ROH TV Results for 08/22/18 - Bullet Club versus the Kingdom!

ROH TV Results for 08/22/18 – Bullet Club versus the Kingdom!

Ring of Honor TV Report for 08/22/18:
Writen by James Walsh of the Wrestling Epicenter!

NOTE: This is the episode that aired on NESN Sports out of the Boston area on this date. It is the epsiode that will air on most platforms this coming week and is used as the “Go Home” show to All In which is not strictly an ROH branded event.

Match #1:
Christopher Daniels versus Jay Briscoe:

Two veterans of ROH wars square off. In fact, the announcers put over that both men were a part of the very first ROH show in 2002! They’ve faced off a number of times in tag matches and a few times, though not nearly as often, in singles matches including in the tournament that eventually crowned Daniels champion in 2017. The two battled for about 10 minutes hitting signature spots including a pretty darn awesome Asai Moonsault from the apron by Daniels. Daniels hit the modified Rock Botton by the corner setting up for the BME, Best Moonsault Ever when he was blindsided by Mark Briscoe and the classic steel folding chair. He got a few good shots in on Daniels in front of the referee immediately causing the match to be thrown out. Daniels’ partners in SoCal Uncensored make the save as Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian chase off the Briscoes.
Winner: Christopher Daniels by Disqualification

We see a video package promoting the upcoming Ring of Honor World Title defense by Jay Lethal against the game challenge of Jonathan Greshman. It shows thw two’s prior encounters and how Gresham, while the underdog in each encounter, has taken Lethal to the limit. Gresham says he can beat Lethal and win the ROH title in his own backyard of Atlanta. Lethal says the Iron Man match will be a classic and is for the fans.

Match #2:
Silas Young versus Flip Gordon:

A match accurately described as two guys currently on different paths. Young is the veteran who is on a losing streak of sorts after losing the ROH TV title. Flip Gordon’s stock is on the rise including his feud with Bully Ray and his controversial decision against NWA Champion Nick Aldis. At the end of this one, you can add Silas Young to the list of game competitors that Gordon has defeated as he scores an upset win with an impressive roll up into a bridge.
Winner: Flip Gordon by pin.

After the match, Bully Ray sneaks down the Center Stage aisle way, formerly the home of WCW Saturday Night, and low blows Gordon from behind. Bully and Young give each other looks that would be interesting to give context to as Bully looked at Young in almost disgust and shook his head while Young looked at Bully with anger and confusion. In a way, these men have like mindsets when it comes to “young boys” in wrestling and yet, it would be something incredible if they either teamed up or feuded. Something to watch out for!

Marty Scurl cuts a backstage promo on Kenny King.

A video package showing how Kenny King got his edge is shown. King says he doesn’t cut corners to be a bad guy but instead does it because he wants to get ahead. He says Ric Flair is a former 16 Time World Champion because he was the “Dirtiest Player in the Game”. He says if he has to sometimes be a little dirty to get towards his first Word Title, he will.

Before the main event, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis joins Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary. Caprice Coleman exits.

Match #3: Main Event:
ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles Match:
“The Kingdom” Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan, & Vinny Marseglia (champions) versus “The Bullet Club” Cody & The Young Bucks’ Matt and Nick Jackson w/ Brandi Rhodes & Burnard the Business Bear
The Young Bucks and Cody get full entrances while the “Kingdom” gets cut to commercial upon entry. Conspiracy? Well, it lends itself to that. More on that shortly. Fantastic match with a lot of twists and turns. During a car crash like scene outside the ring, there is a 6 wrestler pile up as each take dives to the floor. Taven seems to be last as he does a flipping plancha to the floor and lands on his feet. He isn’t shy about pointing that ot to the camera either. But, Brandi Rhodes joins the party and does a high cross body off the top rope to the floor on the Kingdom. Taven is livid saying she is not in the match. Back in the ring, Bernard the Business Bear is up on the apron. Taven takes out Burnard  with a stiff kick to the stuffed head! After what turns out to be a string of potential finishes including the Kingdom setting Cody up for the Rockstar Supernova, legal man Matt Taven ends up being sent out over the top. He tries to skin the cat like Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Shawn Michaels famously have done but eats an exposed superkick to the face by the Young Bucks. In the ring, Vinny Marseglia takes the Crossroads from Cody for the 3 and we have new ROH 6 Man Tag Champions!

Winners and NEW ROH World 6 Man Tag Team Champions: “The Bullet Club” Cody & THe Young Bucks by pin.

After the match, all 3 announcers confirm that Vinny Marseglia was actually not the legal man and that Matt Taven was as Taven and TK O’Ryan stomp around the outside playing to the conspiracy theory against the Kingdom. Meanwhile, the new champions are in the ring celebrating as Ian says “We’ll see you at All In!” WOW!

End of show.


This episode of ROH TV featured 3 matches that could be ROH TV main events. Three solid matches with some of the best talent in the entire world. That said, there were flaws.

First, I presume that the Daniels/Briscoe match was to start a Tag Title opportunity for the Addiction or any pairing of SoCal Uncensored against the Briscoe Brothers. And, it accomplished that. I suppose that is why a match with two champions woven into the fabric of ROH was the opener and not the main event – Because it was a story bridge instead of a major match. One day, I’d like these guys to get a singles match in the main event and really tear it up.

Caprice Coleman was the 3rd man on commentary during the first two matches. Caprice is kind of the 3rd announcer unofficially for ROH as he has filled in for Cabana a few times. He’s very quick and reacts really well to what is going on in the ring. With that said, I find a 3 man announce team can sometimes be crowded and limit the strengths of the 2 usuals. Coleman is a quality announcer and an interesting character. But, I’m much happier with a 2 man team. It is more pleasing to my ears.

Silas Young is still one of the best in the world. For whatever reason, he continues to fly somewhat under the radar and to be pigeon holed as a “veteran” by the Internet. While he certainly is a veteran, he hung in there with a freak athlete like Flip Gordon and was by no means slow or out of place in that kind of fast paced match. In other words, Silas can hang with anyone in any style. Because, that’s what “Real Men” do!

Still on SilasYoung, I hope they build off his exchange with Bully Ray. It interests me where they could go with it.

The main event was real good and I think the title loss left enough room for the Kingdom to play to their conspiracy theory to keep them hot.

I realize ROH is probably the closest linked promotion to All In. And, I realize that the ROH title is being defended at All In by Jay Lethal and that ROH is putting on the “Over Budget Battle Royal” to determine who challenes for Lethal’s ROH title on the PPV card. But, the traditionalist in me finds it different, maybe strange, that there was such open talk about All In by the announce team and company considering it strictly isn’t an ROH show. Plus, ROH has a PPV themselves in September as they present Death Before Dishonor on September 28th. It is a brave new world, friends! But, an exciting one!


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