nXt Results- June 12, 2019

nXt Results- June 12, 2019

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WWE nXt Results

June 12, 2019

Belair, MD

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix

Results provided by 411mania.com

Candice LeRae and Io Shirai vs. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir

Shayna Baszler comes to the stage with her buddies, but stays up there. Candice rolls up Duke for two. A basemant dropkick sends her to tag Shafir. Back elbow and snapmare by LeRae. Jackknife cover gets two and the heels regroup.

LeRae takes out Duke with a baseball slide, then hits a sweeping kick on Shafir. INside, a Duke distraction allows Shafir to kick her off the top. Duke with an axe kick after her tag and then a rebound kick to the back. Tag back to Shafir for some aggressive shoulder blocks.

Modified Torture Rack style submission by Shafir until LeRae armdrags her way free. Shafir knocks Shirai off the apron and kicks Candice back to their corner. Tag to Duke for some knee strikes. Candice finds a way to knock down Shafir and then hits Duke with an enziguri. Hot tag to Shirai who runs Duke over. Tiger Feint Kick connects but Shafir holds her leg on a springboard. She kicks her off and nails the springboard dropkick.

Shirai stomps on Duke’s arm while staring down Baszler, taking a page out of her book. Running Meteora in the corner. Baszler pulls Duke to safety on a moonsault, only for Shirai to hit Shayna with it outside.

As Shirai beats on Shayna, LeRae takes out both opponents with a tope suicida. That leads to a double countout.

Double Countout in 5:46

Shirai and Baszler brawl over through the crowd, while LeRae fights off the other two on the stage.

Time for highlights of Velveteen Dream vs. Tyler Breeze from TakeOver. That sets up a Dream promo where he talks about bringing the next experience to someone.

Damian Priest arrives next week.

Submissions Match: Drew Gulak vs. KUSHIDA

They open by grappling back and forth. KUSHIDA wins out in the first exchange and taunts. They jockey for position by the ropes and give clean breaks. Gulak goes for the leg but KUSHIDA keeps blocking. KUSHIDA rolls him to the middle of the ring and applies a hammerlock style submission. Gulak gets free and goes to some strikes to get an upper hand.

KUSHIDA slides outside on an Irish whip. Gulak chases and walks into a handspring attack. Inside, Gulak with an inverted slam and then a reverse body slam. Gory Special gets applied. Gulak transitions it into a Texas Cloverleaf but KUSHIDA makes the ropes. Gulak takes him down again into a headlock with some crossfaces.

KUSHIDA gets free for a bit and kicks out of a wristlock. Running forearms and a hip toss by KUSHIDA. Tornado DDT transition into the cross armbreaker, but Gulak gets to the ropes.

They go into another exchange of rollups into submissions, trading ankle locks. Gulak turns his into a different hold but KUSHIDA reaches the ropes.

They fight on the apron and Gulak catches kUSHIDA’s leg, bringing him onto his shoulders. They take a nasty spill over and into the ring and both men are down. Time to trade strikes before Gulak nails a dropkick. Leg lariat from KUSHIDa and a kick to the arm.He tilts a whirl into the Hoverboard Lock for a quick tapout.

Winner: KUSHIDA in 10:08

KUSHIDA claps for Gulak, who shakes his hand and leaves.

Earlier today outside of the Performance Center, Aliyah and Mia Yim talk about Mia Yim being next in line for a Women’s Title shot. They both think they’re more in line for a shot. They offer her textbooks on English, grammar, and fashion so she can level up to become a higher like them.

In two weeks, Shayna Baszler faces Io Shirai in a Steel Cage.

Last Friday, Mansoor won a 50 man battle royal in Saudi Arabia.

Adam Cole appears as NXT Champion for the first time, next week!

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. The Undisputed Era

It’s Roddy and Kyle. Bobby has a busted arm. Oney and Kyle start, going to the mat. When that reaches a stalemate, Kyle lights him up with strikes. Oney turns it around with chops. Kyle with a shoudler block, Oney drops under, eats a boot and pops up with an uppercut. They trade loud shots again. It leads to Burch and Strong coming in to do the same thing.

UE are sent packing and Oney hits a tope out onto them. Inside, Burch is tagged and lights up Kyle until Roddy saves him. Oney is tagged again and they run into opposite corners with strikes. UE turn it around and Oney gets isolated. They light him up with chops and kicks in the corner. Kyle wails on Oney with knee strikes to the ribs. Oney is dropped throat first onto the rope. Tag to Strong and they continue to keep Lorcan as the isolated man.

Kyle back in and he works a submission on the midsection. Oney comes back with chops and hits a running Blockbuster. Both guys tag out and Burch lays into Strong. Back body drop. Right hands and an Exploder. Strong gets him up, he counters, but Kyle blind tags in. Burch sends Strong out and catches Kyle with a headbutt after avoiding an axe kick. Powerbomb gets two, transitioned right into a crossface.

Kyle gets out and comes back with a pendulum lariat. Brainbuster by Kyle but the pin is broken up. The two teams trade blows in the center of the ring until all four men are down.

Jaxson Ryker walks out but is held back by security and officials. He chokeslams one and tosses another. The distraction allows Burch to rollup Kyle and win.

Winners: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan in 9:41

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