ROH The Experience Results from Pittsburgh, PA 11/02/19

ROH The Experience Results from Pittsburgh, PA 11/02/19

-The lights are off to begin the show. We hear a familiar scream, when the lights come back on Maria Manic is in the ring and she’s taking out cameramen and other ROH personnel. She shows off her “Maneater” tattoo to the camera. She’s approached by their backstage interviewer for an interview, but she puts him in the Torture Rack.

Maria grabs a mic. She says she’s Maria Manic, she’s with Ring of Honor, and this is her house now. She tosses the mic and storms off. Maria Manic’s contract with ROH expired earlier last month, but rumors are that she had signed a new deal last week.

Match: Dragon Lee vs. Jeff Cobb

Dragon Lee is out first. We see a poll from the fans to who would be facing Lee, and the winner is Jeff Cobb. He comes out all smiles, until his pyro stops, then he gets his serious face on.

Cobb and Lee trade a lot of offense. Cobb put him in a headlock and dragged him around the ring. Cobb is able to beat Lee outside of the ring and roll him back in. Cobb easily tosses Dragon Lee around the ring.

Dragon Lee is able to use his speed to fight back. He attempts a hurricanrana off the apron, but Cobb tosses him back in the ring. Lee kicks Cobb onto the floor. He flies over the top rope and connects with Cobb. The fans chant “ROH.”

Fans then start a “Dragon Lee” and “Let’s go Cobb” chant. They meet in the middle of the ring. Cobb connects with a right hand and Lee goes tumbling back. Lee comes back with punches of his own, but it has not effect on Cobb. Lee goes off the ropes and jumps but Cobb clotheslines him out of the air. Cobb hits the helicopter toss and a standing moonsault. He goes for a pin, but only gets 2.

Dragon Lee gains some momentum and drop kicks Cobb. He goes for a pin but also gets a 2. Lee exposes his knee and goes for a flying knee to the face, but Cobb dodges it and hits a snap German suplex. Cobb goes for his powerslam finisher but Dragon Lee swings around Cobb’s body and rolls him up for an upset victory.

Winner: Dragon Lee

-After the match, Jeff Cobb can’t believe it. Cobb doesn’t get off his feet. Dragon Lee drops to his knees in front of Cobb. Cobb offers his hand and lefts Lee up, then shakes his hand.

Match: The Briscoes (c) vs Master and Machine

The Briscoes are out first. Their opponents are picked on a poll, and the commentators are blown away that Master and Machine won. They claim Master and Machine used social media to their advantage.

During the Master and Machine entrance, the Briscoes look bewildered but the fans are loving it.

Master and Machine quickly take it to the Briscoes when the bell rings, but the Briscoes come back and toss them out of the ring. Jay tosses Master into the barricade. The Briscoes hold dominance.

Master and Machine are able to come back with swift kicks. They hit a double team flying “Skywalker Elbow” off the turnbuckle, but barely get a 2. The Briscoes take back control. The Briscoes nail a double shoulder tackle. “Master” chops Mark Briscoe, but Mark seems to be enjoying it. Mark tosses him around. He tags in “Machine.”

“Machine” takes on both Briscoes with a hot tag. He’s able to overpower both of them by himself. The Briscoes start to get control and go for the Redneck Boogie, but Master comes in with a drop kick. Chaos ensues between both men, but Jay is able to hit the Jay Driller followed by Mark’s Froggie Bowe for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes

Match: Kenny King vs. Eli Isom vs. PJ Black vs. Ultimo Guerrero

All four men start the match, but Kenny King gets the upperhand. King puts Isom in a boston crab. Black puts King in a submission, then Guerrero puts Black in a submission. They all hold the move for a few seconds before everyone breaks it.

Guerrero and Isom are left in the ring, but Guerrero kicks him off the apron onto the floor. Kenny comes in, but Guerrero hits him with hard knife edge chops. Guerrero hits his signature handstand into a broncobuster in the corner. Guerrero turns around and Isom comes off the turnbuckle with a drop kick.

Black and Isom have a temporary alliance. They get Guerrero out of the ring. Both men hit suicide dives on the other men roll back into the ring. Black and Isom battle in the ring, but both men go down during a double crossbody. King comes in to take advantage. He nails the chin-checker on Black then drops him with a kick. Kenny picks up Isom and hits a reverse suplex into a stunner. He goes for a pin, but Black kicks him in the face.

