nXt Results- October 3, 2018 (EC3 vs. Lars Sullivan)

nXt Results- October 3, 2018 (EC3 vs. Lars Sullivan)

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WWE nXt Results

October 3, 2018

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Cold open with Nikki Cross, somewhere behind the scenes at Full Sail. She’s excited to play with Bianca again and reminds us that she knows…she knows…she knows.

Opening Segment: Candice LeRae vs. Lacey Evans

LeRae stands up to Evans, slapping her in the face on October 3 nXt episode.
Evans is quite a bit taller than LeRae as the two square off.
LeRae tenaciously drives Evans’ upper body and head into two turnbuckles. Evans pushes her away but LeRae kicks back. Evans evades LeRae’s top rope splash. LeRae transitions into a roll, runs back and gets knocked down by Evans.

Head scissors takeover by Evans, and she even does a few pushups with LeRae’s head squeezed between her own legs. Headlock by Evans. Then, a kick to the chest for a 2 count.

Evans re-applies the headlock and Evans pulls on LeRae’s hair. Ref can’t see that additional move for a while, either until he picks a different spot to see it.

Evans goes for the slingshot leg drop or elbow drop, but LeRae rolls out, and Evans lands awkwardly on the mat. Step up enziguri by LeRae! She’s all fired up now.

Running back elbow into the corner. Second rope flying DDT! 1-2- Evans lifts the shoulder free!

Evans counters LeRae and pushes her to the mat. Evans trashes her husband. LeRae’s enraged by this and wails with punches and slaps. LeRae’s brought away by the referee. When she walks back, WOMEN’S RIGHT! 1-2-3.

Winner: Lacey Evans via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for Evans, who gets even with LeRae, taking back a victory she lost earlier in 2018. All signs point to Evans shooting for a title shot against Kairi Sane in the coming months. She’s just about ready for that high profile TV feud. Maybe bring her into the Takeover conversation next year.

Adam Cole, NA Champion Ricochet and UK Champion Pete Dunne are interviewed for a promo package, hyping up their triple threat match next week.

A promo for the Forgotten Sons is shown and they’re wrestling next!

nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa sits down in his familiar spot at Full Sail for his self-made video. He tells Velveteen Dream his name is fitting. You dreamed that he attacked Aleister Black, but Dream and he both know what Aleister experienced.
Ciampa tells Dream to keep his theories and accusations to himself. Stay out of the champ’s spotlight. If you’re not careful, he’ll turn the dream into a nightmare.

Second Segment: Forgotten Sons vs. Cesar Rise, Torry Kirsh and Vinny Mixon

The Forgotten Sons are Jaxson Ryker, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake.
This is a six-man tag match.

It was also a squash match, which showed off the dominance and powerful offense of the newest faction to nXt TV.
Ryker finishes the match off with a powerbomb where he slings his opponent on to the ropes first, and then throws him to the mat.

Winner: Forgotten Sons via pinfall in 2 minutes

0 cool points, although the display of power was strong. Curious to see who they feud with first. They’re not getting cheers so Undisputed Era seems unlikely.

A recap of a recent encounter between nXt Women’s Champion Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler, on nXt TV, was shown. This was followed by the promo package that looks back on their match history. Baszler lets down her guard a little, softens up and shares about being changed after losing to Sane. At WWE Evolution, Sane will know that Baszler has evolved.

Backstage, Tony Nese is interviewed by Cathy Kelley. Nese proves why he’s a premiere act on 205 Live, week after week. Now he’s bringing his act to nXt TV.

Shortly thereafter, Kelley interviews Bianca Belair about Nikki Cross’ words. Belair says Cross had her chance to walk away, but now she’ll have to embarrass her. She reminds Kelley that she is UN-DE-FEAT-ED.

Third Segment: Johnny Gargano vs. Tony Nese

Nese is in his descent from the ring to the floor below, about to land hip first into Gargano's head and shoulders, on October 3 nXt
Nese and Gargano wrestle a fairly quick-paced match at the outset.

Gargano excites the crowd with a dive to the outside, splashing on Nese against the barricade. Gargano even takes a moment to smile and enjoy that moment.

Nese turns it around with a gutbuster and a 2 count. He wraps up Gargano with a body scissors, aiming to slow down Johnny Wrestling. He succeeds for a few minutes as Gargano struggles to break the hold, until he twists and delivers the punches to Nese’s head.
WHOA! Gargano jumps over the top rope, from the apron, to spike Nese with a DDT. Enziguri!
Slingshot spear from the apron. 1-2- kickout by Nese. Made a strong connection there.

