New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax FINALS Report w/ Day 13-18 Results Recap

New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax FINALS Report w/ Day 13-18 Results Recap

New Japan Pro Wrestling


Day 13 Results – BLOCK A:

Bad Luck Fale (4) defeated KENTA (8)
Zack Sabre Jr (6) defeated Lance Archer (4)
EVIL (8) defeated Will Ospreay (4)
Kota Ibushi (10) defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi (8)
SANADA (6) defeated Kazuchika Okada (12)

*    *    *    *   *

Day 14 Results – BLOCK B:

Tomohiro Ishii (8) defeated Toru Yano (6)
Taichi (6) defeated Juice Robinson (6)
Hirooki Goto (8) defeated Jeff Cobb (6)
Jay White (8) defeated Jon Moxley (10)
Tetsuya Naito (8) defeated Shingo Takagi (4)

*    *    *    *   * 

Day 15 Results – BLOCK A:

SANADA (8) defeated Lance Archer (4)
Bad Luck Fale (6) defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi (8)
Will Ospreay (6) defeated KENTA (8)
Kota Ibushi (12) defeated Zack Sabre Jr (6)
Kazuchika Okada (14) defeated EVIL (8)

*    *    *    *   * 

Day 16 Results – BLOCK B:

Toru Yano (8) defeated Taichi (6)
Tetsuya Naito (10) defeated Jeff Cobb (6)
Hirooki Goto (10) defeated Jon Moxley (10)
Jay White (10) defeated Juice Robinson (6)
Shingo Takagi (6) defeated Tomohiro Ishii (8)

*    *    *    *   * 

Day 17 Results – BLOCK A:

Lance Archer (6) defeated EVIL (8)
Bad Luck Fale (8) defeated SANADA (8)
Zack Sabre Jr. (8) defeated KENTA (8)
Will Ospreay (8) defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi (8)
Kota Ibushi (14) defeated Kazuchika Okada (14)


*    *    *    *   * 

Day 18 Results – BLOCK B:

Jeff Cobb (8) defeated Toru Yano (8)
Taichi (8) defeated Tomohiro Ishii (8)
Juice Robinson (8) defeated Jon Moxley (10)
Shingo Takagi (8) defeated Hirooki Goto (10)
Jay White (12) defeated Tetsuya Naito (10)


*    *    *    *   * 


August 12, 2019
Nippon Budokan, Tokyo

Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero with Chris Charlton on commentary which is PERFECTION.


We get tension between the LA and Japanese Young Lions. Tsuji strikes aggreesively at the bell. Chops traded between Tsuji and Karl. Nice leapfrog crossbody from Karl. Tag to Narita and Connors. Chants for Narita who grounds Connors. The work on the mat, Narita rolls Connors up for 1. Hip toss by Connors and a slam. Karl tags in, double team tackle drops Narita, cover but only 1. Tag to Connors who stomps the mudhole. Narita gets a hip toss, Tsuji got knocked down by Connors and he gets cut off as Karl tags back in. Slam and stomp gets 2. Narita fires back but eats a nice spinebuster by Karl, corner splash and spear by Connors follows, elbow by Karl and a cover but only 2. Narita catches Karl in the belly to belly throw, crowd gets behind Narita, tags on both sides. Backdrop by Tsuji who follows with a tackle. Tsuji looks for the crab but Connors gets the ropes. Nice dropkick by Connors who looks for the Crab, Tsuji fights out but runs into a great spear, Liontamer follows by Connors and transitions to the full Crab. Tsuji fights hard but Connors pulls him back and Tsuji TAPS.

Karl Fredericks & Clark Connors defeat Yota Tsuji & Ren Narita by submission via Boston Crab
JAY’S RATING: 3.25 out of 5

This was a REALLY good way to open the show, with the Young Lions on both sides showing great fire, great focus and incredibly strong ring work. The rivalry between the two factions of Lions played well, and fed beautifully into the post match. Well done all around.

