Matt Hardy Says He's Concerned WWE Is Putting "Unneeded Pressure" On Jeff Hardy, Talks Addict Angle

Matt Hardy Says He’s Concerned WWE Is Putting “Unneeded Pressure” On Jeff Hardy, Talks Addict Angle

TalkSport’s Alex McCarthy took to Twitter earlier today to comment on the “addict/junkie” storyline that WWE is running right now with Jeff Hardy, stating that he thinks the angle is in poor taste due to Jeff’s previous history. AEW star Matt Hardy would respond to McCarthy agreeing with him, adding on that he believes WWE is putting unneeded pressure on his brother. He also commends AEW for allowing him to spread his wings and give back to the business.

Hardy writes, “I’m very happy with how AEW has let me brand my persona. Allowing me to help younger talent on & off screen, while also respectfully celebrating my legacy & contributions to the industry. I have those same concerns about the unneeded pressure on my brother.”

McCarthy also shared a clip of Jeff Hardy’s upcoming Chronicle on the WWE Network. Check it out below.

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