ROH Saturday Night At Center Stage Results from Atlanta, GA 08/24/2019

ROH Saturday Night At Center Stage Results from Atlanta, GA 08/24/2019

ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage – Atlanta, GA

ROH Quick Results:

Villain Enterprises defeated Lifeblood with interference from Flip Gordon

Angelina Love defeated Sumie Sakai with interference from Mandy Leon

Okumura, Shilas Young, Felino defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad

Chase Owens defeated PJ Black and LSG

Marty Scurll defeated Bandido

Jeff Cobb, Rush, Kenny King and Jay Lethal defeated the Briscoes, Shane Taylor and Matt Taven by Elimination

  1. Jay Briscoe
  2. Kenny King
  3. Mark Briscoe
  4. Jay Lethal
  5. Matt Taven
  6. Shane Taylor

ROH Live Results:

  • Tonight’s ROH TV Taping opens in Atlanta, GA.

LifeBlood vs. Villain Enterprises (ROH 6-Man Tag Team Champions)

-LifeBlood makes their entrance first. Villain Enterprises (Brody King, PCO) make their entrance with their 6-Man Tag Team championships.

-Villains attack first. LifeBlood get the upperhand and knock both members of the Villains out of the ring. LifeBlood both fly out of the ring to take out the Villains. Both members of Villains are placed sitting onto chairs. Stereo running boots from the LifeBlood.

-They go for another but the villains have it scouted knock the LifeBlood down. The Villains bash both of the LifeBlood’s heads together to get the advantage. PCO runs into the ring and signals for a move, but appears to have an “electrical malfunction.” PCO dives outside of the opposite side of the ring and falls to the floor. Medics are called to attend to PCO.

-Mark Haskins takes advantage and flies off the apron onto Brody with a flying knee. Haskins and Tracy double team Brody while PCO is getting checked on. Brody manages to take out Haskins and then Tracy.

-PCO gets back into control and runs into the ring. He signals for the suicide dive again and this time nails it onto LifeBlood. PCO is bloody and loving it. Brody King grabs PCO’s head to show the blood off to the camera. The crowd is chanting “He’s Not Human” and “PCO.” Brody tosses Haskins into the ring. Brody attacks Haskins legs. The tag is made to PCO.

-Haskins tries to fight away but PCO nails a bodysplash to knock him back down. Tag in to Brody King.  King knife-edge chops Haskins into the corner. King whips him to the other turnbuckle and chops him there as well. PCO is tagged in. Villains double team Haskins with a double chokeslam. Commentators are pointing out that Tracy Williams is still out of it in the corner from PCO’s splash through the ropes earlier.

-Haskins tries to pull himself up but PCO keeps nailing him in the head to knock him back down. He tosses Haskins into the corner and Villain Enterprise double team him. Tag mad to Brody King as the Villains remain in control.

-Brody kicks Haskins in the corner, then scoops him up with a slam in the middle of the ring. Brody quickly goes for an elbow drop but Haskins rolls out of the way. Brody goes to attack but Haskins rolls out of the way and tags in Tracy Williams.

-Tracy enters the ring with a dropkick off the turnbuckle right into Brody’s chest. Tracy takes out PCO’s leg then nails him with a kick to the head. Brody goes for a running boot but Tracy catches his leg. Tracy attempts to lift up Brody but he doesn’t budge. Brody reverses by lifting Tracy up onto his shoulders, but he escapes and this time successfully nails the back body drop. Tracy tries to celebrate but PCO meets him half way. They trade punches, Tracy runs off the ropes, and PCO nails a spear to take Tracy out. PCO nails a sidewinder slam. He’s climbs to the top rope and nails a sentonbomb on Tracy. PCO crawls slowly for a pin, but Tracy kicks out at 2.

-Tracy makes a desperate tag to Mark Haskins. Haskins nails a pump kick, then lets loose with a series of kicks to PCO’s midsection. PCO attempts to block an enziguri and does, but Haskins breaks free and nails a successful enziguri. Brody runs in to make the save but Haskins sees it coming. Haskins with kicks to Brody’s legs. He runs against the ropes for a pump kick, but Brody hits a pump kick of his own. Haskins bounces off the ropes and staggers into Brody, who nails him with a Tigerdriver. He gets a 2-count because Tracy makes the save with a drop kick onto to Brody’s head.

