nXt Results- Sept. 12, 2018 (Belair vs. Cross)

nXt Results- Sept. 12, 2018 (Belair vs. Cross)

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WWE nXt Results

September 12, 2018

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Before the opening credits, we see nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa walking towards Full Sail. The cameraman asks for a comment about his return, but Ciampa ignores the requests and keeps walking.

Opening Segment: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Cezar Bononi & Adrian Jaoude

This is Lorcan & Burch’s first appearance on nXt TV since Takeover: Chicago II. This is Bononi and Jaoude’s first TV appearance as a tag team.

Highlights include:
Bononi’s height was really noticeable from the bell tonight as he squared off against Burch.
Double suplex on Bononi brings Jaoude in, but the referee blocks his way.

McGuinness comments that Bononi and Jaoude can speak Portuguese to one another and their opponents won’t know what they’re saying. They take the offensive on Burch for a minute until Burch tags Lorcan in. Hard slaps and running European uppercuts are flying!
Implant DDT by Burch with an assist from Lorcan. 1-2-3.

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch via pinfall in 4 minutes

1 cool point for the returning Lorcan & Burch. So great to see them back in the ring. They’re a top level tag team and they will bring further stability to the division.

Second Segment: The Champ Returns

Ciampa debuts new theme music tonight. It’s a hard rock sound with a big string riff, more similar to Attitude Era Brood/Ministry of
Darkness than Nakamura though. It features vocals, too.

Boos and “you suck” chants pour out from the audience as Ciampa grabs a mic and looks around. Ciampa says that music is a personal message from the champ to each and every one of you. He says it’s a polite way of saying “shut up”. He mocks the search for who attacked Aleister Black and the fans who said it was him.

Ciampa says he confronts people or attacks them on the biggest stage possible, with all the eyes in the world on him, so they can worship the master at work.

The champ never lies. He had all intentions to take out Black, but someone beat him to the punch. He doesn’t know who it is but if he did, he’d tell them job well done.

The title says, “Thank you Tommaso Ciampa. It felt really good to be back in the main event of Takeover”. He says he’s the greatest success story in the history of nXt.
He has one final thing to address. If you want to be a winner or a champion, follow the lead of Tommaso Ciampa.

One cool point for Ciampa’s promo game. On point and effective. No hints who might challenge him next. You’ve gotta figure when Aleister Black is healthy that he might get a shot, but he may also want a piece of whomever attacked him. Ciampa’s next level right now.

Third Segment: Shayna Baszler vs. Violet Payne

Baszler takes down Payne immediately. She contorts Payne’s left wrist and really works it hard. She twists it and stomps on it, leaving Payne crying in pain. Kirifuta Clutch and Payne taps quickly.

Winner: Shayna Baszler via pinfall in under 2 minutes

Post-match, Baszler slaps Payne, lying on the mat, in the face a few times. She leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. After the match highlights, Baszler stalks back to the ring and grabs Payne, bringing her into the ring. Kirifuta Clutch again! Two referees plead with Baszler to leave. She applies the submission again. Payne’s passed out. Baszler throws Payne outside of the ring and she stomps away, leaving the ring.

One cool point for Baszler’s destruction tonight. It was important to see Baszler return to her dominant ways. The ladies need to think twice if they assume Baszler’s going to become beatable.

Moments ago, we see footage of Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight outside, talking about the search for who attacked Black. nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa can be seen walking across the road behind them, just as Dozovic is mentioning Ciampa’s name.
Ciampa hears them and walks over, telling them to use his name with respect. Dozovic calls him a dumpling and a fight is suggested. nXt General Manager William Regal happens to be nearby and calms the dispute, saying they can fight another time. He sternly requests Ciampa to join him in his office and the two walk off.

It’s time for an Undisputed Era promo! All 4 members are joking around about the War Raiders, mocking their Viking-like personas and costumes. Adam Cole says they can’t forget about next week’s Champion vs. Champion match, which is really the Adam Cole Invitational. He will get a rematch and face whomever wins. It’s just a scouting opportunity for them. None of them are on their freakin’ level.

Fourth Segment: Lars Sullivan vs. Raul Mendoza

Mendoza shows off his speed early, evading Sullivan’s clutches and dropkicking him. He tries chopping down Sullivan’s legs with kicks. Sullivan stays on his feet. Big throw from the apron to the ring on Mendoza.