Guerrero comes in and lifts up King and Black. He’s threatening to bash both their heads together. Isom comes off the turnbuckle and nails a crossbody on all three men. Isom is able to get all three men out of the ring. Kenny King retreats up the ramp. Isom hits a springboard off the apron onto Black and Guerrero.

All three men are getting back to their feet. Out of nowhere Kenny King dives off the stage, over some fans heads, and lands onto all three men. Someone yells “oh shit!” while Kenny is in the air.

King and Black battle up the turnbuckle. Black starts to take control, but Amy Rose trips him. Isom climbs up to suplex King, but Black gets behind him and we see a german suplex/superplex combo with Black being the only one to survive it.

Guerrero lifts Black up onto the turnbuckle and hits a faceplant off it. He goes for the pin, but Isom breaks it. Isom lifts up Guerrero and hits a Death Valley Driver on Guerrero. Black superkicks Isom. Black hits a new finisher that’s a moonsault into a double stomp. He covers him Isom for the win.

Winner: PJ Black

Match: Dalton Castle and Matt Taven (w/The Kingdom) vs. Rush and Shane Taylor 

Rush does his tranquilo pose in the corner, and Dalton complains to the referee that Rush is looking too sexy. Taven and Castle demand that Rush cover up. Taven starts doing a dance to have fun while everyone gets to their corners. Taven immediately tags in Castle. Castle enters the ring, but Taven asks to be tagged back in. Taven does some movements like he’s getting ready for battle, but Castle wants tagged back in. Castle and Taylor circle each other. Castle tags in Taven. Taven gets ready, but Castle says its his turn. Caste is tagged in now. Fans are chanting for Castle and Taven now. Taylor is just watching this. Castle tells everyone to just settle down. While he’s distracted, Taylor tags in Rush. Castle turns around to one of Rush’s sprinting dropkicks.

He immediately goes for a Bull’s Horns, but Taven pulls him to safety. Rush tags in Taylor. Castle tags in Taven. They meet in the middle and neither man can hit a move. Shane goes for a back body drop, but Taven lands on his feet and tags in Castle. Taylor tags in Rush. Castle and Taven are able to double team Rush. They nail a double dropkick that sends Rush outside the ring. Castle and Taven do suicide dives onto their opponents. Castle hits a hurricanrana outside the ring on Rush. Castle rolls Rush into the ring and Castle goes for a Frogsplash. Taven is able to land on his feet, but he rolls his ankle. Rush hits a flying forearm. Rush tags in Taylor.

Taylor is beating on Taven. Taylor gets Taven in the corner and keeps him down. He tags in Rush. Rush signals for the Bull’s Horns, but stops just before Taven. When Taven looks up, Rush kicks him in the face. Rush drops to the mat to do his tranquilo pose. Rush tags Taylor back in.

Taven is finally able to tag in Dalton. Dalton comes in with the hot tag. He knocks Rush off the apron, then DDT’s Taylor. Rush enters the ring but gets a snap suplex. Castle is able to back body drop Taylor. Castle goes to attack Taylor, but Taylor hits in with a massive headbutt, followed by the “Welcome to the Land” for the win.

Winners: Rush and Shane Taylor

-Shane Taylor keeps trying to give Rush some evil eyes but Rush isn’t biting. Rush holds up his title for the fans who give him a little reaction. Taylor then raises his up and also gets a small reaction.

2 out of 3 Falls Match: Jonathan Gresham vs Mark Haskins

Mark and Gresham chain wrestle. The swap submissions for several minutes. We get a duel “Let’s go Haskins” and “Let’s Go Gresham” chant while Haskins catches his breath and rethinks his strategy. The go back to chain wrestling with submissions.

The combo is broken when Jonathan Gresham hits a low blow on Haskins when the referee wasn’t looking, then hits a dropkick. Gresham tries to apply another submission, but Haskins backs him into the corner into the referee. Haskins hits a lowblow of his own while the referee was blocked. Haskins hits a knife edge chop and punches in the corner. They trade blows. Gresham scoops him up and slams him to the mat. Gresham applies another submission. Haskins reaches for the ropes but Gresham repeatedly smacks him away. Haskins finally grabs the ropes and the hold is broken.

