ROH TV Results 03/24/2020

ROH TV Results 03/24/2020

– These results are being released late because I’m dealing with being sick and taking care of my family.

– The show begins with a video package of 2Guys1Tag (Josh Woods and Silas Young) accompanied by their theme song.

– Quinn McKay welcomes us backstage. She reminds us that, as of this episode, 2Guy1Tag are undefeated.

Match: The Briscoes vs. Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff

Code of honor is upheld and both teams seem very excited. We get a “Briscoes” chant from the crowd. Jeff Cobb fights out of Mark Briscoe’s headlock and hits a standing dropkick. Cobb tags in Maff.

Maff whips Marc, but Marc responds with an elbow to the face. Maff is staggering backwards, so Mark quickly tags in Jay.

Jay and Maff meet in the middle of the ring. They psych each other up, then trade blows. Maff gets the upperhand. Cobb and Maff corner Jay and lay into him with some offensive moves. Jay is able to avoid Cobb and tag in Mark.

Mark starts laying into Cobb with some fists to the head. Mark tags in Jay, and Jay is fired up. He nails a huge clothesline. We go to commercial.

Back from break and Maff is running over Jay. He hits two standing sentons and goes for a pin, but he only gets two count. Cobb is tagged in.

Cobb starts running through Jay. Cobb with a stalling suplex that ends in a powerslam. Cobb goes for a pin but only gets a two. Cobb responds with a standing moonsault, but again gets a two count. Cobb applies a headlock and the fans try to psyche of Jay. Jay escapes and dropkicks Cobb. Jay tags in Mark. Mark and Cobb meet in the middle of the ring and they are hyped up. They trade blows, but Mark gets the upperhand. Mark flips Cobb off the turnbuckle. Cobb rolls out of the ring, but Mark hits him with a baseball slide.

Jay sets up a chair in the ring, jumps off, and lands on Maff. Jays runs back in the ring, goes over the top rope with a cannonball, and nails it on Maff once again.

Back in the ring, the Briscoes double team Cobb. They go to hit the Redneck Boogie, but Maff comes in and takes them both out. Now Cobb and Maff double team Jay. They take turns hitting a flying splash into the corner. Maff goes for the Burning Hammer on Jay, but Mark makes the save. They take down Maff. Cobb comes in the ring, but Mark goes to attack. Cobb ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. All four men are down and recovering now.

Both teams meet in the middle. They exchange blows. Maff and Cobb win the fist fight. Maff hits a pop-up cutter on Jay. He goes for a pin, but Mark makes the save once again. Cobb and Maff send Mark to the outside. Maff tags in Cobb.

Cobb goes for the Tour of the Islands, but Jay escapes. Jay goes for the Jay Driller on Cobb but hesitates. He does hit it and tags in Mark. Mark flies off the turnbuckle and nails the Froggy Bow for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes

Match: Rey Horus vs. Alex Shelley

No Code of Honor, at least not on the TV version.

They reverse each other’s offensive moves. Fans applaud. Rey Horus hits a hip toss and locks in an armbar. Shelley escapes and rolls him up, but he barely gets a 2. They both get to their feet and attempt two drop kicks simultaneously but miss. Shelley rolls outside the ring, but Horus meets him out there. Shelley hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Shelley rolls in then out to break the 20-count. Shelley chops Horus around the outisde. Horus hits a chop of his own, and Shelley encourages some more. Horus goes to hit more, but Shelley ducks and hits another of his own.

Back in the ring, Shelley goes for a crossbody while yelling “Supa fly” but Horus reverses it into a roll-up. Shelley kicks out at 2. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Shelley chops Horus in the middle of the ring. Horus hits one back, but Shelley just punches him. Shelley locks in a pendulum submission, then releases and locks in a leglock. Horus pops up and nails some chops to Shelley’s chest in rapid fire. Once again they trade chops in the middle of the ring. Shelley nails a huge clothesline that sends Horus spinning in the air and onto his back.

Shelley goes off the turnbuckle for another crossbody, but Horus dropkicks him in mid-air. They’re both on the mat now recovering. Horus hits a springboard into a wristlock take over, then sends Shelley to the outside. Horus flies over the top rope with a flip and takes out Shelley. He sends him hard into the barricade. Shelley tries to dodge Horus, but he turns around to a spinning elbow and a running Spanish Fly. Horus and Shelley reverse several moves in a row. Shelley takes Horus down with a strike to the face.

