ROH Global Wars from Milwaukee, WI 9/8/19

ROH Global Wars from Milwaukee, WI 9/8/19

Quick Results:

Villain Enterprises defeated The Bouncers

Shane Taylor defeated Dysfunction

Stacy Shadows and Kelly Klein defeated the Allure

Marty Scurll defeated Joe Hendry

Silas Young and Josh Woods defeated Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

PJ Black defeated Flip Gordon and Triton

Caristico, Volador, and Stuka defeated Okumura, Hechicero, and Bucanera

Lifeblood defeated The Briscoes and Barbaro

Jeff Cobb and Rush defeated Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia

Live Results:

The Bouncers vs Villain Enterprises (Brody King and PCO)

The Bouncers appear at the concession stand to make their way to the ring with a keg. The commentators make a big deal that Brian was able to get over the barricade. Out next is Brody King and PCO with the six-man tag titles. No code of honor is upheld.

Bruiser and King start the match. Brody taunts Brian a little. Bruiser tries very hard to play to the crowd. They trade blows and Bruiser goes for the Beer chant punches. He bites King. The referee tells him not to bite. Bruiser does his catchphrase, “I can’t bite, I ain’t got no teeth.” Bruiser tags in Brian and King tags in PCO.

PCO take turns running into each other in a feat of strength. Brian manages to knock PCO over the tope ropes, but PCO drags him outside with him. They brawl outside the ring. King sends Bruiser into the barricade. The villains double team Brian. Bruiser comes off the turnbuckle onto all three men.

Bruiser launches himself at Brody outside the ring with a cannonball but misses and lands in the barricade.

Back inside the ring, Villain Enterprises double team on Brian. They attempt to double chokeslam Brian but they can’t lift him. Brian runs them both over with a flying crossbody.

Bruiser gets a hot tag and takes both Villains out. PCO rolls out of the ring but Bruiser jumps out of the ring with a cannonball and both men are down. Brian sends King to the outside. PCO tries to attack him from behind, but Brian sends him to the outside as well.

King is able to recuperate. He meets Brian in the ring and they brawl. Bruiser and Brian double team Brody, but Vinnie interferes out of nowhere to take out Bruiser. PCO goes off the turnbuckle with a moonsault to pin Brian for the 3.

Winners: Brody King and PCO 

-After the match, Brody King tells the camera that there is no such thing as the power of beer. Despite losing, the Bouncers celebrate in the ring with a can of beer. They toast each other.

Television Title Match
Shane Taylor (c) vs. Dysfunction

Shane Taylor is out with the ROH Television Champion. Dysfunction is announced as an impromptu match. Shane gets on the mic and says all Dysfunction has to do is last 5 minutes in the ring with him and he will forfeit the title over to him. The bell rings and Dysfunction rolls out of the ring and runs around.

Shane grabs a mic again and says that Dysfunctions antics are cute, but he needs to get in the ring. Shane says he’s going to put one hand behind his back and Dysfunction has 10 seconds to knock him out.

Dys enters the ring and starts laying shots to Shane’s face, but he can’t knock him out. Shane runs over him with a huge clothesline, picks him up, and nails the “Welcome to the Land” piledriver for an easy win.

Winner: Shane Taylor

ROH Women’s Champion Kelly Klein and Stacy Shadows vs. Angelina Love and Mandy Leon

The Allure’s Angelina Love and Mandy Leon are out first. Stacy Shadows is out second. ROH Women’s champion Kelly Klein is out next with the title. Kelly mocks the Allure, but they just roll their eyes.

Angelina refuses to face Kelly Klein at first until she’s called a coward. They battle it out until Angelina slams Kelly down by her hair. She celebrates in her corner but she’s unaware that Stacy has been tagged in. Stacy power slams both women with ease. Stacy charges at both women with a body splash into the corner. The Allure retreat out of the ring and start to leave. Kelly stops them. They turn around to go back to their corner and Stacy levels them both with a huge clothesline.

Angelina is able to make her way into the ring. Mandy tricks Stacy into charging into the barricade. She’s rolled back in the ring. The Allure double team her now. Angelina tries for a pin but barely gets a 1. Mandy is tagged in and tries to suplex Stacy but she doesn’t budge. Stacy reverses it into her own suplex. Stacy tags in Kelly Klein now.

Kelly cleans house of the Allure. Kelly bashes Angelina’s head against the turnbuckle as the fans count to 10. Kelly is able to spike Angelina’s head with a snap DDT and gets the 3-count.

