ROH TV Results 12/30/19

ROH TV Results 12/30/19

-The show opens with clips of the main event for G1 Supercard which featured Kazuchika Okada and Jay White.

-Ian Riccobani greets up for today’s special episode which will feature clips from the G1 Supercard throughout the show.

Match: Jeff Cobb vs. Will Ospreay

The bell rings and Cobb immediately takes it to Ospreay. He sends Ospreay outside the ring. Cobb attempts to attack him on the outside, but he uses the barricade to jump off of and onto Cobb.

Ospreay goes back into the ring and flies over the top rope onto Cobb, but Cobb catches him. He’s going for a powerslam onto the floor, but Ospreay reverses it into a tornado DDT. They both make their way back into the ring.

Ospreay attempts to jump on Cobb, but he grabs him in midair. He goes for a bell-to-bell, but Ospreay elbows his way out. Ospreay goes to the turnbuckle, but Cobb meets him at the top. Cobb hits a Super stalling Suplex off the middle turnbuckle. We go to commercial.

Back from break, Cobb is laying into Ospreay with punches. Ospreay gets to his feet and tries to fight back, but Cobb nails him in the face and knocks him down. He gets back to his feet and decks Cobb in the face, but it has no effect on him. Cobb runs off the ropes and goes for a massive clothesline, but Ospreay turns it into a Spanish Fly.

Ospreay takes advantage by going to the top of the turnbuckle and waits for Cobb to get up. Ospreay nails a missile dropkick that takes Cobb to his knees. Ospreay removes his elbow pads and goes to attack Cobb, but Cobb grabs him and spins him for the Tour of the Islands finisher. Ospreay reverses it in mid spin and turns it into a sunset flip pin attempt. Cobb kicks out.

Opreay goes for a big boot, but Cobb catches it and flips him over. Ospreay lands on his feet, but Cobb nails a huge clothesline that levels Ospreay to the mat. Cobbs gets to his and climbs the turnbuckle. Cobb goes for a frogsplash, but Ospreay rolls out of the way. Ospreay kicks Cobb across the neck. He calls for the Os-Cutter. Cobb gets to his feet and Ospreay goes for his finisher, but Cobb catches him and tosses him to the turnbuckle. Ospreay launches immediately off the turnbuckle and hits the Os-Cutter. He goes for a pin but Cobb kicks out just before three. The crowd is shocked.

Ospreay waits for Cobb to get to his feet. He takes him back down with a heel kick. Ospreay goes for the Stormbreaker, but Cobb uses his weight to escape onto the turnbuckle. Cobb holds onto the turnbuckle as Ospreay climbs up after him and attempts the Stormbreaker once again. Cobb fights off and hits the Tour of the Islands off the turnbuckle. Cobb his hyped up now. He lifts Ospreay up a second time and hits another Tour of the Islands for the victory.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

-Ian Riccobani welcomes us back and introduces the next match. This match featured ROH and NJPW in a royal rumble over-the-top style match.

Over-The-Top Match: Honor Rumble

The match begins with Kenny King, who requested to the be the first man out.

We cut to the middle of the match where Brian of the Bouncers is throwing everyone out. We get another countdown and its Jyushin Liger to a huge reaction from the crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Another cut shows PJ Black being eliminated. Another countdown happens and we see the entrance for The Great Muta. Muta’s entrance attire is a xeomorph from the Alien series.

Another cut shows only Great Muta and Liger in the ring. The fans are on their feet. Chants of “this is awesome” start up. Out of nowhere Kenny King re-enters the ring and tosses both men out and is declared the winner. Fans don’t look happy for all the wrong reasons.

Winner: Kenny King

-Ian welcomes us back again and introduces a ladder match between Jay Lethal, Matt Taven and Marty Scurll.

ROH World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: Jay Lethal vs. Marty Scurll vs. Matt Taven

The bell rings. Lethal and Taven begin attacking each other as Scurll quickly escapes the ring and goes for a ladder. Lethal takes down Taven then quickly does a baseball slide outside the ring that hits the ladder into Scurll’s face. Lethal and Scurll go to battle, but Taven flies over the top rope and takes them both down.