After the match a brawl breaks out between the two Young Lion factions, with more Young Lions joining the fray. GREAT use of the Young Lions and the LA Dojo.

(Lance Archer, Taichi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

This is Liger’s final Budokan match. Suzuki-Gun attacks before the bell surprising NO ONE. The action breaks down and Taichi goes after Liger’s mask in the corner. Liger fights back and hits Tiachi with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and YK with SHOTEI! Romero Special follows on Taichi but Archer in to boot Liger in the face and break it. Archer catches a flying Tiger and slams him. Taichi now goes after Tiger’s mask in the corner. Tiger is sent outside and YK gets the draping legdrop on the barricade as Suzuki-Gun keeps things unhinged. Tag to YK who works Tiger back inside. Tag to Archer who beats down Tiger. Tag to Taichi, Taichi fires back and gets 2. THE PANTS GO FLYING but Tiger blocks the Buzzsaw Kick, YK in but Tiger counters and hits the Tiger Driver. Tag to Cobb and Archer, they go at it but Archer drops Cobb with a boot and goes Old School into a top rope standing moonsault because HE FUCKING CAN. EBD Claw is blocked, Archer evades the pop up suplex and hits the Derailer and tags YK back in. YK takes out the knee and Suzuki-Gun gets the triple team, kick combo on Cobb and a cover but the faces break it up. Cobb catches Deep Impact and just tosses YK, hits a thudding clothesline for 2 and YK counters the moonsault into a rollup for 2. Cobb overpowers YK and deadlifts him into Tour of the Islands, cover and thats that.

Jeff Cobb, Jushin Liger & Tiger Mask IV defeats Suzuki-Gun by pinfall via Tour of the Islands
JAY’S RATING: 2.8 out of 5

This was good, Cobb showed some great stuff here as Archer remains brilliantly intense in his re-packaging. Like Cobb taking the W.

After the match Cobb joins Liger and Tiger in the Liger pose. Love it.

(Taiji Ishimori, Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi)
(Will Ospreay & Roppongi 3K)

Taiji and Yoh start fast, Taiji hits Bombs Away. R3K with the double team, double dropkick drops Yujiro but Chase evades and smacks them both in the head for a nice spot. Will hits Chase with a dropkick, BC is outside, CHAOS looks to fly but get tripped and pulled out. BC takes control outside, back inside and Taiji gets Yoh with a neck crank. Yujiro in, legdrop gets 2. Tag to Chase, corner shot and short clothesline connects for 2. Yoh fires back and looks to tag but Chase is on him, enziguri by Yoh lands and Sho gets the tag. Sho takes control of Chase, great kick combo gets 2. Shots traded, Sho evades the lariat and hits a nice spear. Chase blocks the lariat and hits one of his own to drop Sho. Tag to Will and Yujiro, Will is hot and drops Yujiro. Pip Pip Cheerio lands for 2. Chants for Will, misses the Robinson Special and Yujiro gets the basement dropkick as BC hits the ring. Triple team by BC puts Will down for 2. Yoh in and hits a superkick, Chase takes him out but eats a German from Sho. Taiji hits the handspring enziguri but eats the Tiger Wall Kick from Will. Yujiro drops Will but Will counters, double knee by R3K and hook kick by Will, R3K hits double topes to take out BC at ringside as Will hits Stormbreaker, cover and thats 3.

CHAOS defeats Bullet Club by pinfall via Stormbreaker
JAY’S RATING: 2.75 out of 5

A solid 6-man tag, if there were a couple of off-moments to me, with CHAOS picking up a win.

We hear about Tama Tonga tweeting about recruiting someone new for BC…


Mox goes right after Juice before the bell. Short clothesline and elbow by Mox gets 2. Tag to Umino who gets a nice low dropkick, Mox drops an elbow and Umino gets 2. Umino grounds Mox, tag to Mox who keeps the pressure on. Single crab by Mox keeps things slowed down, transitions but Juice gets the ropes. Juice fights back and hits Juice Box, tags on both sides and Umino drops Henare, suplex connects by Umino for 2. Hard chops by Henare, evades a dropkick and gets a deadlift vertical suplex. Mox cuts Henare off, Juice cuts off the Hart Attack and takes out Mox at ringside, HARD lariat by Henare drops Umino. Rugby tackle by Henare gets 2, uranage is blocked and Umino gets a bridging German for 2. Fisherman Buster is blocked, headbutt by Henare and the uranage gets the 3.