Winners: Kelly Klein and Stacy Shadows

-After the match Kelly Klein stands over Angelina with the belt and taunts her with it. Mandy Leon comes from behind and sprays Kelly in the face with the hairspray, and Angelina DDTs her to the mat. The Allure celebrate their attack.

-Backstage, members of the ROH wrestlers are congratulating Rhett Titus on his last match. Kenny King comes up and mocks Rhett instead. Rhett gets in his face and says that at least he didn’t get knocked out by a camera man.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champion Marty Scurll vs. Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry makes his elaborate entrance. Everyone is waving their hands from side to side at the commentators booth except Colt Cabana who refuses to participate. Marty comes out next and gets the biggest reception of the night so far. The commentators put over Joe Hendry as a former amateur wrestler for Scotland.

Joe offers his hand and Marty plays up to the crowd about accepting it. He pretends to go in for the shake but doesn’t.

Hendry and Marty lock up. Hendry gets the upperhand and Marty accuses him of pulling his hair, but the referee disagrees. Hendry is able to toss Marty around a little with some chain wrestling. Hendry goes to approach Marty but Marty hides in the turnbuckle to some laughs from the crowd.

Marty manages to get Hendry down and plays to the crowd. Hendry does a kip up and yells his name, but he’s met with boos. Hendry is able to get in the offensive for several moves. Hendry gets him in the corner, but Marty reverses it and sends him to the corner. Hendry reverses that and sends Marty back to the corner. Hendry does a flip but Marty ducks it and sends Hendry to the mat with a clothesline.

Hendry gets up and Marty lands a sunset flip into a pin, but only gets 2. Marty and Hendry take it to the outside and battle out there. Marty sends Hendry into the barricade. Marty rolls him in the ring. He plays to the audience a little more now. He goes for a tornado DDT but Hendry picks him up in midair and tosses him down.

He sends him into the turnbuckle hard, then lifts him up for a stalling suplex. Marty and Hendry trade offensive moves now with neither men holding the advantage. Marty does the cigar taunt that usually leads to a Jackknife powerbomb, but Hendry fights out. Hendry goes for a clothesline but Marty ducks and this time successfully nails a powerbomb with a pin. Only a 2-count.

Hendry fights back with some strikes, followed by a knee to the face and a quick pin, but he only gets a 2. He picks Marty up for a fallaway slam and yells his name, but he’s once again met with boos. Marty fights out and hits a snap dragon suplex.

He picks Hendry up onto the turnbuckle and nails a super suplex into a pin. Its a 2-count. Commentators put over Joe Hendry staying alive. Marty goes for the Villain Driver, but Hendry escapes and reverses it into an ankle lock he calls the “Hendry Lock.” Marty gets to the ropes. They go back and forth. Marty calls for the chicken wing, but Hendry sees it coming and hits a codebreaker. He goes for a pin but Marty kicks out. Hendry is getting hyped up. He picks up Marty for the fallaway slam, but before he can call out his name Dalton Castle’s music hit.

Dalton is carried out in a laying position by a few men. Hendry doesn’t understand what he’s doing out there. Marty comes from behind and locks in the chicken wing. Hendry has nowhere to go and taps out.

Winner: Marty Scurll 

-After the match, the men holding Dalton slowly scoot back towards the curtain while Dalton waves goodbye. Marty celebrates with the fans, and leaves.

-Brian Johnson comes to the ring and throws a fit about not having a match. ROH cuts off his mic. The lights go out and Maria Manic’s music hits. they meet in the ring. He does chop her in the chest, but she doesn’t sell it. Security interferes and she takes them all out. While she’s distracted, Brian Johnson escapes.

Silas Young and Josh Woods vs Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal

Out first is Silas Young and Josh Woods. Josh sees a Silas sign and holds it up, but Silas gives it back to the fan and yells at Josh. Jonathan Gresham is out next. Jay Lethal is out last to a good reception. The fans start singing happy birthday to Silas, who tries to keep a straight face but is clearly hiding a smile. Lethal and Gresham talk trash to Silas, but Josh covers his ears.

Gresham and Josh lock up but Josh easily moves Gresham around. Gresham had enough and tagged in Lethal. Josh is able to move Lethal around too. No one can take him down. Lethal starts to get control but Josh stops him again. Lethal is impressed. He offers his hand to Josh Woods. Josh is excited to have shaken Lethal’s hand. Silas is upset and tags himself in.

Silas puts Gresham into a headlock with his legs and refuses to release it no matter how much Gresham tries to escape. He’s finally able to get out and fans applaud. Silas and Gresham roll around the ring trying to pin each other. They roll around ten times before both men finally get to their feet. Silas was impressed and offers to shake Gresham’s hand, but Gresham kicks his hand away. Silas is mad now and they exchange chops. Silas challenges to hit him harder, but Gresham low blows him instead. Lethal tags himself in and tells Gresham they don’t cheat like that.