Haskins fakes Gresham out with a dropkick, then hits a real dropick that sends Gresham to the mat. Haskins strikes his legs then applies a leg submission. Gresham tries to fight out, but Haskins DDTs him. Haskins with a pin, but he only gets a 2.

Gresham goes to lock in the Octopus, but Haskins reverses it and hits a fireman’s carry into a slam, but only gets a 2. Haskins immediately rolls him up again. They reverse several submissions until Haskins lazily rolls up Gresham. Both men’s shoulders are down. The referee counts to three and rewards both men the point.

Mark Haskins: 1
Jonathan Gresham: 1

Gresham attempts to go for another submissions, but Haskins kicks him in the gut and hits a running Falcon Arrow. Only a 2 count. Haskins climbs up the turnbuckle and goes for the Stompboy, but Gresham rolls out of the way. Haskins goes down. Gresham applies the figure four leglock. Haskins makes it to the ropes, but Gresham doesn’t release. Gresham turns him over and then both fall out of the ring, but Gresham still doesn’t release the hold. He keeps it locked for a little while, then released it and rolls in the ring. The referee makes it to 20 for a countout.

Jonathan Gresham: 2
Mark Haskins: 1

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

-After the match, Haskins argues that the count out shouldn’t have happened because the submission should’ve been broken when he reached the ropes. Haskins limps to the back.

Last Man Match: Tracy Williams vs Flip Gordon

Both men battle outside of the ring. Tracy has the immediate advantage. He rolls Flip back in the ring. They battle inside the ring. Tracy is holding control, but Flip sends him over with a snapmare and starts in on his own offense.

They take the fight outside of the ring. Tracy sends him through the crowd. Tracy sits him in a folded chair. Tracy hits a running knee onto a sitting Flip. Tracy gets hyped up, but Flip sends him over the barricade. Flip jumps off the guard rail for a tornado DDT, but Tracy tosses him back into the guard rail. They both get into the ring. Tracy goes for a fireman’s carry, but Flip escapes by grabbing at his nose. Flip goes outside for a chair. He enters with the chair, but Tracy catches him and slams him to the mat. Tracy opens the chair and sets it up. Tracy goes to the top turnbuckle, but Flip kicks him in the face to stop his movements. Flip tries for a Superplex now but can’t get it. Tracy manages to hit a jumping DDT that sends Flip face first into the chair.

They both roll outside the ring. Tracy lifts up Flip, but Flip maneuvers behind Tracy instead. He lifts him up, swings him head first into the barricades, then a snap German Suplex. Flip gets a table out and gets it in the ring. Flips sets it up in the corner. He tries to suplex Tracy through it but Tracy fights it off. Tracy suplexes Flip in the middle of the ring instead. Flip rolls out of the ring. Tracy follows him, but stops to grab a kendo stick. Tracy beats him around the floor with the stick. Tracy drags him onto the stage. He goes for a piledriver. Flip tries for a lowblow, but Tracy stops it. Instead, Tracy tosses him off the stage and onto the floor. Tracy jumps off the stage after him, but Flip reaches a kendo stick and nails him in the stomach.

The both struggle to roll back in the ring. Flip goes for a spear, but Tracy catches him between his legs and nails a piledriver. Tracy sets the table up on both legs nail. As he pushes it to the corner, Flip lowblows him. Flip goes outside to get a chair. He nails Tracy onto the table with the chair. He places the chair on Tracy’s chest and climbs the turnbuckle. Tracy recovers and tosses chair in Flip’s face. Tracy climbs after Flip, but as soon as he gets up there Tyler Bateman comes out of nowhere and powerbombs Tracy through the table.

Tracy doesn’t make it to the ten count while Flip retreats. Bateman kneels over Tracy.

Winner: Flip Gordon

-After the match, we go backstage and the Kingdom is knocked out once again. Matt Taven shows up to ask for help.

Matt goes to the ring and grabs the mic. He tells whoever the mystery attacker is that he’s had enough and he’s not going anywhere. The spotlight once again shines in Taven’s eyes. When the lights come back on, Vinny Marseglia is behind Taven. He attacks him. Marseglia busts Taven open. Taven is laid out. Marseglia coddles Taven’s head in his lap, then licks the blood from Taven’s forehead. Taven is dripping blood everywhere. Red balloons are let loose. Security assists Taven out of the ring while he bleeds.