Juice Robinson & Toa Henare defeats Jon Moxley & Shota Umino by pinfall via the uranage
JAY’S RATING: 2.25 out of 5

This was a solid if lacking match that continues the build for Mox/Juice rematch for the IWGP US title. The post-match was solid as well

After the match Juice and Mox go forehead to forehead, and Mox hits a belt shot on Juice and plants Henare with Death Rider. Mox now goes under the ring and pulls out a table and sets it up and puts Juice through it. Nice.


Shingo is officially moving to heavyweight. Good. EVIL joins the salute without hesitation post-G1, and starts with Togi. Tackle by EVIL doesnt budge but he drops Togi with another one. Togi hits his own tackle and tags Taguchi. Hip attacks by Taguchi, and a flying hip attack drops EVIL. Corner hip attack connects but EVIL counters the next one, Taguchi escapes Everything is Evil and tries his own but EVIL counters and LIJ drops Taguchi’s corner and attacks. Yano has been tied in the Paradise Lock in the ramp-way. Tag to Naito who keeps on Taguchi as LIJ attacks Taguchi Japan on the floor. Goto frees Yano finally to applause. Knee neckbreaker by Naito, dropkick to the back of the head and another neckbreaker and he spits on Taguchi and tags BUSHI. Middle rope dropkick by BUSHI leads to the Bush-a-roonie, hip attack is blocked but the next one lands, and Taguchi looks for Goto until Naito cuts him off. Naito spits at Goto, Taguchi gets a counter and gets BUSHI and Naito in a DDT/Inverted DDT combo and tags Goto. Tag to Shingo, they collide and Goto hits the Psych Out lariat. Spin kick in the corner lands on Shingo and the back suplex gets 2. Ushigoroshi is blocked, Goto blocks a suplex and they trade. Shingo blocks the headbutt with the right hand and a lariat drops Goto. Tag to SANADA, Goto blocks a spring and hits ushigoroshi. Tag to Honma who hits a bulldog, BUSHI blocks kokeshi but Honma hits the next one! KOKESHI MAKES YOU HAPPY! Shots by Honma, flying kokeshi misses as LIJ strikes again and EVIL/SANADA double team Honma. Cover is broken up at 2. Skull End is cut off by Yano, who is cut off by Naito who also evades Taguchi’s hip attack. BUSHI and Naito take out Togi, SANADA gets Skull End but Honma rolls him up for 2. TKO by SANADA connects, cover but only 2. Backbreaker, moonsault, cover by SANADA and thats 3.

LIJ defeats Taguchi Japan by pinfall via moonsault
JAY’S RATING: 2.25 out of 5

This was a solid 10-man tag, with some interesting pair-offs along the way and LIJ picking up a strong win.

(Guerrillas of Destiny & Bad Luck Fale)