They recover on separate sides of the ring. Shelley charges Horus, but he sends him into the turnbuckle with a belly-to-belly. Horus goes up top and attempts a 450 Splash, but Shelley rolls away. Horus lands on his feet. He turns around but Shelley hits a standing Sliced Bread. Commentators acknowledge that Sliced Bread has been Shelley’s finisher in the past. He goes for a pin but Horus is out at 2. Shelley picks him up and does a Flatliner/Sister Abigail variation. He goes for a pin, Horus kicks out at 2, and Shelley reverses the kick-out into a stretch submission. Horus has nowhere to go and taps out.

Winner: Alex Shelley

– ROH advertises their 18th Anniversary PPV despite it not only being canceled before this episode aired, but it was supposed to take place over a week ago. Then it says “Replay available now!” A replay of what? Weird.

– Quinn Mckay welcomes us back from a commercial break. She says, “As you know, we just had our 18th Anniversary PPV in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.” No you didn’t. We get a rundown of the ROH Supercard of Honor PPV that was supposed to take place on April 4th, but it was also canceled.

Match: 2 Guys 1 Tag vs Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

While Young and Woods are making their way into the ring, Lethal and Gresham trip Young off the apron and beat him down on the floor. Woods attempts to make the save, but the numbers game is too much. They continue their assault on both men. They go for one too many suicide dives and Lethal accidentally takes out Gresham. Woods takes out Lethal.

Back in the ring, Gresham regains control and they double team Young. They stomp him in the corner until the referee sends them back to their corner. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Lethal sends Woods outside the ring with a corkscrew clothesline. Gresham attempts to lock in a leglock but Young breaks out by punching Gresham. Gresham releases, but keeps control over Young. He tags in Lethal.

Lethal stomps him around the ring now. He focuses on Young’s knee. He does his Ric Flair voice and says he’s about to do the only Figure Four that matters. Young escapes by booting Lethal out of the ring. Gresham goes to lock in a figure four as well while Lethal climbs back into the ring, but Young once again boots his way out, which sends Gresham into Lethal. Young ducks an attack from Lethal and makes the desperate tag to Woods.

Woods takes out both opponents with punches and suplexes. He hits a running knee to both of the faces. Woods with a twisting Butterfly Suplex to Lethal. Woods tosses Gresham out of the ring. Lethal tries to hit a sneak attack, but Woods ducks and does a Go-2-Sleep.

Lethal tags in Gresham, but Woods just flips him over. He tags in Young and they double team Gresham. Woods powerbombs Gresham into Young’s knees, which appears to have legitimately injured Young’s knee. Woods kicks Lethal which sends him to the outside. 2Guys1Tag attempts to double team Gresham, but he comes off the turnbuckle and dropkicks them both. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Gresham and Lethal hit a double powerbomb onto Young. Lethal applies the Figure Four to Young’s injured knee. Woods tries to enter the ring but Gresham won’t let him. Woods tries to power his way through but he can’t. Woods eventually gets Gresham up for a gutwrench powerbomb and drops him onto Lethal, which breaks up the hold. Woods rolls to his corner and waits for Young to tag him in. Lethal tags in Gresham. Young makes the tag to Woods. They trade blows.

Woods goes off the ropes and makes the blind tag to Young. Gresham is focused on Woods. Young spins him around and pops him up into the air. Woods hits a spinning kick to Gresham’s chin, then Young comes off the ropes with a clothesline. He’s hyped up now. Young makes the quick tag to Woods. Woods locks in an ankle lock on Gresham. Lethal is taken out by Young. Gresham is alone and can’t get to the ropes. Woods releases the hold but deadlifts him over his head with a German Suplex into a bridge. We get to 2, but Lethal breaks up the pin. Woods goes to roll out of the ring and Young tags himself in.

Gresham hits a low blow on Young when the referee isn’t looking. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection. He takes out Woods with a suicide dive. Gresham hits the shoot star press and lands with a cocky pin. We get a 2 count but Young kicks out. Gresham is blown away and so are the fans. Young rolls up Gresham but the referee is distracted by Woods who was rolled into the ring by Lethal as a distraction. Lethal rolls them over which puts Gresham on top just in time for the referee to turn around. We get a 3-count and the win.

Winners: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

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