ROH Final Battle Results From Baltimore, MD 12/13/19

ROH Final Battle Results From Baltimore, MD 12/13/19

-Ian Riccobani starts us out immediately with an introduction as Josh Woods and Silas Young’s music is playing.

Match: 2 Guys 1 Tag (Silas Young and Josh Woods) vs. Dalton Castle

Out first is Josh Woods and Silas Young with a new name – 2 Guys 1 Tag. Even the commentators seem unsure of this name as they point out that they don’t really need a name. We’re reminded that Young and Woods are undefeated as a team.

Out next is Dalton Castle. He’s accompanied by his masked men and gets an elaborate entrance. Joe Hendry… SO PRESTIGIOUS is out next to his custom made theme song. He’s out without his usual tron video. Even Dalton Castle is doing to the Joe Hendry Wave “side to side.”

Commentators remind us that this feud between the teams started because Silas Young and Rampage Brown attacked them, and Josh Woods had nothing to do with it. Both teams adhere to the Code of Honor and the bell rings.

Young and Hendry lock up but neither man can power the other. Their lock is broken up each time. They give each other a nod of respect. They lock up once more but this time Hendry does some flipping around to get the upperhand. He doesn’t control it for long as Young reverses it.

Hendry is able to reverse a shoulder tackle and takes Young over with a snapmare. They reverse each other’s pin attempts and pop up to their feet. The crowd applaud. Both men tag in their partners.

Castle teases getting in the ring as the fans get behind him. Woods stalks Castle around the ring. Woods easily rolls Castles around the ring, but he reverses it into a pin attempt. Not even a 1 before Woods kicks out. They continue to reverse each other’s moves. They each pop up to their feet as their partners did as well, except they go into hip tosses. They continuously go for a hiptoss and each time they land on their feet. This continues 6 times before its ended. Castle does his pose taunt. Woods does Castle’s pose as well, but Young tags himself in.

Young holds control over Castle and tags back in Woods. Woods takes out Castle and tags back in Young. Young powers over Castle. He whips him hard into the turnbuckle then nails a running boot to the face. He locks in a leg lock and tags in Woods at the same time. Woods rolls in and applies his own submission. Dalton rolls slowly over to Hendry and is able to make the tag.

Hendry is fresh and runs over Woods and Young. Hendry nails a double fallaway slam. The crowd is on their feet for that show of strength. He tags back in Castle, but Castle is easily taken back out by Young and Woods. They go for their finisher on Castle, but Castle catches him and goes for the Bangarang. Woods reverses that into a roll up but only gets a two.

Chaos breaks out as every begins hitting moves now. They’re taking turns hitting big moves. Hendry is taken out. Woods and Young go for their finisher again and this time nail it. Woods pin the former ROH World Heavyweight champion for the win.

Winners: Dalton Castle and Josh Woods

-Ringside, the Bouncers are in the crowd talking trash about Silas Young.

-Commentators Ian Riccobani and Colt Cabana run down tonight’s card.

-Backstage, Wrestling With Wregrets host is interviewing the Allure. He calls this opportunity “shooting his shot.” He asks Angelina Love if she’s prepared for Maria Manic tonight. Love says he’s the hundredth person to ask that, then tells him this interview is over because he’s sweating.

-Alex Shelley comes out onto the stage with a microphone. Shelley calls ROH wrestling’s greatest classroom. He names a lot of veterans off as teachers. He specifically namedrops Colt Cabana as being a teacher with the company who doesn’t get to wrestle that much. He mentions that he’s never had a match with him in his entire career. He challenges him to a match.

Cabana grabs a microphone and says that Shelley will have to “see him after class.” Cabana sounds like he’s going to turn down the offer for a match. He mentions how much he’s been wrestling on tour lately. He ends up saying that he’d like to add one more match this ROH’s biggest PPV of the year. He accepts his challenge.

Shelley says “see ya later,” and Cabana repeats.

-We get a rundown of the feud between Kenny King and Rhett Titus.

Match: Rhett Titus vs. Kenny King (w/Amy Rose)

Rhett Titus is out first. He comes up to his wife and kid and give them a kiss for good luck.

Out next is Kenny King. He’s accompanied by Amy Rose. He goes to the same corner as Titus’s kids and blows them a sarcastic kiss.