Fale and HASHI start off with Fale overpowering. HASHI fires back and evades Fale in the corner, dropkicks the knee and hits Headhunter. Tama gets involved but gets dropped by Fale as HASHI moves, but Fale clears the face corner and tags in Loa, who teases the 10-punch and then just slaps HASHI. Tag to Tama who hits the elbow atomico. Snap suplex by Tama, cover but only 2. Tag to Fale who keeps HASHI isolated, stepping on HASHI while running the ropes and dropping an elbow for 2. Loa gets the tag and they both stand on HASHI as Tama poses with them. Nice image. NICE German/spring clothesline combo by GoD gets 2 as Tama tags in. HASHI fires back but misses the rewind kick, Tama laughs in his face but HASHI gets the suplex neckbreaker and tags in Ishii who is in hot. Tag to Loa and he and Ishii trade tackles with Ishii dropping Loa, then Ishii hits a flying elbow but BOUNCES off of Fale in a no-sell. Fale in now, Ishii tries a suplex but Fale is too big and slams Ishii. Loa drives Ishii into the corner and hits a clothesline. Running powerslam by Loa, cover but only 2. Tag to Tama, double team but Ishii fights them both off and hits Loa with a German, looks to tag KENTA… BUT KENTA SHORT ARMS THE TAG. The crowd is confused, BC strikes on a distracted Ishii as KENTA paces at ringside, and Ishii gets dropped. Frog splash by Tama but HASHI breaks it up at 2. HASHI drops Loa with a lariat, Tama sort of misses Gun Stun but dumps HASHI anyway. Ishii blocks Gun Stun and SUPLEXES FALE! YES! Nice pop there. HUGE lariat by Ishii drops Tama but KENTA is back in and hits the busaiku knee on Ishii, and then hits GTS! KENTA stands over Ishii smiling, Tama in to cover as he and KENTA lock eyes as thats 3.

Bullet Club defeats KENTA, Tomohiro Ishii & YOSHI-HASHI by pinfall via KENTA’s Go To Sleep
JAY’S RATING: 2.75 out of 5

This was a pretty good match overall, with great stuff as always from Ishii if Tama is looking a bit sloppy and in need of some focus. BUT THIS HEEL TURN AND POST-MATCH!

After the match KENTA looks to salute BC but HASHI jumps KENTA, the LA Dojo guys join un but BC clears them all away as KENTA grabs a mic. BUT SHIBATA HITS THE RING AND PUNCHES KENTA, THEN HITS A RUNNING CORNER KICK! The shirt comes off as Shibata beats down KENTA in the corner and fends off Tama, the crowd erupts, Loa in but Shibata drops him and Fale and then hits a BEAUTIFUL Hesitation Dropkick on KENTA and stares KENTA down! Shibata chokes out KENTA as the crowd erupts, he lines up PK but Jado gets a shot with the cane, and that allows KENTA to get behind Shibata and choke him out as Jado hits a cane shot, and KENTA follows with a PK. Tama hits shots with the cane as BC stands over Shibata, KENTA sits cross-legged on Shibata chest (OMG YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU), and KENTA is part of Bullet Club. After BC leaves Shibata comes to and is PISSED. THIS IS SO AMAZING I CANT EVEN BEGIN. What a great way to turn the crowd’s reticence with KENTA into a GREAT heel turn for him, giving BC some new blood and electricity and really opening KENTA up to be even more of a vicious asshole in the ring. And THAT SHIBATA RUN IN?!?!? And the image of KENTA doing the Shibata pose on top of Shibata??!??!!?! And does this mean Shibata might be healthy enough for a return?!?!??!??!!!?!?!??!?! UGH. Brilliant work all around.

SUZUKI-GUN (Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre, Jr.)

ZSJ puts his British Heavyweight title in Tana’s face, teasing a showdown at Royal Quest. Tana and ZSJ begin, chants for Tana. They grapple to start, nice counter-work, ZSJ grounds Tana and gets a nice headscissors. Headstand into a bridge by Tana but ZSJ holds on, Tana escapes into a deathlock and gets a bow and arrow. ZSJ drops down for a 1 count and Tana grounds ZSJ. Tana gets a crossbody out of the corner and drops Suzuki, Okada in for the double team as Suzuki complains, Okada rushes him but Suzuki snatches a hanging armbar as ZSJ gets Tana down with a cross armbreaker! Tana makes the ropes to break as Suzuki sends Okada into the railing and wrenches his arm around it, as ZSJ does similarly to Tana on the other side. Okada and Suzuki trade and Suzuki drops Okada as Tana gets counted but he rolls back in. ZSJ pounces and works the arm further, and tags in Suzuki who just steps on Tana’s throat and taunts him with kicks. Tana fires back but Suzuki lays in a thudding elbow and chest kick, then drops Okada off the apron with a running boot. Suzuki grounds Tana viciously, ZSJ tags in and they get a double hold on Tana, then transition to different holds, then transition again before Red Shoes calls for the break. THAT’S GREAT.