Sullivan tosses Mendoza across the ring. He does it again the opposite direction. He lifts him for a back slam, then tosses him forward. Mendoza lands on his back, squirming in pain. Nasty club across the face of Mendoza, following a chop attempt. Sullivan’s firmly in control of this match.

Neck vice on Mendoza. Crowd kinda gets behind him. Jawbreaker by Mendoza but Sullivan doesn’t go down. Whip to the turnbuckle smashes Sullivan’s shoulder. Mendoza flies with a springboard dropkick. Sullivan stumbles but stays up. Mendoza runs the ropes directly into Sullivan’s arms. Powerslam!

Shortly after that, it’s a Freak Accident and a cover by Sullivan to end the match.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for Sullivan just cause he’s a beast. Everything he does has such impact. I don’t think it will be long before we see him back in a title picture or notable feud.

Earlier today, outside Full Sail, nXt UK Champion Pete Dunne is asked about his match with Ricochet next week, and what happened between them two weeks ago. Dunne says he’s fine. Ricochet’s been champ for 5 minutes; Dunne’s the longest reigning champ in the WWE today. He just has to work out how to bite 2 title belts at once.

Backstage, Ricochet is interviewed about what Dunne had to say. Ricochet says it’s been a month as champ, but for 15 years, he’s been in one high-pressure situation after another. Dunne’s just another mountain to leap over. He’s gonna retain the North American champion and take that UK Championship to become the one and only Dual Champion!

That match is next week.

A promo for the Forgotten Sons is shown.

Final Segment: GM Regal’s Search Continues

In the atrium, Dakota Kai is arguing with Aliyah about an unknown issue. Camera picks it up mid-argument. Lacey Evans joins Aliyah’s side and Deonna Purrazzo joins Kai’s side. Purrazzo says they can settle this right now, but Evans declines because they are dressed up and wearing heels. We’ll see that match next week.

Switch to GM Regal’s office where he has just finished interviewing nXt Women’s Champion Kairi Sane. Next in is Kassius Ohno, wearing a Cesaro/Kidd shirt. Regal says he doesn’t need to talk to Ohno. Ohno asks if he’s that invisible. Regal says no, just that Sane gave him an alibi.

Regal does mention that Ohno may have been perturbed. Ohno gets sarcastic about being the hottest free agent at one point, and now he’s been pushed to the back of the line. Does he have to wear a suit and sit in the front row again? Again, Ohno says he’d be glad to take care of his new shiny toy, bro.

Singles Match: Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross

Cross crouches down in the corner and bounces on her toes, grinning. Belair is slightly bothered by this but not thrown off. Instead, she throws Cross away as Cross charges her. Cross crawls through Belair’s legs and knocks her off her feet. She points and laughs. Belair’s unimpressed.

Cross claps for Belair and hits her with a monkey flip. Cross continues to pounce, climbing on her back to apply a sleeper hold. Belair counters it into a backbreaker and a cover for a 2 count.

Belair wraps Cross in a bearhug. Cross flips over, looking for a rollup but can’t get the leverage. Whip to the corner, but nothing comes of it. Instead, Belair is able to straight-arm lift Cross above her head for a number of seconds. Cool!

Crossbody splash off the ropes by Cross. She shoves Belair a few times. Lou Thesz Press by Cross! This eventually leads to Belair retreating on the apron. Cross meets her there and attacks. She traps Belair between the ring skirt and the ring with a dropkick.
Belair gets a few moments to recuperate and thwacks Cross with her long braid. Cross piggybacks Belair and Belair backs her into the ramp. Neither lady is moving and they’re going to miss the 10 count!

Winner: No Contest. in 5 minutes

Post-match, the two continue to brawl on the ramp and around the nXt Announce Table. Cross jumps from the top of the announce table, splashing into the crowd of nXt referees and Bianca Belair to close the show.

One cool point for Cross whose unstable and erratic personality continues to be a fascinating watch. The laughter and the odd mannerisms make her so watchable. Belair seemed thrown off by her style, although she still worked hard to match it. She seemed out of her element. Curious to see if that feud continues because of the indecisive finish.

Share your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s show. What’s next for Ciampa? Will the War Raiders take on the Undisputed Era soon? Who will win Champion vs. Champion next week? September in nXt looks exciting.

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