-PCO nails Tracy in the head and drops him to the mat. PCO picks up Haskins but Haskins kicks PCO and knocks him down. Brody out of nowhere with a clothesline to Haskins and now all four men are down. The crowd applauds.

-PCO picks up Tracy and puts him on top of the turnbuckle. PCO climbs up the turnbuckle but Tracy fights back and knocks PCO down.  Tracy goes to attack Brody but Brody clotheslines him instead. Brody and PCO double team Tracy in the corner with different diving moves. Haskins comes back in and kicks Brody in the head. Then a kick to PCO. Haskins goes off the top turnbuckle with a drop kick. He covers Brody for a pin but only gets two. Haskins throws PCO out of the ring and tags in Tracy.

-Lifeblood attempt to double suplex Brody King but he powers out. Brody goes to do a double clothesline but both Lifeblood members duck and then send him backwards with a back body drop. Doube kicks from Lifeblood to Brody’s chest. Tracy goes to piledrive Brody, but he flips Tracy over onto Haskins instead and now Lifeblood is down.

-Brody hits a “big bossman slam” onto Tracy and goes for the pin. He gets only two, but we see a count botched here. Referee is counting but Brody wasn’t trying to pin him. Brody releases the pin, then looks stunned he only got a two count even though Williams never budged.

-Brody signals for PCO to go to the turnbuckle. He does, but Haskins throws him off the turnbuckle. Brody goes to attack but Haskins kicks him in the face, then climbs the turnbuckle. Brody stops him at the top with a chop to the chest. Brody lifts Haskins up for the BonzoBomb but it’s blocked when Williams pump kicks him in the face. They hit the kick/piledriver combo. Williams goes for the pin, but PCO throws Haskins into Williams to break up the pin.

-PCO and Haskins battle onto the apron now. Haskins nails and superkick and lifts PCO up for a Death Valley Driver onto the apron, and now both men are on the floor.

-Williams hits Brody in the chest with some kicks and chops. He bounces off the ropes and Flip Gordon is supposed to nail him with a chair, but misses his cue. So, Williams repeats the sequence by chopping Brody King and bouncing off the ropes a second time. Flip nearly misses his cue a second time, but Williams sells it.

-Brody is able to hit the GonzoBomb on Williams for an easy three.

Winners: Villain Enterprises

-Brody King, PCO, and Flip Gordon celebrate after the match to PCO chants.

-Commercial for the Honor Club. Honor Club lets your rewatch old pay-per-views, current TV shows, current pay-per-views, and special events.

-We’re introduced to the hall of famers, Rock&Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson). Robert lets everyone know its a pleasure to be back in Atlanta and don’t forget to rock and roll. Ricky says he’s very excited to be there and thanks everyone for making it possible. They plug tomorrow night in Nashville, TN and their tag team championship match. They’re interrupted by Dem Boys, the Briscoe Brothers.

-The Briscoes make their way out to the ring with their belts in hand. They’re slow to get it in and to get a microphone. The Briscoes only have one question for the Rock And Roll Express: “Didn’t ya’ll get enough of an ass-whoopin’ last time?” They both shake their head. They question whether Robert bumped his head too hard. Ricky says all they needed was a good cup of soup and a good night’s sleep. Ricky challenges them to a match right now.

-The Briscoe Brothers get in Rock and Roll Express’s face, but security run in to separate them before it gets any worse. Crowd starts chanting “Rock and Roll.” Mark Briscoe says “Hey, Rock and Roll these nuts.” Mark warns them that tomorrow night the Rock and Roll Express comes to an end, because they run this shit. The Briscoe Boys mock the audience a little more to end the segment.

-Ads air for future ROH shows.

Sumie Sakai vs Angelina Love (w/ Mandy Leon)

-Kelly Klein (ROH Women’s Champion) is on commentary but doesn’t say much during the match.