Titus and King both go for offensive but they’re reversing each other. No one can get the upperhand. They charge at each other with fist raised but both men stop. The fans applaud. They continue going for offensive with neither man having control for long. King grabs Titus by the neck and hits a flying guillotine over the top rope. King lands on his feet and immediately walks over to Titus’s wife to mock them. He turns around and Titus flies over the turnbuckle and takes out King.

Titus beats King around the ring. He stops to raise his baby up for the audience which receives a nice reaction. He runs into King and takes him down. Titus runs from one side of the ring and hits a clothesline that takes King out. Titus goes for a second one, but King sees this one coming and tackles him into the apron. He rolls Titus into the ring for a pin, but barely gets a 1.

Titus is fighting back now. King goes for a back body drop but Titus flips onto his feet. King is able to kick Titus in the stomach to stop his momentum. Titus runs off the ropes and clotheslines him out of nowhere. Titus is tuning up the band, but when he runs across the ring, King moves out of the way. Titus climbs the turnbuckle, but King hits an enziguri that stops Titus on top.

Titus and King fight on top now. Titus pushes King off, who does a flip and lands on his feet, but Titus flies off with a crossbody pin. He’s only able to get a 2 count.

King goes for the Lethal Injection, but Titus reverses it into the Royal Flush. Titus pins King with his own finisher, but King kicks out at 2. Amy Rose distracts Titus. When he turns around, King hits the Royal Flush himself and pins him for the win. Titus has lost in front of his family.

Winner: Kenny King

-After the match, King goes over to Titus’s child and mocks him a little. Titus recovers in the ring.

-Brian Zane of Wrestling with Wregret is back again, this time interviewing the Bouncers at ringside. The Bouncers are unfortunately getting no reactions from the crowd despite pandering to them the best that they can. The debate over who would win between PCO and Rush, but they disagree with each other.

Match: Jeff Cobb vs. Dan Maff

Maff is out first, followed by Cobb. Code of Honor is adhered to.

They immediately go for a shoulder tackle and collide in the middle. Neither man budges. They trade punches, but Maff sends Cobb to the mat. Maff hits a senton. Cobb rolls out of the ring to recover, but Maff flies outside the ring with a suicide dive to put a stop to that. Maff rolls him back in the ring and fires off with clotheslines. Cobb catches him on his third clothesline and hits a fallaway slam. Maff recovers quickly and continues laying into Cobb. He sends Cobb to the corner and hits a cannonball. He goes for a second one, but Cobb rolls away.

Cobb hits a superplex off Maff that hits in the center for a loud crash. Cobb goes for his spinning powerslam finisher, but Maff slips out. Cobb responds with a superkick, but Maff hits one back. Cobb hits a massive clothesline that sends Maff to the mat and Cobb outside the ring.

Back inside the ring, Cobb and Maff meet in the middle. The crowd is into this. Cobb lays into Maff with chops to the chest. Cobb hits a running European. He goes for a second one but Maff hits a massive spear. Maff calls for the ripcord. Cobb is hit so hard he flips in the air. Maff goes for a pin, but gets a very close 2.

He’s calling for the Burning Hammer now. He tries to lift Cobb up but he can’t do it. Cobb strikes him. Maff goes for it again, but Cobb slides out of it. Cobb hits a bell to bell suplex into the turnbuckle. Cobb picks him up. Cobb gets him onto the turnbuckle, but Maff slides underneath him. He picks Cobb up for the Burning Hammer off the turnbuckle, but Cobb hits the spinning powerslam out of nowhere. Maff starts to recover, so Cobb hits a second one and gets the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

-The main card for Final Battle begins now.

Match: Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Flip Gordon) vs. Bandido and Flamita 

The Villains are out first. Brody King goes to commentary. Bandido and Flamita are out next.

Flamita and Flip start the match. Neither man can get the upperhand, so they both tag in their partners. Scurll and Bandido trade moves as well but cannot get control. Scurll tags in Flip. Flamita and Bandido double team Flip now. Flamita jumps off Bandido’s shoulders and hits a frogsplash on Flip, but only gets a 2. Scurll enters the ring and clears them both out of the ring. Flip goes to the corner and makes him legal now.

Scurll and Flamita battle now. Scurll gets him into the corner and hits a knife edge chop. He tags in Flip now. Flip hits a kick to the face and goes for the pin, but barely gets 2. The Villains try to double team Flamita now, but he hits an enziguri on both men. Flamita tags in Bandido now. Flamita hits a flying cross body on Scurll. Bandido hits a running shooting star, but only gets a 2 count. Flamita and Bandido continue to double team Scurll. They do a Flossing dance, followed by a standing moonsault on Scurll.

