. Tama Tonga went for a Gun Stun, but ZSJ dodges and Tonga Loa eats the finisher!

ZSJ tried to take advantage, but Tama Tonga kept finding a way to slither out. Then Tama went for a Gun Stun and was countered by Sabre Jr into one painful looking submission! ZSJ cranked back the arm, then started to contort it and the end was surely near for Tama Tonga. Which was when Bad Luck Fale slid in as stealthy as an elephant stomping all over the place. He grabbed ZSJ by the neck, lifted him up and drove him back down with the thumb. Once again, another DQ for Tama Tonga.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr via DQ (3 Wins 2 Losses = 6 Points)


Juice Robinson & Toru Yano

Juice didn’t trust that Yano was going to actually wrestle within the rules, turns out he was right to do so! The flamboyant disco pirate seemed to have the better of cheeky Yano, until the fight went to the outside and the trickster somehow found some tape. Who put that there knowing Toru was about to wrestle? He taped Robinson’s arms to the barricade and swung a steel chair at the broken hand! Juice unwound the bandages and grimaced in pain.

Back in the ring Yano went back to his old tricks, something must have lit under Juice however as that man started thinking one step ahead. Toru Yano went to swing a turnbuckle pad at Robinson, but the US Champion had a turnbuckle pad of his own! He blocked Yano’s swing and the turnbuckle pad battle commenced. Shortly after, Robinson spun YTR round and round in the airplane spin. The two groggily stumbled about until swinging at each other, completely missing and collapsing to the mat.

Back their feet, Yano tried to use his cheeky wits once again. He Irish Whipped Juice towards the exposed turnbuckle, but knowing his opponent would be able to stop himself Senior Cheeky went for the low blow. But the referee stopped him! And Juice was able to get in control once again, even Yano’s sneaky roll up didn’t work. Eventually Juice got Yano set for a Pulp Fiction Unprettier, but Yano spun round so he was in control. Then Juice spun back, then Yano, then Juice, Yano, Juice, Yano Juice, spinning round and round like a windmill! Until Robinson finally hit the Pulp Fiction and 1, 2, 3. Juice Robinson is finally on the board!

Winner: Juice Robinson (1 Win 4 Losses = 2 Points)


Tomohiro Ishii vs Kota Ibushi

Immediately as the bell rang the two screamed and ran at each other with stiff lariats, kicks, forearms, headbutts, what have you. Everyone one of them was seemingly blocked or dodged for a dead equal start. They then both started throwing stiff shots at each other before Ishii won out and kept Ibushi on the ground with those delicate, loving headbutts of his.

However Ishii wanted Ibushi to bring hit, he kept letting the Golden Star get his feet and demanded the handsome man gave him his best shot. No matter what Ibushi threw, it didn’t seem to have enough of an effect and Ishii knocked him straight back down with a stiff as hell forearm. Ibushi needed to use his speed and athleticism to better Ishii, there was no way of matching him strength for strength.

A dropkick, headscissors and Golden Triangle later and Ibushi had control. So he took Ishii into the crowd, all the way to a well-placed balcony. You know what this means. He got the crowd chanting n’ going wild and hit a picture perfect Moonsault off the balcony! The one half of the Golden Lovers took his opponent back to the ring, hit another dropkick and suplex yet Ishii kicked out at two.

Frustrated Ibushi tried to hit some kicks on Ishii, but that had already proven not to work and the Golden Star became frustrated as the Stone Pitbull politely asked for more. Once again Ibushi delivered stiff kicks to effect and Ishii grounded him with one debilitating chop. Ishii suplexed his opponent from the top rope, but Ibushi immediately got to his feet! Ishii hit another suplex and Ibushi was straight up again! Ibushi reversed and hit a German of his own and this time Ishii was straight to his feet! Ibushi broke Ishii’s next attempt and hit a back flip kick before both just lay there on the mat.

The two slowly to the feet and once again started exchanging blows, however this time Ibushi grounded his opponent with a deafening chop before the bald lad had any chance. Lawn dart launching Ishii to the corner and Ibushi was in control, but he got cocky and started goading his opponent with taunting kicks to the face. Ishii rose to his feet and slapped the spit out of Ibushi, who returned the favour and the two started slapping the hell out of each other.

Ibushi won the battle and once again started to arrogantly kicking the head, inserting some stiff punches and strikes for good measure. Ishii rose to his feet one pissed man, threw Ibushi into the corner and returned the favour. Stomped and chopping the hell out the Golden Star, until Ibushi threw a closed fist chop at his throat! Some might call that a straight up punch. And a second closed fist! Red Shoes told Ibushi to stop, so he pulled the ref and delivered a third with the official unable to see. Then a stiff lariat followed up by a Last Ride resulted in a kick out at two!

Ibushi went to end the match with the Kamigoye, but Ishii countered with a headbutt to the stomach. The Stone Pitbull maintained wrist control, started headbutting his opponent in the head and Ibushi grounded him with a headbutt of his own. Straight Jacket German with a bridge, kick out at two! Ibushi maintained wrist control and once again went for the Kamigoye, but Ishii dodged, rolled through and hit a stiff Kamigoye knee stike of his own!