-Angelina Love is out first accompanied by Mandy Leon. Sumie is out next. Sumie offers Angelina a handshake but Angelina rejects it. Sumie goes to walk to her corner but Love attacks her from behind. The bell is rang.

-Love stomps her into the corner, then runs her neck into the ropes. She distracts the referee as Mandy Leon attacks Sumie now. Love picks Sumie up and drops her with a slam. Love runs at Sumie and hits her with double knees. She covers Sumie for a pin but only gets a two. She picks Sumie up and throws her to the turnbuckle, but Sumie gets a foot up. Sumie rushes her but Love counters with a sideslam and pins her. Only a two count.

-Love picks Sumie up but Sumie nails and neck buster followed by chops. Sumie runs off the ropes but Love kicks her in the stomach. Love hits a jumping STF, then follows through with a chokehold submission. Sumie is struggling. Sumie makes her way to the ropes. She tries to put a foot on the rope but Mandy pulls the ropes away. She tries again and this time is successful as the referee is telling Mandy to stay away. The submission is broken.

-Sumie crawls to a corner. Love attempts to splash her in the corner but Sumie turns it into a roll up. Love gets up immediately but Sumie turns it into a slide. Love is up again. Sumie rolls her up with a cradle, but Love is up again. Sumie hits the Smash Mouth and pins Love for only a 2-count. Sumie gets the crowd riled up with claps.

-Sumie goes to the top rope but Love stops her. She gets Sumie onto her shoulders and drops her with a Samoan Drop. Love pins Sumie but its a 2-count. Love picks up Sumie but Sumie nails a clothesline. Sumie hits a back body drop with a bridge pin, but Love kicks out. Sumie tries to run at Love, but Love scouts it with a kick to the gut. Sumie still nails a Judo Throw and gets an armbar locked in.

-Sumie doesn’t break the hold. Love struggles to the ropes. She does manage to lock her legs around a rope and the referee breaks it up. Sumie heads to the top rope for a moosault, but Love rolls out of the way before Sumie launches. Sumie hops down and waits for Love to get up, but while everyone is distracted Mandy Leon sprays Sumie in the eyes with hairspray. Love capitalizes with the Botox Injections for the pin and the win.

Winner: Angelina Love

-We get hype for future matches, including tonight’s main event.

Okumura, Felino and Silas Young (w/Josh Woods) versus Shinobi Shadow Squad

-Okumura and Felino make their entrance first. In the beginning, the camera cuts away to some lights so it’s possible something happened that ROH didn’t want to see aired. Both men enter the ring.

-Next out is Silas Young with Josh Woods. Silas and Woods mock people in the audience and have a laugh about it.

-Last we get the Shinobi Shadow Squad entrance. Ryan Nova, Cheeseburger, and Eli Isom make their way out. They stack up on top of each other and the crowd loves it.

-Shadow Squad offer a handshake but they reject it. Okumura and Cheeseburger are the legal men. They lock up. Both men reverse the lock up. Cheeseburger flips out of the lockup and the kicks up. The crowd applauds. Okumura and his teammates are not amused. Cheeseburger reverses more holds from Okumura then runs off the ropes. Okumura responds by bumping into Cheeseburger and stopping his momentum.

-We see Josh Woods outside the ring taking notes.

-Cheeseburgers hypes himself up and runs off the ropes again. Again, Okumura stops him with another bump. Okumura flexes for the audience. He signals that he wants Cheeseburger to do it again. Cheeseburger bounces off the ropes a third time, but this time he ducks an attack from Okumura. Okumura flips him over with a hiptoss. He goes for a headlock but Cheeseburger reverses it with a headlock of him own. Okumura quickly escapes and tries to pin Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger easily kicks out.

-We get an odd botch here as Okumura sells being tripped by Cheeseburger but nothing had actually happened. Cheeseburger attempts to pin Okumura but he escapes. Both men are back to their feet. The crowd applauds for the sequence.

-Cheeseburger tags in Nova. Okumura tags in Felino. The crowd is chanting “Felino” now.