Gargano can’t get the Garga-No Escape around Nese, and Nese counters with a nasty powerbomb. Gargano’s shoulders and neck land sharply on the bottom ropes. Slow to rise, Gargano rolls out to the floor. Gargano flies over the top rope for a second spiking DDT. Nese counters it and shoves Gargano to the ramp below.

Nese lets loose, flying over the top rope, to the floor below, with an amazing diagonal flipping hip smash on Gargano’s head.
450 SPLASH! 1-2- Noooo! Gargano kicks out. Fans are loving this match.

Nese sets up Gargano to rest his head on the bottom turnbuckle. Nese runs. Gargano moves and hits him with a step-up enziguri! Nese counters with a German suplex right into the turnbuckle. Gargano responds with a heavy superkick. Running clothesline! Fans are behind him.

Gargano locks in the Garga-NO Escape and Nese has to tap.

Winners: Johnny Gargano via pinfall in 9 minutes

2 cool points for Tony Nese who would absolutely fit right in on nXt TV. He took Gargano to the limit and had the match won on a few occasions, if not for Gargano’s tenacity.

1 cool point for Gargano who had to endure a heck of a lot more punishment than first expected. He seemed more like himself and is putting that dark chapter with Ciampa behind him. Well on his way to returning to a full-fledged fan favourite.

A promo package, with interview clips, is shown featuring Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. Of note, their nXt Takeover: Chicago II match highlights are shown, too. It was a special moment for them. They share about Lorcan’s injury, which was disappointing, yet it motivated them to recommit to their goal of winning the nXt Tag Team Championships.

Final Segment: EC3 vs. Lars Sullivan

EC3 was fired up, displaying a hugely aggressive approach against the beast, Lars Sullivan, on October 3 nXt show.
EC3 wastes no time, attacking Sullivan right before the bell and after it. He even spears Sullivan into the steel ring steps, once, twice…and three times! Finally, Sullivan falls down for a few moments.

EC3 returns to the ring and listens to the crowd chant “nX3”. Sullivan’s back is cut open, with a long gash as they enter the ring together. Sullivan counters a powerslam, but EC3 evades a charge into the corner.

POWERSLAM by EC3! Jumping elbow drop and a cover. Just a 1 count.

Sullivan lifts EC3 off of his feet, driving him into the turnbuckle. It’s Sullivan with a body avalanche. EC3 responds with a top turnbuckle dropkick! Front Russian leg sweep. 1-2- kickout! Excellent energy from EC3, and it’s taken Sullivan off guard.
Still, Sullivan won’t stay down for long. He nails EC3 with a clothesline and then tosses him halfway across the ring. EC3 kicks out on 1! So, Sullivan slows things down and tries for a neck crank.

EC3 counters the powerslam and breaks free. He attempts a German suplex…attempts again and gets it! Wow!
Up on the top rope, it’s EC3 with a diving crossbody for a 2 count. EC3 gets Sullivan up briefly on his shoulders, but Sullivan doesn’t stay there. Instead, he clotheslines EC3 to the mat. Both men spill over the ropes to the outside. EC3 leaps right into Sullivan’s arms, and he’s smashed back-first into the ring apron.
Sullivan climbs the turnbuckle for a massive top-rope diving headbutt. 1-2-3.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via pinfall in 6 minutes

The commentary team recognize Sullivan’s victory, but they promote the energy and aggression of EC3, which proves he has what it takes to thrive with the super heavyweights of this jungle.

Two cool points for both men. Really quite an exciting match with lots of high-impact, power moves. Loved the no-nonsense attitude from EC3. Sullivan is such a beast; it’s quite understandable why he’d be able to endure so much offense. Every time he goes up to the top rope, I think my heart skips a beat. It’s damn impressive.

EC3 is poised and ready for big things in nXt. That’s multiple main events on nXt TV where he has more than delivered, in the ring and on the mic. You’ve gotta figure he’ll get a spot at Takeover: WarGames. I asked if this match would steal the show last week. I think it did just that against stiff competition from Gargano/Nese.

What do you think? Another winning episode? Any predictions on the Triple Threat match? When will we see Aleister Black on nXt TV again?
Share your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s show.


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