They switch their focus to Flip now. Flamita hits a 619 off Bandido’s back to Flip’s face, but only gets a 2 count. Flip fights back and is able to make a tag to Scurll. Scurll hits a superkick to Flamita. Flip hits one now. They double superkick Flamita. Before they can take advantage, Bandido comes off the top rope and takes them both out.

Flamita goes to take advantage but Flip hits a standing Spanish Fly out of nowhere. Bandido goes to the top turnbuckle, but Flip comes running up and his a flying boot to the face that sends Bandido to the outside. The Villains double team Flamita now. Scurrl accidentally superkicks Flip. Flamita uses this opportunity to tag in Bandido.

Bandido hits a super Fallaway slam on Flip off the turnbuckle, but as he gets back to his feet Scurlls locks in the chickenwing. Bandido doesn’t tap. Flamita hits a 450 splash that breaks up the hold. Bandido recovers in the ring. He hits the X-Knee on Flip. Scurll tries to fight back but gets a Superkick for his troubles. Flip and Scurll are both hung up on the ropes. Flamita hits a 619 as Bandido hits the 21 German Suplex for the win.

Winners: Flamita and Bandido

-After the match, the commentators run down the card for tonight.

-We get a video package for Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia. We see the Kingdom being attacked by a mystery assailant. It’s revealed to be Vinny Marseglia himself.

Match: Matt Taven vs. Vincent

Vinny Marseglia gets a new entrance and is once again going by Vincent. Matt Taven also has a new entrance which is just a clip of him saying, “I’m Matt Taven,” followed by a cut up version of his theme song.

Taven comes at Vincent aggressively and doesn’t let up. Taven is out for revenge. Taven beats Vincent around ringside. Back in the ring, Taven holds control. Vincent tries to fight back, but Taven takes him out with a spinning heel kick. Taven locks in a Texas Cloverleaf variation. Vincent gets to the ropes to break it up.

Vincent once again fights back, but Taven stops him again. Taven hits a trio of spinning neckbreakers. He goes for the pin, but Vincent kicks out.

Vincent gets him outside the ring. He suplexes Taven on an exposed section of the floor. The sound of Taven landing on his back on the concrete makes a sickening splat noise. He rolls Taven in the ring and yells, “This is what I wanted, you piece of trash,” a few times on repeat. Fans chant “let’s go Taven.”

Vincent poses around the ring to a sea of boos from the fans. The referee tries to back him up but Taven hits a superkick. It barely rocks Vincent. He comes back with a spinning heel kick that takes Taven down. Taven is able to send Vincent outside the ring. He quickly flies over the top rope with a senton and takes him out. He rolls him back in the ring, then climbs the turnbuckle. Vincent tries to crawl outside the ring, but Taven hits a frogsplash onto the apron. It takes more out of Taven than Vincent apparently.

Vincent lays into Taven now. He tries to pin him but Taven kicks out to cheers. Fans start cheering for Taven again. Vincent tries to roll under a clothesline, but Taven hits him with his shin into the face. Taven hits the Climax, but Vincent gets his foot on the ropes. He pulls him into the center of the ring and hits the Climax again. He goes for a pin but Vincent kicks out at a late 2 count.

Taven rolls outside the ring and gets under the ring. He pulls out the mouchette that Vincent used on him. When he rolls back into the ring, Vincent hits a running bulldog off the turnbuckle for the surprise win and upset.

Winner: Vincent

-Even Vincent looks shocked that he picked up the win out of nowhere. Vincent rolls out of the ring, and Bateman attacks Taven from behind. Vincent puts a block of wood between Taven’s ankle and nails a chair shot Misery style.

Bateman shows that he has a “V” on his hand. The commentators debate what the V stands for, even concluding it stands for 5… despite the fact that Vincent’s name starts with a V. Bateman and Vincent leave together.

-We get a video package of Bully Ray and Mark Haskins.

Match: Mark Haskins vs. Bully Ray

Mark Haskins makes his way down the ramp with his wife. While Haskins is talking into the camera, Bully Ray comes running down the ring with a giant board covered in barbed wire and runs over both Mark and his wife, Vicky. The crowd is booing. He grabs a steel chair and the security try to stop him. Bully shoves one of them and tells them to keep their hands off him or he’ll do the same to them.