Gresham pulls Silas outside the ring and slams him repeatedly against the apron. Lethal rolls outside and lectures Gresham once again about his anger. All four men get back in the ring. Silas tags in Josh Woods. Josh powers through Lethal. Josh starts hitting some MMA style kicks that sends Lethal outside the ring. Silas comes to the floor and tackles Lethal outside the ring. Silas rolls Lethal back in the ring. Josh tags in Silas.

Silas and Woods double team Lethal and nearly get a win but the pin is broken up by Gresham. Josh is tagged in. Lethal and Josh trade offensive moves. Both men struggle to tag their partners. Silas and Gresham are tagged in. Silas and Gresham trade chops for real this time. It goes on for a while until Silas kicks him in the gut. Gresham and Silas reverse each other’s suplexes ten times. Silas accidentally takes out Josh. Silas flips Gresham over but he lands on top of Josh.

Josh and Silas are finally able to regain control. All four men are in the ring, but Lethal is able to German suplex Woods. Lethal dives on the outside of the ring onto Silas. Gresham tags in Lethal, but Silas trips Lethal off the apron. Gresham takes down Woods. Lethal goes off the turnbuckle for an elbow drop, but Josh catches him for an armbar. Lethal reverses it into a submission, but Josh is able to reverse that into another suplex. Josh and Silas double team Lethal with a backbreak/shining wizard combo, but Lethal kicks out of the pin attempt.

Silas tags in Josh, but Silas goes outside for a chair. On the other side, Gresham tosses Lethal a chair. Lethal refuses to use it. Josh comes from behind and stomps on the chair which smashes Lethal’s hand. Gresham and Josh battle on the outside. Silas is able to sneak up to Lethal and nail the Misery cutter for the three count.

Winners: Silas Young and Josh Woods

-After the match, Josh and Silas leave. Lethal and Gresham argue in the ring over Lethal not using the chair. Lethal says he’s not a cheater. Lethal says Gresham has a problem, and Gresham says his problem is him. They break out into a fist fight now. A team of referees and security struggle to separate them.

Lethal tells everyone to settle down. He calmly walks over to Gresham and tells him they need to calm down. He tries to cool the situation but Gresham punches him again. The security and referees break them up again. Gresham leaves up the ramp and Lethal tells him he’s had enough of him.

Triton vs. Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black

Triton is out first and they once again mock him for his trunks riding up his ass. Flip Gordon is out next to a warm reception. PJ Black is out last.

All three men shake hands. The bell rings and Flip immediately escapes the ring and sits on the outside. Triton is able to get the upperhand on PJ Black. Flip goes to roll in but Triton sees him, so he stops.

Black and Triton battle in the ring. Both men successfully hit moves. Black goes to hit Triton but he moves out of the way, so Black launches over the ropes instead and collides with Flip. Triton comes off the turnbuckle and takes out both men.

Black tosses Flip and Triton back in the ring. Triton sends Flip across the ring. Black does the same thing to Flip, and even though he does land on his feet, he appears to have hurt his knee. PJ goes to check on him but the referee sends him away. Crew members escort Flip away from the ring.

Black and Triton now compete in a 1-on-1 match. Black and Triton flip around the ring. Neither men can get the offensive. They end up taking each other out. While they’re both down, Flip sprints back into the ring and attempts to pin them both, but they both kick out.

Flip flips off the fans. Flip holds control of Black. He tries to pin him but its not even a 1 count. Triton now enters the fight and all three men take turns hitting quick strikes. Black is able to get control and the fans chant “lucha.” Black climbs up the turnbuckle for a 450 onto Triton, but Flip trips him. Triton climbs up with Black and hits a super Frankensteiner. Flip climbs up the turnbuckle now but Triton meets him on top as well and hits a Spanish Fly.

Triton controls the match now and sends both men outside the ring. Triton comes off the top turnbuckle and lands on both men on the floor. Triton rolls them both in, climbs on the turnbuckle, and hits Frogsplash on both men at the same time. Triton tries to pin each men but it keeps getting broken up. Triton picks up Flip onto his shoulders, but Flip rips off his mask. Fans boo Flip for his show of respect.

Flip grabs a steel chair and goes to swing at Black, but Tracy Williams enters the ring and takes the chair away. Flip chases Tracy Williams up the ramp and to the back. Triton is able to get his mask back on, but Black levels him and hits is 450 splash for the win.