-Felino bounces off three sides of the ring to show off his quickness. Nova watches as the “Felino” chants get louder and Felino soaks it in. Felino offers his handshake now, but this time Nova kicks his hand away. Both men shove each other. Felino falls into the ropes three times before running straight into Nova with a shoulder block that takes him down. Felino goes for a cover but Nova is quick to his feet.

-Felino drops Nova over his shoulders and drop kicks him onto the mat. Fans applaud Felino’s speed. Felino knife edge chops Nova and whips him to a turnbuckle. Nova avoids a splash with a flip over Felino. Nova and Felino are competing with speed here as both men bounce off the ropes and try a move, but they keep reversing. Nova eventually hits a diving drop kick onto Felino’s knees that take him down. Nova hits a shining wizard onto Felino’s head that causes Felino to roll away and tag in Shilas Young.

-Nova tags in Eli. Young and Eli are the legal men. Young gets a headlock onto Eli. Eli reverses it by sending Young to the ropes, but Young turns it into a shoulder block. They chain wrestle until Young gets a bridged pin on Eli, but Eli escapes and turns it into a sliding pin attempt on Young. Young kicks out. Eli drop kicks Young. Eli threatens all three men before tagging in Nova.

-Nova and Eli double team Young. Cheeseburger is tagged in. Cheeseburger goes for the pink but Young kicks out at two. Cheeseburger is double teamed and Young knocks down Cheeseburger. Felino and Okumura double team Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger fights back but he’s double teamed again. Felino and Okumura hit a wheelbarrow DDT on Cheeseburger but can’t get the pin.

-Young mocks the crowd for chanting for “Cheese” which only makes them chant more. Cheeseburger goes for a tag but Young stops him. Cheeseburger is able to get the tag a second time as Eli enters. Eli hits a series of fast power moves that takes Young out of the ring. Eli flips outside of the ring on top of all three opponents.

-Nova is in now and Young and Nova are trading attacks. Both men battle up the turnbuckle. Young and Okumura attempt to suplex Nova, but Eli and Cheeseburger grab them. All five men go down. Felino comes in out of nowhere to dive onto Nova for a pin but Nova kicks out.

-Nova and Felino trade shots until Nova rolls up Felino for a pin. Another kick out. Nova whips Felino into the turnbuckle. They trade blows up to the top. Nova tries for a top rope Frankensteiner, but Felino reverses it into a giant powerbomb for the 3-count.

Winners: Felino, Okumura, and Shilas Young 

-All six men shake hands after the match to show the code of honor. Young calls Josh Woods into the ring. Young calls Woods a giant pain in the ass, but praises his potential. Young asks Woods if he’s learned anything that he’s been showing him. Woods responds by leveling Okumura and Felino. Woods taunts the audience as they leave the ring.

-We get hype up for the main event once again.

Chase Owens versus LSG versus PJ Black

-Chase Owens is out first, followed by LSG, and then PJ Black. Owens doesn’t accept a handshake.

-LSG and Black take out Owens quickly. LSG and Black trade chain wrestling. No one can get the upperhand. Owens tries to enter the ring but they bump him off the apron. He tries to enter again, and again he’s bumped off. LSG sends Black over the top rope and he lands on top of Owens. LSD then launches himself over and lands on Black.

-LSG tosses Black back in, but Owens takes out LSG. Owens nails a quick flatliner onto Black. Owens locks in a Sharpshooter. Black quickly gets to the ropes. LSG climbs in and kicks Owens, but Owens hits a knee to the gut on LSG to take him out. Owens tosses LSG around before hiting a running shining wizard to LSG’s chin. Pin and a 2-count.

-LSG gets up and starts trading punches, but LSG hits a pumpkick. Owens reverses a clothesline from LSG into a slam. Black tries to enter the ring, but Owens tosses him back out. LSG and Owens punch each other while Black is climbing the turnbuckle. He nails a flying twice. Black hits splashes on both men, then a springboard. Black slams both men now and stacks them up. Springboard moonsault into a pin on both men but he can’t keep them down. Chase rolls out.

-Black and LSG are left in the ring. Black puts LSG in a billgoat submission. Owens interrupts by slapping Black but he doesn’t release until the second time. Black now slaps Owens. Now all three men are chopping each other in the chest as the fans “whoo.”