He moves over to Haskins and strikes him with the chair as the bell rings to make the match official. Bully rolls Haskins into the ring and yells at the referee, “Did you ring the bell yet moron?” Bully digs into the cuts on Haskins arms that were caused by the barbed wire while Haskins screams in pain.

Bully Ray goes out to the ring and picks new objects to destroy Haskins with. First he nails him with a spare barricade. Then he pulls out a cheese grater. He moves in slowly with the grater to taunt Haskins with. Haskins tries to get to his feet, but he punches him in the face multiple times to tease him. Bully is finally ready to use the grater, but Haskins recovers out of nowhere with an enziguri.

Haskins sets up the barricade and goes to do a move to Bully, but Bully cuts him off and takes him back down. Bully rolls out of the ring and asks for a microphone. Bully sets up a chair and sits down with a kendo stick in hand. He encourages Haskins to get up.

He says, “Did you see what I did to your wife?” Then smacks him with the kendo stick. Haskins tries hard to get up. Bully says, “You talk a lot of trash over Twitter,” then smacks him again. Haskins grabs the microphone from Bully and says, “Hit me you pussy!” Bully hits him across the chest. Haskins responds, “Fuck you!” Bully strikes him again. Haskins repeats, “Did you hear me? I said fuck you!” Then flips him off. Bully goes to swing again, but Haskins hits a leg sweep that sends Bully face first into the chair.

Haskins is finally in the fight. He starts beating on Bully around the ring. Haskins goes outside and pulls out a ladder. He re-enters the ring and stomps Bully’s elbow into the steel chair. The microphone is still on and you can really hear Bully swearing loudly. Haskins climbs the ladder in the center of the ring to jump onto Bully, but Bully springs to his feet and tips over the ladder. Haskins goes flying off and lands on the spare barricade in the ring.

Bully rolls outside and pulls out a table. Bully sets it up near a turnbuckle, then puts the board of barbed wire on top of it. Bully sits on the turnbuckle while Haskins crawls to him. Bully goes to pull him up, but Haskins starts swinging. Haskins jumps up and goes for a frankensteiner, but Bully turns it into a powerbomb. Haskins goes crashing into the board and table, but the board doesn’t break. Bully runs and jumps onto the table with an elbow drop which successfully breaks the table. He goes for the pin, but Haskins somehow kicks out at 2. Bully is irate and runs over the referee.

Bully sets up another table and sets Haskins on it. He climbs the turnbuckle and prepares to jump through Haskins on the table, but Vicky comes in out of nowhere and uses a cheese grater on Bully’s balls, as Bully screams, “Ow! My Balls!”

Vicky and Haskins kiss, then hip toss Bully through the table together. Haskins hits the Stomp Boy and gets the pin as Todd Sinclair slides into the ring. Haskins picks up the win.

Winner: Mark Haskins

-We get a replay of earlier today when Alex Shelley challenged Colt Cabana to a match, and he accepted.

Match: Alex Shelley vs. Colt Cabana

Colt is out first. Alex Shelley is out next. The Code of Honor is adhered to.

They chain wrestle to start things out. Both men are going at it with flips, submissions and pins. No striking moves are taking place here. They reverse each other’s moves. Alex Shelley locks in a pin that cannot be escaped and gets the quick win in a short match.

Winner: Alex Shelley

-We see a video package of The Allure forming and running through the women’s division. Absolutely no reference to Kelly Klein is made.

Match: Angelina Love (w/Mandy Leon) vs. Maria Manic

Out first is the Allure. Second is Maria Manic. Manic makes a bee line to the ring. She easily destroys Love. Mandy Leon tries to get involved but Maria tosses her across the ring. They’re stacked up in the corner, and Maria hits a running clothesline to both of them. Leon rolls out of the ring. Maria continues her onslaught on Love.

Love goes off the turnbuckle but Maria catches her in midair and hits a fallaway slam. The fans are very behind Maria here. Maria goes to powerbomb Love on the apron, but Maria pulls her leg with causes her to fall off. The referee sees it and doesn’t seem to care. Maria turns her attention to Leon and throws her around the floor. She picks up Love over her head and throws her onto the timekeepers table. It doesn’t break and Love goes rolling off. Fans chant “This is awesome.”

Maria grabs a fans scarf and wraps it around her. The fan is reluctant to give it up and hangs onto it a little, but Maria gets it. She stops for a bottle of water as well. Maria enters the ring and puts Love up in the torture wrack. Love taps out and Maria picks up a win in her first match with ROH.