Winner: PJ Black

-After the match, Black celebrates. He lifts Triton off the ground and they hug it out. Triton raises Black’s hand.

Voladar Jr, Stuka Jr, and Caristico vs Bucanera, Okumura, and Hechicero

Stuka and Hechicero start the match. Fans chant “lucha.” Both men take turns powering each other around. Stuka tries to jump over Hechicero but he catches him and knocks him to the ground. Stuka tags in Voladar. Hechicero tags in Bucanera.

They lock up and Volador easily gets the upperhand and sends Bucanera outside the ring. Volador tags in Caristico and Bucanera tags in Okumura. Caristico controls the match. He sends Okumura to the outside, then dives on top of him. Once again Stuka and Hechicero are tagged in.

They take turns with power attacks. Hechicero gets the upperhand and takes down Stuka. It’s a three on one attack on Volador now. They take him out and triple team Stuka now. Triple team in Caristico now sends him outside the ring. They attempt to triple team Stuka again, but he fights back and takes down all three men.

Now the team of Stuka, Volador and Caristico are able to get their own triple team in. They send all three men outside the ring. Stuka, Volador and Caristico fly over the ropes onto all three men. The fight continues back inside the ring, but Volador is triple teamed once again. Now each men from both teams take turns hitting moves. Stuka and Volador double team their opponents in the corner and go for a pin, but its only a 2.

We get a superplex off the turnbuckle that ends with Stuka nailing a frogsplash from the other turnbuckle, but its once again a 2. Hechicero nails Volador with power moves. He takes Volador up to the top turnbuckle, but Volador reverses it and nails the Super Frankensteiner for the pin and the 3-count.

Winners: Stuka, Volador, and Caristico

-Josh Woods and Silas Young come out looking happy. Silas calls for a microphone. Fans chant happy birthday and he looks a little amused. Silas asks Josh why he has to shake every average fan’s hands? Fans now chant “we are average.”

Silas now praises Josh Woods for his talents and says they went 3 and 0 for the weekend. He tells Woods he’s earned a “atta boy.” Silas says he’s not the only one from around here. He calls out the Bouncers. They come out drinking beer. Silas says he knows they have a checkered past, but he offers Bruiser a handshake.

Bruiser accepts and he tells Silas he’s glad they’re back on the same page. Bruiser said the fans informed him that today is Silas’s birthday. Bruiser leads the fan into a happy birthday song. A red balloon flies into the sky. While the Bouncers are staring at the balloons, Silas attacks Bruiser from behind. Vinny Marseglia comes in and starts attacking Brian with a chair now.

Vinnie and Silas continue their attack on the Bouncers, but Josh Woods doesn’t know what to do. He keeps trying to pull back Silas off. Vinny grabs a piece of the ring and puts it in Bruiser’s mouth. Bruiser starts to bleed out his mouth. Vinny releases the tool, and Bruiser spits the blood in his face. Vinny drops Bruiser with a boot to the face. Josh Woods gets in Silas’s face and tells him that’s not what he signed up for. Silas sends Woods away, but Woods stops at ringside. Silas shouts “this is my town,” as the scene fades to commercial.

Lifeblood (Bandido, Mark Haskins, Tracy Williams) vs. The Briscoes and Barbaro

Code of honor is upheld by all six men.

The Briscoes and Barbaro attack quickly. All three men triple team Mark Haskins. It’s Jay and Haskins now. We see some chain wrestling, but Williams tags himself in. Bandido then tags himself all. All three Lifeblood members are in the ring now. They triple team Jay. Haskins and Williams flip Bandido into Jay for a dropkick. Tracy tags in now. Tracy gets control of Jay and Bandido tags in. Jay manages to pick up Tracy and carry him to his own corner so he can tag in Mark. Tracy tags in Bandido.

Mark tags in Barbaro. Barbaro quickly tags down Bandido. Barbaro tags in Jay. Jay suplexes Bandido and tags in Mark. Mark holds control of Bandido. Bandido tags in Tracy but the Briscoes are able to control the match. The match spills to the outside. Jay sends Tracy into the barricades. The Briscoes double team Tracy on the floor. All men reenter the ring and Jay still controls Tracy. Tracy is finally able to get some offensive in and tags in Bandido. Bandido off the top rope and takes out Barbaro. Big jumping DDT to Mark Briscoe. The Briscoes and Barbaro retreat to the floor. All members of Lifeblood go flying over the top rope onto their opponents. Fans chant “This is awesome.”