Ibushi was out. Ishii hit a Last Ride Powerbomb of his own, kick out at two! Then the Stone Pitbull decapitated the Golden Star with a running lariat and another kick out at two. The Bald Headbutting Machine went to deliver a Brainbuster, but Ishii countered and one of his own. And Ishii immediately stood up! Ibushi tried to kick him back down but Ishii kept blocking, he managed to rock the man though and hit a running Kamigoye. 1, KICK OUT! AT ONE!??!

Utterly exasperated, Ibushi started slapping Ishii who slapped back and we entered another slap battle. However Ibushi had had enough at rocked Ishii with a throat chop and stiff kick to the head. The opponent was down and The Golden Star finally nailed the Kamiogye, 1, 2, 3! In the words of Kevin Kelly, “Jesus, what a war.”

Winner: Kota Ibushi (3 Wins 2 Losses = 6 Points)


Hirooki Goto vs Tetsuya Naito

Goto started on top of things with stiff kicks keeping Naito grounded, but the Tranquilo one bought his time and struck at the right moment. Resulting in a Neckbreaker on the ring apron, followed by Goto getting thrown into barricade. Naito stayed calm in the ring for pretty much the entire count, but the momentum was now his.

Naito continued to work neck/head area, slowing the pace right down and wearing down Goto. Hirooki Goto tried to get back into the match, but Naito had answers for everything. Even an Ushigoroshi couldn’t stall the LIJ leader’s momentum. Eventually Naito decided it time to end the match, he want for a Destino but Goto countered into a reverse GTR!

Goto finally had some momentum, but it wasn’t enough and Naito once again went for the Destino. Goto countered again! This time Naito was able to block Goto though and after a quick back and forth he hit a quick Destino. 1, 2, kick out! It was a fast Destino without as much impact, but Goto kicked out of a Destino nonetheless. He, however, would not kick out of the second. Naito hit another Destino shortly after and got the win.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito (4 Wins 1 Loss = 8 Points)


Kenny Omega vs SANADA

Omega kept SANADA grounded to the mat for the start of the match. The Cold Skull had the athleticism to get out, but Omega equalled him and back down the LIJ member went. SANADA got back into things after dodging a V-Trigger and sending Omega to the outside, however he then showed respect and held up the ropes for the champ to get back in. But it was Omega who took advantage and targeted SANADA’s left leg.

After this SANADA’s knee was an issue for the rest of the match, causing pain whenever it was used. The Cold Skull’s offense was also weakened as he pushed through the pain, as the match progressed that knee created bigger and greater openings for Omega. With the injury Omega the chance to jump over the top rope to ground SANADA on the outside, then later he was able to catch SANADA’s attempt at a springboard dropkick mid-air into a Sit Down Powerbomb.

Omega than started nailing V-Triggers and SANADA was in real trouble, but whenever the Cold Skull fought his way out his knee stopped him from being able to put things away. He couldn’t bridge after a Dragon Suplex, when he flipped out of a back drop he couldn’t capitalise and finally when he went for the Moonsault and athletically landing on his feet he wasn’t any better than if he had landed flat on his stomach.

Omega did capitalise though and nailed yet another V-Trigger, then decided it was time to go for the win. He hoisted SANADA up for the One Windged Angle, but his opponent slipped out and locked in the Skull End! Omega was in real trouble, but SANADA didn’t get it properly locked in and Omega got out. Only to very quickly get caught again in the Skull End submission! SANADA wrenched back and Omega looked out, which was when the Cold Skull went for the Moonsault. Just like he did when he beat Ibushi, however Omega rolled out the way!

They slowly got to their feet and exchanged strikes, both guys getting in some strong shots. However when both guys tried hit anything it would get reversed, SANADA went to backflip off the turnbuckle into Skull End but Kenny reversed and slammed him down. V-Trigger to the back of the head, One Winged Ang- reversed via a Reverse Rana by SANADA! The LIJ member dodged a wild lariat, tried to flip over into the Skull End but Omega caught him in a Fireman’s Carry. Then transitioned into the One Winged Angel! 1, 2, 3. The perfect record remains for Omega.

Winner: Kenny Omega (5 Wins O Losses = 10 Points)


Block B Standings

Kenny Omega (10 points)
Tetsuya Naito (8 Points)
Kota Ibushi (6 points)
Zack Sabre Jr (6 Points)
Hirooki Goto (4 Points)
SANADA (4 Points)
Tomohiro Ishii (4 Points)
Juice Robinson (2 Points)
Tama Tonga (2 Points)
Toru Yano (2 Points)

G1 is back Monday July 30 for the Block A round 6 match ups: Togi Makabe vs Bad Luck Fale, Jay White vs Hangman Page, EVIL vs Minoru Suzuki, Hiroshi Tanahashi vs YOSHI-HASHI and Michael Elgin vs Kazuchika Okada.

Full results of the show will be posted here on LOP shortly after.

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