Tana fights back and gets a Cobra Twist, ZSJ reverses into a nice one of his own and the crowd gets behind Tana who switches it again. ZSJ looks to reverse again but Tana gets the dragon screw, and tags in Okada. Running elbow drops ZSJ and Okada takes out Suzuki, corner elbow and DDT connect on ZSJ and Okada covers for 2. Chants for Okada. Slam by Okada who climbs but ZSJ moves, Okada looks for the Air Raid Neckbreaker but ZSJ reverses it into a modified Octopus! Okada powers out but ZSJ gets an arm kick and tags in Suzuki. Running boot connects followed by a THUDDING PK, cover but only 2. Running boot to the face puts Okada down and Suzuki gets a hammerlock fujiwara. Tana in with kicks to Suzuki who GIVES NO SHITS and lays in shots to drop Tana. SUZUKI’S EYES THOUGH. Okada lands shots but Suzuki gets a guillotine and looks for the Gotch but Okada counters into the Air Raid Neckbreaker. Tags to ZSJ and Tana, they trade, ZSJ counters sling blade into an Octopus Hold, Tana gets the leg to escape but ZSJ looks for the kimura until Tana gets Twist and Shout. Sling Blade connects, cover but Suzuki breaks it at 2 as Okada dumps Suzuki. Tana climbs, ZSJ counters High Fly Flow with knees and locks in a triangle hold! Tana with a rollup counter for 2 but ZSJ follows with a big PK. Chants for Tana.

Tags to Okada and Suzuki as Okada hits John Woo. Slam by Okada who climbs and hits the diving elbow, and hits the Rainmaker Pose! Rainmaker is countered, shots traded, Suzuki smiles and Okada doesnt back down as Suzuki jars him with a shot to the jaw. They keep trading but Suzuki is VICIOUS and puts his hands behind his back and dares Okada to bring it, absorbing shot after shot before putting Okada to his knees with one of his own. Suzuki evades the dropkick and hits a great PK, looks for the choke on Okada and turns into the Gotch but Tana in to counter with Sling Blade, and hits one on ZSJ. ZSJ rolls out and Tana hits a pescado, Okada dropkicks Suzuki in the back of the head, nice rope running by Suzuki who counters Rainmaker, they trade moves and finish attempts, GREAT Mistica by Suzuki into a choke, ZSJ cuts Tana off with a guillotine as Okada fades! Suzuki turns him around into the Gotch Piledriver and plants him but good! Cover and SUZUKI PINS OKADA! (And ZSJ refuses to let Tana go and has to be pulled off!)

Suzuki-Gun defeats Kazuchika Okada & Hiroshi Tanahashi by pinfall via Gotch Piledriver

JAY’S RATING: 3.8 out of 5

This was a really strong match between 4 excellent talents, with Suzuki looking on a warpath that ultimately led him to pick up a HUGE win here and look fucking awesome doing it. Fuck the G1, I’m taking my shot motherfuckers. Tana and ZSJ also continue to have great chemistry – both these singles encounters could be fantastic. Great stuff all around.

After the match Suzuki grabs a mic and says Okada just lost to a man who wasnt even in the G1. He kicks Okada out and says its all going as planned, and says before Okada goes, he wants that IWGP Heavyweight belt, so hand it over. The crowd erupts. Suzuki says New Japan, next time, youre not going to step over me again, and you cant escape from me. He says he is the King of Professional Wrestling, smiles, the crowd chants for Suzuki and makes sure everyone knows and he, and Suzuki-Gun, ICHIBAN. Great stuff.

