ROH TV Results 12/02/2019

ROH TV Results 12/02/2019

*We see a replay of Jay Lethal turning heel on the Briscoes by hitting them with a chair shot. Lethal and Gresham beat on PCO the following week and demanded that the Briscoes give them a World Tag Team title shot at Final Battle. The Briscoes ran in to make the save for PCO, and then agreed to the match.

*Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay great us backstage for tonight’s show.

*Backstage Josh “The Goods” Woods and Silas Young are getting psyched for their tag match, which is next.

Match: Josh Woods, Silas Young vs. SOS (Moses and Kahn) vs. Coast to Coast (Shaheem Ali, LSG) vs. The Bouncers (Brian Milonas, Beer City Bruiser)

SOS is beating on Beer City Bruiser in their corner. They double team him but can’t keep him down. They go for a double chokeslam on Bruiser, but he reverses it and DDTs them both. Bruiser tags in Brian Milonas.

Brian runs over SOS. Brian hits turnbuckle splashes on both men, then knocks Woods and Young off their corner. Brian runs through SOS and Coast to Coast. Beer City double team Kahn, but can’t get the pin.

Coast to Coast hit their double team finisher, The Complete Shot, but they can’t get a pin because Silas Young and Josh Woods break it up. Woods holds his own against SOS until they hit a drop/DDT combo. They pin him, but he kicks out at 2. SOS leave the ring and toss Young into the barricade. They turn around and Brian flies off the apron on both men.

In the ring, Ali flies over the top rope and takes out SOS and Brian Milonas. LSG walks the top rope and hits a splash onto the floor with SOS and Milonas. Now Beer City climbs the turnbuckle to jump on all three men, but Woods stops him on top. Woods suplexes Bruiser off the turnbuckle, outside the ring, and onto all the men piled up on the floor. Woods rolls Kahn into the ring. Woods hits a rolling German suplex, but Ali stops him from getting the pin. Milonas enters and takes everyone out. Moses enters and takes out Brian. Beer City is in and takes out Moses. LSG takes out Bruiser. Young takes out LSG, and Young is the last man standing.

He celebrates in the ring until he comes face to face with Beer City Bruiser. They go to battle as the fans rally behind it, but SOS attacks both men from behind. Milonas and Woods double team SOS now, but Milonas flattens Woods with a clothesline. Coast to Coast double Superkick Milonas. Woods enters the ring and starts tossing Coast to Coast around the ring.

Silas Young enters to help, then hit their double team catapult/flying knee finisher on LSG for the win. Josh Woods and Silas Young remain undefeated in Tag Team action.

Winners: Silas Young and Josh Woods

*Jay Lethal, who opened the show turning heel, has a promo wishing everyone happy holidays.

*Outside the arena, Shane Taylor cuts a promo on Dragon Lee. Taylor mocks Dragon Lee for believing he could beat him for the World Television championship. Taylor says he’s going to do to Lee what he did to the last 12 competitors for the TV title, and that’s walk out as champion at Final Battle.

*Ian and Quinn talk us through the storyline between Joe Hendry and Dalton Castle. We see the unlikely alliance between the two. We also see Joe Hendry take off Shane Taylor for the TV title from a previous ROH TV episode, which Hendry lost. Hendry is attacked in United, and Dalton Castle makes the save. The segment ends with Castle giving Hendry a rather suspicious look.

No Disqualification Match: Sumi Sakai and Jenny Rose vs The Allure

The bell rings and the babyfaces immediately attack the heels. Sumi and Jenny send the Allure running into each other. The fans are loving this. They roll Mandy Leon into the ring. The babyfaces double team Mandy now. Mandy is able to fight back. Mandy pulls out a chain and starts choking Jenny. Mandy pushes her over the apron and holds on with the chain around her throat. He eventually allows her to drop to the outside.

The Allure set up Sumi Sakai on a chair and hit a double dropkick. Sumi Sakai attacks the Allure with a doll. She hits them both in the face with it. She places the doll in the middle of the ring and bows to it. Sumi places the chair in the middle of the ring. She nails Angelina with a brainbuster onto the chair, but only gets a 2 count out of it. Sumi climbs to the top and jumps off with a moonsault, but Angelina rolls out of the way and Sumi goes into the chair.

On the stage, Jenny spears Mandy.

Back in the ring, Sumi and Angelina play tug of war with the chair. Sumi lets go and the chair smacks Angelina in the face. Sumi reaches for the doll and goes to hit Angelina with it, but Angelina ducks and nails the Botox Injection for the win.

Winners: The Allure

*After the match, Angelina Love goes to cut a promo like “Hulk” Hogan for some reason, but Maria Manic’s music interrupts. Manic comes out, grabs Love’s microphone, and tells her that at Final Battle “you’re dead, bitch.” Love shrinks into the corner and cowers away.

Match: Kenny King vs. Eli Isom vs. PJ Black vs. Ultimo Guerrero

All four men start the match, but Kenny King gets the upperhand. King puts Isom in a boston crab. Black puts King in a submission, then Guerrero puts Black in a submission. They all hold the move for a few seconds before everyone breaks it.

Guerrero and Isom are left in the ring, but Guerrero kicks him off the apron onto the floor. Kenny comes in, but Guerrero hits him with hard knife edge chops. Guerrero hits his signature handstand into a broncobuster in the corner. Guerrero turns around and Isom comes off the turnbuckle with a drop kick.

Black and Isom have a temporary alliance. They get Guerrero out of the ring. Both men hit suicide dives on the other men roll back into the ring. Black and Isom battle in the ring, but both men go down during a double crossbody. King comes in to take advantage. He nails the chin-checker on Black then drops him with a kick. Kenny picks up Isom and hits a reverse suplex into a stunner. He goes for a pin, but Black kicks him in the face.

Guerrero comes in and lifts up King and Black. He’s threatening to bash both their heads together. Isom comes off the turnbuckle and nails a crossbody on all three men. Isom is able to get all three men out of the ring. Kenny King retreats up the ramp. Isom hits a springboard off the apron onto Black and Guerrero.
All three men are getting back to their feet. Out of nowhere Kenny King dives off the stage, over some fans heads, and lands onto all three men. Someone yells “oh shit!” while Kenny is in the air.

King and Black battle up the turnbuckle. Black starts to take control, but Amy Rose trips him. Isom climbs up to suplex King, but Black gets behind him and we see a german suplex/superplex combo with Black being the only one to survive it.

Guerrero lifts Black up onto the turnbuckle and hits a faceplant off it. He goes for the pin, but Isom breaks it. Isom lifts up Guerrero and hits a Death Valley Driver on Guerrero. Black superkicks Isom. Black hits a new finisher that’s a moonsault into a double stomp. He covers him Isom for the win.

Winner: PJ Black

*After the match, we get a short video package that promotes Final Battle on December 13th.

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