-LSG and Owens in the ring. LSG dives to the outside and takes out Black. LSG springboards into Owens and gets a pin, but only a 2-count. LSG hits a 450 splash onto Owens but Black breaks it up. Black goes for his own 450, but LSG climbs up with him. LSG goes to suplex him off, but Owens crawls underneath and powerbombs both men. We only get a 2-count. Black rolls out.

-LSG rolls up Owens but its reversed. More chain wrestling pin attempts with reversals. Both men get away. Black out of nowhere from the top turnbuckle takes out LSG with a dropkick but still only gets a 2-count. He backs back to the turnbuckle for a jump, but Owens catches him with a knee to the face. He goes for his package piledriver but LSG interferes.

-Owens hits a reverse DDT/Rock Bottom combination on both Black and LSG. We see a cradle piledriver from Owens onto LSG for a 3-count.

Winner: Chase Owens

-Chase Owens declares himself the future ROH champion to end the match.

-Dalton Castle makes his entrance to the surprise of both commentators. He demands the bell ringer give up his seat and he uses it to climb into the ring. The fans are excited.

-Dalton thanks everyone for their energy. He calls himself important, but doesn’t think everyone feels that way. He thinks the ROH officials are overlooking him. He makes fun of how wrestlers cut off the sleeves of their t-shirts. He wants to know what’s missing, and its not his shoes. He says its the championship he used to hold that will get him back the respect he deserves. He wants to be the ROH World Champion once again.

-Joe Hendry’s music hits. He dances with the music. Joe begins to cut a promo but the mic cuts out. Dalton doesn’t know how to respond and holds his reply for a few seconds. Fans chant for “Dalton Castle.” Hendry says he only has one goal and that’s getting gold. His search for gold led him to Ring of Honor. He believes his a future World Champion.

-Dalton laughs it off. He says there’s only one future champion and that’s Dalton Castle. Hendry says that Dalton is only a former a champion, but he’s a future champion. Hendry challenges Castle to a match if he wants to try to stop him. Dalton says that challenge is a mistake. Hendry agrees. Hendry says he’s the most charismatic, entertaining wrestler in ROH now. Hendry’s music hits and he waves side to side with the lyrics before walking off.

-Commentary shows off a limited time only Joe Hendry World Champ t-shirt.

Marty Scurll versus Bandido

-Bandido is out first. Marty is out next and we get a huge “Marty” chant. He’s very over. After his music cuts, fans start chanting “Bandido.” Fans split and start chanting both names now. Marty attempts to kick the paper out of the ring, but it doesn’t cooperate. Fans get behind Bandido. Marty responds by kicking Bandido’s hat out of the ring. Fans respond by chanting Marty’s name now. Marty offers a handshake, but Bandido isn’t sure. They do shake and nothing fishy happens.

-They tease each other with lock up attempts. We get some chain wrestling that ends with neither men getting the upperhand. Marty stops locking up to pose for the fans. They cheer. Bandido then poses. They cheer for him too. Marty dances and the audience loves it. Bandido dances too and they love that too. Marty does the Floss dance and Bandido’s had enough.

-They lock up and Marty gets the upperhand. We gets three pin attempts but they all end quickly. Bandido refuses to get his shoulders down. Bandido reverses it and we see multiple pin attempts from both men. We get dual headlock take overs. Both men bounce to their feet and we get another stand off. Fans erupt.

-Fans are 50/50 split.

-Bandido and Marty trade insulting slaps. Neither men can knock the other man down after shoulder blocks. Bandido hits several moves that sends Marty to the outside. Bandido signals that he’s going to fly to the outside, but Marty calls for a time out. Bandido goes to the outside, but Marty slides into the ring. Bandido goes to enter but Marty superkicks him to the side of the head.

-Fans are booing Marty and he’s eating it up. He pretends to go highfive someone but instead he flips him off. Marty picks up the ROH World title and flaunts it. Marty mockingly pins Bandido with one foot but he kicks out quickly. Marty kicks Bandido’s elbow and wrist. Bandido drapes his shin over Bandido’s throat. Marty gives several shops to Bandido’s chest. Marty locks in a surfboard submission and does Bandido’s taunt to mock the crowd.

