Perfect 10 Wrestling - Worst Case Scenarios SummerSlam w/WrestlingShorts

Perfect 10 Wrestling LIVE at 2EST/7BST – The Best Worst Case Scenarios for WWE SummerSlam w/Special Guest: Ash from Wrestling Shorts!

Perfect 10 Wrestling Host Matt Maher (a.k.a. The Implications) and his special guest Ash from the Wrestling Shorts YouTube channel play Worst Case Scenarios for WWE SummerSlam! Booking the upcoming PPV as creatively awful as possible!

Booking the answers to questions such as: Does Corbin’s baldness trump Balor’s demonless-ness? Will Nakamura kick someone in the dick? And will Roman Reigns actually beat Brock Lesnar and walk out as champion? I mean, like actually win. With the championship in his car and everything.

Ash’s latest Wrestling Short:

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Can YOU book WWE SummerSlam worse than us?

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