Bandido and Barbaro meet in the ring. Bandido hits a standing C4 but can’t get the three count. Barbaro sends Bandido to the corner and does the worm. Bandido rushes to him but Barbaro nails an exploder suplex. Barbaro tags in Mark. The Briscoes isolate Bandido from his team and nail the Red Neck Boogie, but only get a two count.

Mark and Bandido trade chops and clotheslines in the ring. Mark hits a fisherman buster suplex. Mark tags in Jay. Jay goes for the Jay Driller on Bandido but he fights away. Lifeblood triple team Mark now. Tracy and Haskins hold Mark in the air, Bandido nails a 450 splash onto him. It looks like a 3 count, but the referee says Jay broke it in time. Jay gets tossed to the outside. Lifeblood tries to double team Barbaro fights them off and takes them both out of the ring with a clothesline. Bandido enters the ring, but Barbaro takes him down as well. Mark flies off the turnbuckle with an elbow drop. Jay goes for the pin but its only a 2.

Lifeblood triple teams Mark with a series of finishers. Haskins covers Mark and gets the surprise three count.

Winners: Mark Haskins, Bandido, and Tracy Williams

ROH World Champion Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia vs. Jeff Cobb and Rush

The Kingdom comes out first. Vinny is still holding the tooth he got from Bruiser earlier in the night. Next out is Jeff Cobb. Rush comes out to a decent reception. Fans chant “we are melvins,” and Taven agrees, but tells them not to get excited.

Code of honor not offered.

Cobb and Vinny start the match. Cobb easily throws Vinny around. Vinny can’t get the upperhand. He tags in Taven. Taven is able to get some offense onto Cobb, but he can’t bring Cobb down. Cobb powerslams Taven down. Cobb tags in Rush.

Rush and Taven shove each other in the middle of the ring. Rush challenges Taven to hit him, but Taven tags in Vinny instead. Vinny enters the ring and tries to attack Rush, but Rush flattens him. Rush hits Vinny with explosive bodysplashes into each corner. Rush bows for Taven, then tags in Cobb. Cobb and Rush double team Vinny. Cobb easily keeps control, then tags in Rush. Rush attacks Vinny some then tags back in Cobb. Cobb nails a standing moonsault but only gets a 2.

Vinny and Taven try to double team Cobb but it doesn’t happen. Cobb catches Taven and raises him up for a stalling suplex, but Vinny comes up and hits a diamond cutter on Cobb. Taven is able to get the upperhand now and keep Cobb down. Taven tags in Vinny. Vinny is able to keep Cobb down too. They go for some double teaming in the corner and Vinny attempts a pin, but its barely a 1.

Taven chokes Cobb in the corner with his boot to Cobb’s throat. Taven makes a shoutout to Stacy Keibler about his legs, and the commentators seem to freak out about it. One commentator tries to move the conversation away as quickly as possible.

Cobb is able to fight away for a second and tag in Rush. Rush comes in brings the fight to Taven, but the Kingdom members double team him. Rush ducks a double clothesline and takes down Taven with a clothesline, then Vinny with a snap German suplex. Rush teases the Bulls Horn finisher to Taven, but stops right in front of him. He kicks him in the face instead, then poses in the middle of the ring while Taven looks knocked out.

Rush slams Vinny down in the middle of the ring and pins him for a 2-count. Vinny manages to fight back and take Rush to the corner. Vinny with a Russian legsweep, then Taven comes off the turnbuckle with a flogsplash. Vinny goes for a pin but looks shocked when its only 2. Rush makes his way over to Cobb and tags him in. Cobb comes in hot and takes both Kingdom men down. He tosses Taven in the air with a helicopter toss. Vinny knocks him down from behind, then goes to the turnbuckle. Vinny off the top with a swanton bomb, but doesn’t get the pin. Vinny goes for a sliced bread, but Cobb reverses it into his spinning slam finisher for the 3-count.

Winners: Jeff Cobb and Rush

-After the match, Jeff Cobb and Rush show each other some respect and fist bump. Vinny comes from behind throws Cobb over the top rope. Rush takes out Vinny. Taven comes in and threatens to hit Rush with the title, but retreats instead.

Matt gets on the microphone and says that Rush isn’t going to beat him. He talks about how he’s beaten everyone including the previously undefeated Jeff Cobb. Taven says he’ll add Rush to the list of people he’s beaten. Rush comes outside the ring and throws Taven into the ring. He’s about to hit the Bull’s Horns, but Vinny grabs his legs from outside the ring. Taven nails Rush with the title belt. Taven hits the Bull’s Horns on Rush in the corner, then does Rush’s own pose in the middle of the ring. Taven poses over Rush as the cameras cut away.


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