-Marty continues his assault on Bandido while the fans boo. He mocks the crowd some more with flexes. Marty picks up Bandido who tries to make a weak comeback. Marty lets down his defense and Bandido lefts him up. Marty fights out of a press slam, but Bandido hits a superkick. Bandido with a corkscrew springboard. Bandido hits a tiltawhirl into a diamond cutter. Marty rolls out of the ring, but Bandido jumps over the top rope and takes him out. Marty rolls back in the ring. Bandido with a springboard senton and a pin. Only a 2-count.

-Bandido hits a running elbow followed by a drop kick for a pin but again only gets 2. Both men are now reversing clothesline attempts. Marty hits a snapdragon suplex and both men are down. Fans are chanting for Bandido now. Marty chop blocks Bandido’s chest. Marty with a tornado DDT into a wristlock. Bandido escapes, but Marty turns it into a pumphandle backbreaker. 2-count.

-Marty goes for the Black Plague but Bandido resists and goes to the mat. Marty goes for a clothesline but Bandido does a handstand to avoid it. Marty responds with a superkick to Bandido’s face. Marty with a piledriver pin but still only a 2-count.

-Bandido rolls up Marty for a surprise pin but Marty is quickly out. Marty with another snapdragon suplex but Bandido doesn’t even go down. Bandido with a shining wizard to Marty’s back. Fans are chanting for Bandido again. Both men are on the mat.

-They get to their feet and compete with slaps to the chest. Bandido gets the hardest one that sends Marty to the mat. Marty calls for a lock up. Fans want it. Marty punches Bandido in the face instead. Marty goes off the top rope for a jumping frankensteiner, but Bandido catches him and turns it into a bucklebomb. Bandido hits the X-Knee but only gets a 2-count.

-Bandido off the ropes but Marty reverses. Bandido reverses his reversal into a pin, but only gets a 2 count.

-Bandido places Marty onto the top turnbuckle. Bandido climbs up as well. Bandido hits a moonsault slam but can’t get a pin attempt. Fans are chanting “holy shit” now. Marty rolls over and applies the chicken-wing lock out of nowhere. Bandido rolls Marty up while in the submission but only gets a 2.

-Marty hits a driver out of nowhere for a pin, but Bandido still kicks out. Marty is mad now. He picks Bandido up for the Black Plague and gets the 3-count.

Winner: Marty Scurll

-Marty hams it up post most. He’s soaking in the boos and cheers. Marty points to Bandido and the fans cheer. Marty mouths that he’d like to face Bandido one more time in ROH. He claps for Bandido, shakes his hand, and gives him a quick hug. We see the code of honor here. Bandido struggles to leave the ring.

-Lanny Poffo comes out to commentary. He says he doesn’t want to get in trouble with anyone from the 80s or 90s, but praises the current ROH roster for being the best ever.

Kenny King (w/Amy Rose), Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal and Rush versus Shane Taylor (ROH World Television Champion), The Briscoes (ROH World Tag Team Champions), and Matt Taven (ROH World Champion)

-Out first is Kenny King. He calls out Amy Rose to accompany him. Jeff Cobb is out next. Next, Jay Lethal comes out and the ROH commentators put Jay over to Lanny for his Macho Man impersonation. Jay Lethal and Kenny King get into a fist fight over Amy Rose being at ringside. They’re separated.

-Rush is out next and they put over his winning record. Shane Taylor is out with his TV title. Out next is the tag team champions the Briscoe. Matt Taven of the Kingdom is out last with his ROH World title.

-The ROH fans chant “Toro Blanco” for Rush, then chant his name. Every wrestler takes turns on the turnbuckle getting reactions from the crowd. They were not behind Rush despite having just chanted for him. They started chanting “Cobb” and he smirks.

-Cobb and Taven are the legal men. Taven wants Rush. Cobb teases it and tags him in. Rush and Taven go face to face. Taven mocks Rush’s catchphrase then tags in Jay Briscoe instead. Jay and Rush lock up. Jay wins a series of counters with a shoulder block. They aggressively trade punches and kicks. Jay with a back elbow to Rush, but Rush responds with a headbutt that knocks Jay down. Rush tags in Lethal, but walks over and spits in Jay’s face before exiting the ring.