Winner: “Man-eater” Maria Manic

-We see a video package building up Shane Taylor.

World Television Championship: Shane Taylor (c) vs. Dragon Lee

Shane Taylor is out first with Shane Taylor Productions. Out next is Dragon Lee.

Taylor beats Lee around the ring early on. He knocks him outside the ring. Taylor knocks him into a chair. He hits a running knee into a sitting Dragon Lee. Taylor rolls him halfway into the ring. Taylor hits a leg drop on the apron which makes a huge thud.

Taylor rolls Lee into the ring and just starts throwing him around with power. Taylor gets him in the corner and hits a knife edge chop that sends Lee to his knees. Taylor chokes him in the corner. Taylor goes to run at him but Lee gets his boot up. Taylor tries to come back again, but Lee lowers the top rope and Taylor falls outside the ring.

Lee runs off the ropes and hits a suicide dive. Lee goes back in the ring and flies outside the ring once again with a senton. He’s able to get Taylor back in the ring and goes for a pin, but he barely gets 2.

Lee picks Taylor up and tries to go for a suplex, but definitely can’t. Taylor hits a back elbow that knocks Lee away. Taylor goes off the ropes but Lee trips him. Lee goes off the turnbuckle with a stomp and goes for a pin, but once again barely gets 2.

Lee goes for another running kick but Taylor stops and sets up a cradle piledriver. Taylor nails and goes for the pin. Lee almost doesn’t kick out, but escapes before the 3. Dragon Lee fights back but Taylor nails the Welcome To The Land piledriver out of nowhere. He goes for the cover but Dragan Lee kicks out. The fans are excited now.

Lee slowly gets to his feet while Taylor watches in amazement. Taylor goes to swing, but Lee spins over his arm and hits the Mexican Destroyer. While the referee is distracted, Lee wraps a chain around his knee and hits a running knee. He goes for a pin but Taylor kicks out at only 1. Lee is able to suplex Taylor and goes for the pin. Only 2 this time. One of the Shane Taylor Production members goes to the apron. Lee knocks him off, then once again hits Taylor with a running knee. This time Dragon Lee scores the win.

Winner and NEW World Television Champion: Dragon Lee

-We get a video package of The Briscoes, Jay Lethal, and Jonathan Gresham. We’re shown that Lethal turned heel and attacked Mark Briscoe with a chair. On commentary is PJ Black, but there’s something wrong with his microphone. He finally switches it on after an awkward pause. Black says he’s out there to scout the tag team division because he’s thinking about entering.

World Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes (c) vs. Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham come out first with a new heel entrance. Jay comes out looking much more brooding and mean. The Briscoes are out next. No Code of Honor here.

Mark Briscoe takes early control over Jonathan Gresham. Gresham is able to slide away for a second and Lethal tags himself in. Lethal goes over Mark aggressively. He takes him corner to corner laying in strikes. Mark is able to shut him down and take it back to him. Mark tags in Jay. Jay comes in and keeps Lethal down.

The Briscoes take them outside the ring and start tossing them around. Gresham and Lethal are whipped into the turnbuckle together and they collide head first. Jay nails a big boot on Gresham then stands them both up. Meanwhile in the ring, Mark sets up a chair. Mark runs off the ropes, jumps off the chair, and hits a senton on both men. Mark then runs off the apron with a flying elbow drop. Jay hits a running big boot. Mark tosses Lethal to Jay who hits another big boot.

Commentators acknowledge that this is not a street fight despite all the rules being broken right now. Jay rolls Lethal back in the ring and Mark takes him down. The camera takes a shot of the crowd who isn’t reacting to anything and holds it there for a bit, so we’re missing what’s going on in the ring for no reason.

At this point, Gresham has ran into the ring and taken out both Briscoes. Lethal and Gresham double team Mark now. Gresham goes off the turnbuckle with a cross body. Mark gets to his knees, but Gresham hits an enziguri that knocks him back down. Gresham puts Jay on his shoulders, but before Lethal can hit the Doomsday Device Mark knocks him off. Instead, the Briscoes hit a Doomsday Device on Gresham. They’re unable to get the pin as Lethal breaks it up.

Lethal nails the Lethal Injection on Mark, Gresham follows up with a shooting star press. Jay breaks up the pin attempt before 1. Gresham starts in on the attack to Mark. Gresham is focusing on the knee. He nails two dropkicks that take out his knee, then applies a leg lock.