G1 Climax 29 FINALS

What a fucking journey to get here. And here we are, with my pick – Ibushi – in the finals against Jay White, which is a great next generation finals matchup for the G1. The entire BC stable is out with Jay. Ibushi is alone. Chants for Ibushi. Red Shoes decides to throw out all of BC, which gets a crowd pop, but Gedo negotiates for himself to stay. The bell sounds and the crowd erupts for Ibushi. As usual Jay spills outside to stall. Jay gets back inside, more chants for Ibushi, lockup and break in the ropes as Gedo grabs Ibushi’s ankle, so Red Shoes ejects Gedo as well! Its 1-on-1 BAYBAY! Ibushi jumps Jay and hits a flying mid-kick, Jay rolls out and Ibushi follows and puts him rights back inside and lands a gorgeous dropkick. Jay rolls out again as the crowd chants for Ibushi again, Golden Triangle is cut off as Jay ties Ibushi’s legs up in the corner and wrenches the injured ankle around the post and keeps working the knee and ankle in the barricade. Boos toward Jay as he keeps working Ibushi’s ankle, back inside and a snap suplex connects, followed by a grounded dragon screw. Cover but only 1. Chants for Ibushi. Ibushi fires back but Jay hits a hard chop and another suplex, and stuffs Ibushi with the head and arm suplex into the corner, covers but only gets 2. Jay taunts Ibushi who fires back, Jay counters the rana and slams down the ankle again and stalks him. Ibushi with a kick to the head and catches a snap rana, but Ibushi cant follow up. Chants for… well you know.

Powerslam by Ibushi and he follows with a one-legged moonsault from the middle rope, cover but only 2. Flurry by Ibushi and the mid-kick drops Jay, standing moonsault connects and he goes for moonsault knees but Jay moves and Ibushi crashes and burns. NICE DDT by Jay, who stalks Ibushi again and hits a corner running Euro before attacking the ankle again and hitting a Blade Buster. Cover but only 2. The TTO is countered by Ibushi, Jay looks for a chop block but Ibushi jumps and comes down with a double stomp on Jay’s back. Guess who the crowd chants for. Lawn Dart is countered by Jay, Ibushi hits a midkick but Jay gets the flatliner/deadlift German combo. That’s the thing – for all the BC shenanigans, Jay can GO. Jay sits Ibushi in the corner, looks for a superplex, Ibushi fights back but Jay gets a big one off the top. Kiwi Krusher is blocked into the Bastard Driver by Ibushi. They trade shots on their knees, rise up and Ibushi gets the advantage. Flurry by Jay and a short lariat drops Ibushi, Ibushi pops up (FIGHTING SPIRIT!), but runs right into the uranage. Jay hits the Kiwi Krusher, covers but only gets 2. Blade Runner is countered into a running knee but Jay blocks, looks for a sleeper suplex but Ibushi reverses and hits his own. CHANTS FOR IBUSHI. Lawn Dart is countered again and Jay throws Ibushi into Red Shoes, who goes down as Jay hits the low blow.

Gedo returns to ringside and gets a chair, and puts it in the ring. Jay takes out the leg of Ibushi and Jay slams the chair down on it. Inverted dragon screw by Jay who locks in the TTO as Gedo rolls Red Shoes back inside. Ibushi fights through the pain as the crowd cheers him on, grabbing onto Red Shoes, the crowd chants him on and he pulls himself to the ropes for the break. Red Shoes checks on Ibushi, Jay looks for the sleeper suplex but its countered and Ibushi hits the Pele. 3rd time is the charm on the Lawn Dart. Ibushi gets Jay on the apron and looks for the deadlift German off the middle rope, and he hits it nicely to a good pop. Cover but only 2. Last Ride is countered by Jay who hits a big slap on Ibushi… WHO GETS THAT LOOK IN HIS EYE. Jay doesnt back down and gets SLAPPED THE SHIT OUT OF BY IBUSHI. Nice flurry puts Jay in the corner as Ibushi keeps striking away, chopping Jay down in the corner. Red Shoes backs Ibushi up and he SCREAMS at Jay to come on! They face off, Jay hits a slap and Ibushi immediately hits a shot that DROPS Jay. YES. Chants for you-know-who, but Jay comes back with a dragon screw. Ibushi comes back to drop Jay with a short lariat and hits the sit out Last Ride! Cover but only 2. Ibushi “Nakamuras up” but Jay drops dead-weight in his classic evasion style and grins like a fucking idiot. Jay holds Red Shoes as Gedo is in with the knucks but Ibushi takes his head off with a kick. Jay however gets the sleeper suplex, but Ibushi is right back up and hits BOMA YEEEEEEEE to the back of Jay’s head! GREAT sequence!

