ROH TV Results 10/28/2019

ROH TV Results 10/28/2019

-We get a recap of Kelly Klein facing Angelina Love at Death Before Dishonor. Angelina defeats Kelly to win the ROH Women’s Championship.

Match Replay: Silas Young, Joe Hendry, Titus Rhett, and Cheeseburger vs. Kenny King, Brian Johnson, Jeff Cobb, and Josh Woods

Kenny King easily controls Cheeseburger. Every time Cheeseburger starts to recover, Kenny finds a way to put him down. Cheeseburger tags in Titus Rhett. Brian Johnson tags himself in. He doesn’t get anywhere as Josh Woods tags himself in.

Josh Woods rolls Titus around with amateur mat work. Titus tags in Silas Young. Silas tells Woods to lie down and let him pin him. Woods declines and they wrestle. Woods stretches Silas on the mat as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Rhett Titus is tossing around Brian Johnson. Johnson tags in Cobb. Cobb runs through the other team. Titus goes off the turnbuckle but Cobb catches him in midair and turns it into a suplex.

Kenny King is in now and he’s mocking Titus. Titus gets irate and chases King around the outside of the ring. Kenny is able to bring it to Titus then tags in Woods. Woods is easily beating on Titus, but Brian Johnson tags himself in.

Silas Young hits a backbreaker on Johnson. Cobb runs into the ring, but is met by Joe Hendry. They come face to face, but Hendry’s teammates attack Cobb. Cobb picks up both Cheeseburger and Titus for a pumphandle suplex. Hendry hits a fall away slam on Kenny King and Brian Johnson at the same time. Hendry and Cobb rush each other and both nail clotheslines. They roll out of the ring. From the outside, they charge at each other around the ring and hit another clothesline. They’re both down now.

Woods and Young are in the ring. They square off, but Johnson pulls Woods out of the ring even though they’re on the same team. Johnson hits the ring, but he’s immediately taken out by Cheeseburger. While Silas Young is distracted, Josh Woods rolls him up for a three count.

Winner and #1 Contender: Josh “The Goods” Woods

-We hear a podcast that featured Shane Taylor. He claims he’s the baddest champion we’ve ever seen “boy.”

-We see clips of Vinny Marseglia torturing the Bouncers in their street fight at Death Before Dishonor. The match was won by the Bouncers.

Backstage, the Bouncers say they’ve proven themselves as fighters now.

Match: The Bouncers vs. Local Talent

Brian Milonas is easily powering the local talent. Brian tags in Beer City Bruiser. Bruiser bites the local talent and does hit “I ain’t got no teeth” catchphrase. He bounces off the ropes, but he’s pulled under by one of his opponents and clotheslined on the floor. They try to pin Bruiser but Brian makes the slow save.

Brian runs over both men. Bruiser and Brian hit a double team leg drop for the finish.

Winners: The Bouncers

-Backstage, Rhett Titus says they learned some things from their match earlier. One, Cheeseburger has the biggest heart in Ring of Honor. Two, he believes in Joe Hendry. Three, Kenny King is gonna get his ass whooped. And last, the student (Josh Woods) is better than the teacher (Silas Young.) Silas takes offense and blames them for not helping.

Hendry says the team needs cheered up, and offers them all some autographs. Silas storms off without his.

-Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham are discussing their match backstage. Lethal apologizes to Gresham for not seeing his way of doing things. They try to fist bump and miss. They agree to be a tag team.

-We see a video package for Austin Gunn vs Dak Draper.

Backstage Dak Draper talks about how hard he works at the gym. He says he’s big, strong, and tall, but his biggest asset is his mind. He tricked everyone into thinking he’d never win. Now, that he’s signed with ROH, he’s after the television title.

-We see a top 5 ROH champions list from Wrestling With Wregrets. Afterwards, Dalton Castle confronts him and says he’s insulted that he wasn’t included. He said the top 5 champions are Dalton Castle, Dalton Castle, Dalton Castle, Dalton Castle, and his personal favorite, Dalton Castle.

Television Exclusive Match: Jenny Rose vs. Sumi Sakai vs. Angelina Love (w/ Mandy Leon)

Jenny and Sumi honor the code, but Angelina refuses. They attack her and whip her into the corner. Both women take turns hitting a clothesline, then hit a double clothesline to take her out of the ring. While Sumi is distracted with Angelina, Jenny attacks Sumi. She hits a backdrop into a pin, but Sumi easily kicks out. Sumi goes against the ropes to run at Jenny, but Angelina pulls her outside the ring.

Angelina attacks Jenny. Angelina goes off the ropes but Sumi pulls her outside this time, and lays her out with a clothesline. Sumi rolls into the ring, but Jenny gets control. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Angelina has Sumi in her signature clutch submission. Fans are clapping to get behind her. Sumi slowly movies to the ropes with her feet. She finally makes it but she’s barely moving when Angelina lets go. Angelina goes to the apron and jumps onto Jenny. She starts attacking Jenny, but Jenny turns it around and takes control.

Inside the ring, Angelina knocks Jenny out of the ring. She picks up a limp Suki, but she was playing possum and rolls up Angelina. She kicks out at two. Sumi goes for Smash Mouth but Angelina escapes and rolls her up for a two count. Angelina tosses Sumi out of the ring onto Jenny.

Sumi and Jenny roll into the ring and both women take out Angelina. Jenny rolls up Sumi both gets a close 2-count. She takes Sumi down with different moves but each time gets another 2-count. Jenny nails a huge slam but Angelina breaks up the pin attempt.

Angelina hits the Botox Inject on Jenny, but Sumi breaks up the pin with a natural selection. Sumi goes for Smash Mouth on Angelina, but Mandy Leon climbs the apron to distract her. Sumi approaches Mandy, but Angelina hits the Botox Injection for the win.

Winner: Angelina Love 



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