-Jay gets Lethal in a headlock. Lethal breaks free but Jay knocks him back down. Jay is able to get a pin attempt but Lethal kicks out quick. Lethal does a cartwheel then drop kicks Jay. Lethal tags in King, but there’s still hostility.

-King hip tosses Jay, then does a cartwheel and drop kick onto Jay like Lethal did. He taunts Lethal a little. Jay takes the time to crawl over to his side and tags in Shane Taylor. Lethal tags in Jeff Cobbs.

-Cobbs and Shane hit slaps but no one budges. They attack each other with shoulder blocks but no one goes down. 5 shoulder blocks but nothing happens. Cobbs leapfrogs another attempt and drop kicks Taylor. Taylor tags in ROH champion Matt Taven.

-Cobb is chop blocking Taven’s chest while the fans “whoo.” Taven hits a missile drop kick but Cobb doesn’t go down. Taven tries for a crossbody but Cobb just catches him and holds him up for a stalling suplex. Cobb tags in Lethal, who climbs up the top turnbuckle. He shouts out to Lanny and does a Macho impression. He launches off and takes out Taven with a flying chop. Lethal tags in Rush, who does a chop block. Rush tags in King, who does a chop block. King tags in Cobb, who really sells for a chop block and its loud. Cobb tags in King.

-King hits a leg drop and goes for a pin but Taven kicks out quick. King tags in Rush again. They double team Taven. Kenny King and Rush now hit Taven with body splashes. Kenny tags in Lethal. Lethal enters the ring but slaps King right in the face. Lethal tries to roll up Taven but he kicks out, jumps to his feet and clotheslines Lethal. Taven tags in Jay.

-Lethal and Jay take turns hitting each other with the same running moves. They manage to get Lethal locked into their corner and all four men team up on Lethal. Jay hits a springboard senton and goes for the pin, but its only a 2.

-Jay tags in Shane Taylor. They double team Lethal quickly. Taven holds Lethal into the corner while Taylor beats on him. Shane hits Lethal in the chest with chops. Shane tags in Taven.

-Taven enters and hits a chop block as well. Taven tags in Mark Briscoe now. Mark hits a chop block on Lethal, but it fires Lethal up. Lethal hits three chops on Mark. Lethal tags in Kenny and there’s no hostility this time.

-Kenny rolls Mark up and hits him with some fists. A pin attempt, but its only two. Mark manages to tag in Jay and they double team King with a big boot. They isolate King into the corner and team up on him. Mark tags in Jay. They hit a double shoulder tackle onto King. Jay spits on Rush again, so Rush enters the ring with punches but both Briscoe’s take him down. They causes both teams to enter the ring and brawl. Everyone is taken out except Mark Briscoe. Someone tosses him a chair. He uses it to jump over the top rope and land on Shane and Cobb.

-Jay rolls King into the ring. The Briscoe’s hit King with the Redneck Boogie. Jeff Cobb makes the save for any pin. They toss Cobb out of the ring, and Mark jumps over the ropes at him. Amy Rose checks up on Kenny King. While she does, Jay Briscoe dumps water on her. Kenny King uses this distraction to roll up Jay from behind and eliminate him. Jay looks shocked. Amy Rose runs away and leaves ringside. Kenny celebrates by dancing at ringside.

Eliminated: Jay Briscoe

-Kenny King mocks Jay Lethal for not getting any pins yet. Kenny King and Taven are the legal men. Taven whips King to the ropes and Lethal tags himself in. King looks disappointed.

-Taven and Lethal lock up. Lethal and Taven chop each other. Lethal manages to hit a flatliner and a pin, but Taven kicks out. He quickly crawls over and tags in Shane Taylor. Shane and Lethal go face to face.