Rocky Romero hits the ring to take Gedo away, the crowd chants for Rocky as Ibushi lines up Jay and hits BOMA YEEEEEEEE! Cover but only 2! Kamigoye is blocked as Jay targets the ankle again, Ibushi tries again but Jay counters again before eating an Ibushi head kick. Ibushi snaps off another sharp head kick, but Jay is able top catch Ibushi in Blade Runner! Jay is slow to follow up, grabs the wrists of Ibushi and tries the cross-arm brainbuster, Ibushi counters and takes wrist control before landing a heavy headbutt, and then gets a cross-arm straight-jacket German, and looks for Kamigoye again. Jay reverses and puts Ibushi on his head with a sleeper suplex, then hits another STIFF one and plants Ibushi with the cross arm brainbuster. Blade Runner follows but Ibushi lands a knee strike to counter! Kamigoye is blocked again but Ibushi counters Blade Runner and hits a pair of knee strikes, and then lands Kamigoye! Cover, but Jay kicks out at 2! The crowd is on fire. The knee pad comes down, Ibushi lands a GREAT Kamigoye, cover and IBUSHI HAS WON THE G1 CLIMAX!

Kota Ibushi defeats Jay White by pinfall via Kamigoye
JAY’S RATING: 4.3 out of 5

This was an EXCELLENT G1 finals, and my pick went all the way which makes me happy! Seriously though this was an extremely well-told story, Jay is a brilliant performer and Ibushi is truly magnetic, the shenanigans were smartly woven into the action and didnt drag down the action or the pacing and only served to feed an already ravenous crowd. Ibushi takes his first G1 crown, fully ushering in the new era in my opinion, and in so doing becomes the first person to win BOSJ, the New Japan Cup AND the G1 Climax. What a great arc for both of these competitors to get here, and what a great cap to it all. Great great work by all!

After the match Ibushi takes the mic. He says this G1, to him, has been the most important month of his entire life. Last year, he made it to the finals but lost. But today, he did it again, and was able to win, and could not be happier. He recognizes that the G1 is about the 20 best, and its from their efforts that he is there now as well. He says to overcome last year’s loss, he could not be any happier, and the crowd chants for him. From here, on and on, with everyone here, with New Japan, we’re going to turn it up. One more time, everybody, altogether, we will tear up the wrestling world. The new era of New Japan starts today. Called it. He says so everyone come with me, and thank you so much. Nice closer.


A strong show to cap off the 29th annual G1 Climax, with a home-run main event in the G1 Climax finals. The arc of this tournament was one that I found utterly riveting, and kept me questioning my assumptions for a while there. Ibushi and White are the faces of New Japan moving forward at this time, and this match showed just how good a thing that is for this company that continues to show that it knows how to build up next-gen talent while still keeping the established main eventers (Okada) and their predecessor generation (Tanahashi, Suzuki, etc) hot and relevant. (BECAUSE YOU CAN DO BOTH.) Ibushi makes history with his win, which is well-deserved, and goddammit does this G1 win feel right. The crowd was ready for it, the company is ready for it, and Ibushi is ready for it. Well deserved. Be sure to catch those finals, and check out the KENTA turn/Shibata return angle FOR SURE. Please let this go further. The Lions also delivered, and Suzuki picks up a huge win and a title shot with a pinfall over Okada. Altogether, a successful Finals show.

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