Match: Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO) and Dan Maff vs. Colt Cabana, Jeff Cobb, and Cheeseburger

The babyface team offer their hands to shake. All three heels deny it. Fans start up a “whoop whoop” chant for Marty Scurll.

Scurll and Colt start out. Colt and Marty do some very slow chain wrestling. Marty flexes in front of Colt, but Colt isn’t impressed. Marty gets Colt in a feat of strength, which he appears to be winning, but it turns out Colt was just playing with him and easily overpowers him. Marty charges at Colt, but Colt yells “Stop!” Then Colt thanks him and easily puts him in a wristlock. Marty escapes. Colt asks if Marty wants to face a real heavyweight. Marty says yes. Colt tags in Cheeseburger. Marty pretends like he’s going to lock up, but blows Cheeseburger off. He tags in PCO.

PCO gets in the ring and tells Cheeseburger to hit him in the back. Cheeseburger tries, but PCO demands he does it again. Cheeseburger charges him, but PCO tosses him to the turnbuckle by his throat. Cheeseburger can’t get enough momentum to take PCO down. PCO tags is Maff. Cheeseburgers tags in Cobb. The fans chant “holy shit.”

They clash into each other over and over, but neither man is budging. They trade blows. Cobb hits a dropkick which does stagger Maff. Cobb celebrates, but Maff charges forward and takes down Cobb. Cobb tags in Colt. They triple team Maff. Colt and Cobb throw Cheeseburger into the air and he connects with a stunner. Maff tumbles back into the corner. Cheeseburger attempts to whip his teammates into the corner but they don’t budge because he’s too weak. Cheeseburger gives up and asks them to do it instead. They whip him to Maff, but Maff sends him over the top rope. Maff then explodes out of the turnbuckle and takes down Cobb and Colt.

Cheeseburger jumps off the turnbuckle and gets Maff in a chokehold.  Maff charges backwards into the corner and smashes Cheeseburger. Maff tags in PCO.

PCO lays Cheeseburger out with a big boot. PCO tags in Marty now who covers Cheeseburger, but can’t get the pin. Marty nails a snap powerbomb followed by a Boston Crab, but Cheeseburger is able to reach the ropes. Cheeseburger is able to escape the heel corner and tag in Colt.

Colt hits a flying head scissors. He starts to celebrate but turns around to be face to face with Maff and PCO. He says, “Oh Jesus Christ.” He asks if they’re good, but they attack him. They send him into the ropes but he come back with a jumping DDT to both men.

Marty is back in the ring. He attacks Colt from behind, but Colt is able to right back. Marty tags in PCO. Colt tags in Cobb.

PCO goes to chokeslam Cobb, but Cobb tries one of his own. Both men fail. Cobb gets behind PCO and hits a German suplex but PCO lands on his feet. He sends Cobb over the top rope. Marty tells PCO to dive. PCO dives over the top ropes onto Cobb and Colt.  Marty now signals that he’s going to do it, but Maff stops him mid-run and does it himself. Maff goes over the top rope onto both men and lands on his feet. They get Cobb in the ring. PCO hits a chokeslam. Maff hits a giant elbow drop. PCO goes for the pin, but its broken up by Colt. Marty tosses Colt back out of the ring.

Marty is calling for the chickenwing now. He’s hyping up the fans. As soon as he finishes his taunt, Cobb turns around and decks him in the face. Marty rolls out of the ring. Maff climbs the turnbuckle, but Cobb meets him up top and nails a Superplex. Fans chant “This is awesome.” Cobb tags in Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger goes for a pin and gets a very close 2.

Cheeseburger rushes to attack Marty, but Marty dodges it and hits a snap dragon suplex. Marty tells PCO to hit a PCO-Bomb. Marty Scurll is taken out by Cobb. PCO jumps off the turnbuckle but no one is even there. He’s short circuited again. Cheeseburger hits his finisher on PCO twice, but PCO doesn’t budge. Somehow, PCO hits a Tombstone AND double Chokeslam on all three men at the same time. PCO hits the PCO-sault. Maff tags himself in. Maff hits the burning hammer on Cheeseburger for the win. ROH accidentally plays Vinny Marseglia’s new music, then fixes it to Villain Enterprises.

Winners: Villain Enterprises and Dan Maff

-After the match, PCO and Maff confront each other. Security enters the ring to separate them, even though they’re not doing anything. End of show.

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