-Shane muscles Lethal into a whip against the ropes, but Kenny King tags himself in. Taylor and Lethal stop. Kenny King shouts at Lethal “get your ass out of the ring.” Taylor rushes King but King drops him out of the ring. Taven tries to attack King from behind but he backdrops Taven instead. Mark runs in but King hits a spinebuster on him. Kenny tries to bodysplash Taylor but he just throws him off. Kenny goes to jump off the turnbuckle but Taylor catches him and drops him with a big slam. He pins Kenny and eliminates him.

Eliminated: Kenny King

-Legal men are now Shane Taylor and Lethal.  Taylor has Lethal in a bearhug.  Lethal fights out. Lethal with back elbows. Taylor runs over Lethal. Taylor tags in Mark.

-Mark attacks Lethal in the corner with knees and kicks. He nails a huge backdrop into a slam. Mark locks Lethal into an Eastern stretch. Lethal fights out. Mark and Lethal trade blows. Lethal goes down first. Mark tags in Taven.

-Taven and Mark double team Lethal in the corner. Taven and Taylor try to hold Lethal in place but he fights away. Lethal rolls out of the ring and attacks Taylor. Taven tries to make the save but hits Taylor with a big boot by mistake. Lethal flips Taven over on the outside. Lethal runs in and attempts to tag out but Mark stops him. They fight their way up to the top turnbuckle. Lethal knocks him off. Lethal goes to jump off but Mark gets his foot up. Lethal scouts this though and doesn’t go for a move. Lethal hits a springboard diamond cutter on Mark for a pin and elimination.

Eliminated: Mark Briscoe

-Taven enters and violently punches Lethal. He rolls him over with a stretch submission. He picks him up for a backbreaker. Cover, but only a two count. Taven tags in Taylor.

-Taylor powers over Lethal on the mat with punches and kicks. Lethal tries to break out of a bearhug. Taylor tries to back body drop but Lethal flips over instead. Taylor grabs Lethal’s foot to stop the tag. Lethal kicks Taylor, but Taylor bumps into the referee. Lethal tags Rush but the referee didn’t see it. Rush hits a bunch of snap suplexes and running knees, but the referee makes him leave the ring.

-While distracted, Taylor and Taven double team Lethal. They go for a pin but Cobb breaks it up. Cobb goes to attack Taven but Taven sends him over the top rope instead.  Taven responds with a suicide dive onto Cobb to the outside.

-Inside the ring Lethal goes for a lethal injection on Taylor, but instead Taylor reverses it into a piledriver for the pin and elimination.

Eliminated: Jay Lethal

-The remaining four men meet face to face and a brawl breaks out. Cobb and Taven remain. Cobb pulls Taven up from the mat directly into a powerslam. He goes for a quick pin but Taven escapes. Taven hits a rolling neck breaker on Cobb but also gets a two count.

-Cobb lifts Taven up, spins around and tosses him in a helicopter spin down to the mat. The commentators are jokingly calling it a “helicopter suplex” but it was more of a toss.

-Taven and Rush meet in the ring. Taven offers to shake hand but Rush goes for the attack. Rush sends him to the turnbuckle. He signals that he’s going to do a crazy powerful attack but stops just before hitting him. Taven covers his eyes. The crowd laughs, then Rush stomps his face.

-Taylor enters the ring and Rush trade chops. Rush gets the upperhand. Right before Rush can run at Taylor, Taven nails him with a chair.

Eliminated: Matt Taven

-Taven continues his assault on Rush with the chair. He nails him in the back. Taven puts the chair against Rush’s throat. Rush powers out of it and Taven retreats.

-Taylor enters the ring to attack Rush, but Cobb interferes. Cobb manhandles Taylor and nails a stampeding powerslam. Taylor hits a headbutt, but Cobb doesn’t go down. Rush hits a running superman punch. Rush with a Bull’s Horns to Shane Taylor in the corner.

Eliminated: Shane Taylor

Winners: Rush, Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal, and Kenny King

-Taven watches from the ramp. He’s not happy that his team lost. Cobb and Rush celebrate on the turnbuckles and the fans cheer for both men. Cobb and Rush show mutual respect. Cobb offers his hand and Rush kicks it away. Rush shoulders past Cobb and leaves the ring. Cobb is left standing in the ring as the show ends.

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