Mark hits a urinagi on Gresham and both men make tags to their partners.

Lethal and Jay trade blows now. Both teams are in the ring and reverse each other’s big moves. Jay hits the Jay Driller on Lethal, but Gresham pulls the referee out of the ring. The referee argues with Gresham. Mark flies over the ropes and takes him out. Jay turns around and Lethal nails him with the tag title belt. Lethal goes for the pin, but only gets a 2. Lethal applies a Figure Four now.

Mark goes to come off the turnbuckle, but Gresham stops him. They wrestle on the apron, but Mark hits a back drop. Mark comes off the turnbuckle with a Froggie Bow elbow drop to break up the figure four. The Briscoes once again call for the Doomsday Device. Gresham tosses Mark off the turnbuckle. Lethal reverses into a roll up and scores the win.

Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

-After the match, Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham celebrate while the fans boo and throw things into the ring. They also get streamers.

-We see a video package of PCO’s rise to the World Heavyweight title match tonight. The package shows a rare backstage interview with PCO. Rush tells him that even monsters die.

ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Rush (c) vs. PCO

PCO is out first with his Jim Johnston theme music. PCO is acting much friendlier and happy than usual. Rush is out next. We get formal introductions. Todd Sinclair is our senior referee for this match.

Rush shoves PCO. No Code of Honor is adhered to. They trade blows in the middle of the ring while screaming at each other to bring more. Rush hits a running knee to the face. He goes for more, but PCO clotheslines him out of the ring. PCO goes for a suicide dive, but Rush tosses a steel chair in his face. Rush lays into him with the chair now. Commentators remind everything that anything goes in this match.

Rush grabs some of the cable cords and starts whipping PCO with it. Fans chant for Rush. Rush gets him in the ring. Rush goes for the Bull’s Horns, but does his fake one instead and kicks PCO in the face. Rush does his tranquilo pose which receives boos. Fans chant for PCO now. PCO charges at Rush, but Rush locks in an arm bar using the ropes as leverage. Fans are quickly turning on Rush.

Rush is distracted and yelling at the fans. He’s playing the heel tonight, even telling the fans to shut up. PCO comes blasting out of the corner with a clothesline, then hits a pop-up powerbomb. Rush rolls outside the ring, so PCO hits a suicide dive. Rush gets to the apron. PCO goes off the turnbuckle with a PCO-senton, but Rush moves out of the way and PCO connects with the edge of the apron. Rush tosses PCO onto the timekeepers table now. Rush beats PCO around the floor now.

Rush stacks up all the extra barricades and makes a pile. Rush once again yells at the fans. He approaches PCO, but PCO starts fighting back. Out of nowhere, Rush tosses PCO off the ramp and onto the pile of barricades. Fans are booing while Rush struts around. PCO is sitting up. Someone comes out and tears the grill of a nearby car. He attaches jumper cables to the car, sparks them, then attaches them to PCO. PCO is now recharged.

Rush charges at PCO, but PCO grabs him by the throat. Rush tries to fight back, but PCO nails a chokeslam onto the hood of the car. PCO hits a leg drop onto Rush that smashes in the hood. PCO goes to pick up Rush, but he hits a back body drop that sends PCO over the windshield and off the car. PCO comes back swinging a crowbar but misses Rush and smashes the car window instead.

Rush throws a piece of the studio equipment at PCO to slow him down. Rush gets to the ring and slides a door out from under the ring. He sets it up in the corner turnbuckle. PCO enters the ring as well, but Rush knocks him down. Rush hits a senton bomb off the turnbuckle and goes for a pin, but barely gets a 1 count. PCO immediately sits up and Rush looks concerned. Rush picks up a door and smashes it over PCO’s head. PCO charges at Rush, but Rush moves out of the way and PCO goes through the door in one corner. Rush calls for the Bull’s Horns, but as he runs at him PCO bounces out of the ring and spears Rush through another door in the corner.

PCO hits a PCO-Sualt, but only gets a 2 count. PCO gets a table and sets it up. He turns around and Rush hits him with a chair to the head. PCO catches Rush by the throat anyway and hits a chokeslam. PCO sets him up on the table now. PCO hits a PCO-Sault off the turnbuckle through the table and wins the ROH title.

Winner and NEW ROH World Heavyweight Champion: PCO

-PCO celebrates with Villain Enterprises as we go off the air.

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