nXt Results- July 10, 2019

nXt Results- July 10, 2019

WWE nXt Results

July 10, 2019

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix

Results provided, with assistance from wrestlinginc.com

Opening Segment: Io Shirai Rejects FSU

After highlights from the Baszler/Shirai Women’s Championship Cage match are shown, Io Shirai walks down the ramp at Full Sail, wearing all black.
She speaks in Japanese, saying I don’t need friends and I don’t need any of you.

And that’s it.

Backstage, nXt North American Champion Velveteen Dream speaks with reporters about his next challenger. He doesn’t answer that, but does respond to Roderick Strong as a potential claimant. Dream says Strong isn’t ready to take him on one-on-one.

Second Segment: Damian Priest vs. Blanco Loco

Priest with an ax kick that instantly drops Loco. Priest with a running elbow and follows it up with a release suplex. Loco gets in a punch, but gets hammered with a lariat and again. Spinning kick, rolling cutter, pin, and we’re all done.

Winner: Damian Priest via pinfall

1 cool point for Priest who is getting the big push right now, mowing over his competition. We saw the same with Dijak not long ago, and where is he now? Surely Priest won’t get a similar fate, will he?

A promo featuring the soon-returning Killian Dain is shown. A look into his personal story is shared, focusing on his tough upbringing. He says everything he had was taken from him, and now he will take whatever he wants.

Third Segment: Boa vs. Jordan Myles (nXt Breakout Tournament First Round)

Highlights include:
No handshakes but bows to start this match. An exchange of submission holds ends with Myles flipping off the top rope to get out of it. Then, handspring back flip into a dropkick by Myles.

Boa gets a few kicks in on Myles. Overhead German suplex! He continues to kick but Myles blocks him and lands a bunch of kicks of his own.
Leg sweep and low dropkick. Myles is building momentum. He goes up to the top rope for a 450 splash and the pin!

Winner: Jordan Myles via pinfall

Zero cool points. I’m finding it hard to engage in this tournament. Myles gets the win so we’ll see more from him. Boa didn’t make the most of his minutes and suffered for it.

Fourth Segment: Baszler Responds To Yim

nXt Women’s champion Baszler is asked about Mia Yim calling her out last week. She says it’s no surprise and that even though Yim’s story is great, she’s heard it over and over. It doesn’t matter who is in the ring with her, the story is always the same: “tap, nap, snap”.

Keith Lee is interviewed at the WWE Performance Center. He reflects on his past year in nXt, mentioning how some of his opponents have already moved on. Last year didn’t go quite like how he wanted, year two will be more than limitless, it will be infinite. He says he’ll main event this year.
I agree.

Main Event: Street Profits (c) vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch for the nXt Tag Team Championships

Highlights include:
Dawkins with a big shoulder block on Lorcan, cover, two. Dawkins takes him to the mat and rolls Lorcan around a bit. Lorcan able to get to his feet and Burch tags himself in. Side headlock on Dawkins until he reverses into one of his own. Dawkins leaps over Burch, flapjack hits. Lorcan comes in and they hit another flapjack, dropping Lorcan down on his partner. Tough start for the challengers, they take a moment to regroup out on the floor.

Dawkins offers his hand to Burch, Burch kicks him in the midsection. Kick to the midsection, front dropkick lands, kip-up and in comes Lorcan. Double side Russian leg sweep, cover, one-count. Lorcan with a big chop, brings Burch back in and they kick away at Dawkins, double suplex, cover, two. Lorcan with a crossface on Dawkins, Ford ends up coming in and breaking up the hold. Ford yells at Burch, who then swings away on Dawkins, full mount with ground and pound. Burch to the second rope, looks for another dropkick, Dawkins moves out of the way.

Ford gets the tag and hits multiple clotheslines on his opponents, Alabama slam on Lorcan and follows up with a belly-to-back suplex, kip-up, standing moonsault, cover, two. Dawkins back in spinning splash in the corner, Ford does one himself, assisted slice bread number two, cover, two. Ford tags in. He lifts Lorcan on his shoulders, Dawkins up top, Lorcan sends Ford crashing into his opponent. Burch in and lands a dropkick on Ford. Lorcan with a half-and-half suplex, Burch with a knee, cover, two.

Everyone in the ring now and they are all taking each other out. All four wrestlers down. Lorcan and Ford face-off, Lorcan with some big chops, Ford returns fire with kicks. He looks to dive into Lorcan and ends up leaping over him to take out Burch on the floor. Lorcan looks for a suicide dive, Dawkins stops that with a big punch. Back in the ring, Dawkins drops Burch with a spinebuster. Ford with a big frog splash, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners, and still Tag Team Champions: Street Profits via pinfall

Post-match, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish of the Undisputed Era show their faces on the stage, clapping for the Street Profits’ victory. They exchange words with one another, perhaps alluding to the next major feud.

Two cool points for both teams who delivered a fine nXt TV main event. You can always depend on Lorcan and Burch to deliver a hard-hitting, highly-resilient match and they did that tonight. Ford & Dawkins continue to entertain, and do a fine job of moderating the line of being serious and having fun.

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