Lethal is the first back to his feet. He attacks both men with a chair, then grabs the ladder. Lethal sets the ladder on top of two open chairs to make a table out of it. Scurll comes out of nowhere to attack Lethal, and bashes his face into the ladder. Scurll slides two ladders into the ring and sets them both up leaning against turnbuckles. Taven enters the ring, but Scurll sends him into both ladders repeatedly. He goes to focus on a third ladder, but Lethal comes in and sends Scurll into the turnbuckle ladders as well.

Lethal grabs one of the ladders and casually dumps it onto Scurll. He takes the second ladder and throws it out of the ring onto Taven. Lethal attempts to irish whip Scurll into the ladder in the corner, but Scurll stops and reverses Lethal into it.

Scurll hangs Lethal upside down on the turnbuckle and traps him in the ladder. Scurll takes a steel chair and smacks the ladder with it, right into Lethal’s face. We cut to commercial.

Back from break and Scurll puts the ladder on Lethal’s head. He goes for a superkick, but Taven pulls him out of the ring. Taven slides in and nails a superkick of his own instead. Taven starts to climb the ladder, but Scurll slides in and pulls him off. Scurll sends Taven to the outside.

Scurll starts climbing the ladder, but this time Lethal enters the ring and pulls him off. Scurll tries to climb up anyway, so Lethal locks in a figure four off the ladder. While they’re distracted, Taven enters the ring and tries to climb the other side. Lethal makes a choice and lets go of the figure four, then tosses Taven back out of the ring.

Lethal and Scurll continue trading blows inside the ring. Scurll sends Lethal to the outside. Marty goes for his superkick from the apron, but his knee gives out. Lethal takes advantage and hits a Cutter onto the apron.

Lethal tries to enter the ring, but Lethal slides under his legs and onto the floor. Taven grabs Lethal off the apron and sends him through the ladders set up at the beginning of the match with a powerbomb. Taven enters the ring. Scurll knocks him into the ropes. Scurll hits a 619 and calls for the Chickenwing. He gets hyped and gets the fans behind it. Taven turns around and hits a lowblow. Fans begin booing hard. Taven blows them a kiss. The audio is really odd her as the boos go from nothing to deafening to nothing again very quickly. Taven nails a DDT onto Scurll and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial Scurll and Taven are fighting at the top of the ladder. Scurll manages to hit a Super Suplex. Back to their feet, Lethal and Scurll reverse each other. Lethal recovers and goes for a Cutter, but Scurll locks in the chickenwing instead. Lethal tumbles backwards which sends both men into the ladder. Scurll rolls out of the ring to recover.

Lethal tries to climb the ladder. Once he gets to the top, Taven climbs up after him. Lethal turns around and starts punching his head. With a spit to the face, Lethal hits one more punch that knocks Taven off. From behind and out of nowhere, Marty climbs the turnbuckle and locks in the chickenwing. Lethal loses his energy and topples to the mat. Taven climbs up now and they battle at the top. Taven goes to reach for the title, and Scrull breaks his fingers. Taven tries to reach with his other hand now, and Scurll breaks those fingers too. Taven knocks Scurll off. Taven tries to reach up but can’t because his fingers hurt too bad and falls off the ladder in the pain.

Back from commercial, Lethal has a table set up outside the ring. He places Taven on top. Lethal sets up and a ladder on the floor and climbs it. Lethal jumps off the turnbuckle with an elbow drop and nails it. Both men stay down.

Scurll is inside the ring and sets up a ladder. Outside the ring, we see Lethal is getting to his feet. He rolls into the ring as Scurll begins climbing the ladder. The meet at the top. Both men trade punches. Taven slides in a purple ladder which is way taller than theirs. Taven starts climbing but Lethal knocks him off. All three men are on the mat now. Scurll attacks Lethal with the ladder and sends him outside the ring. Taven grabs a steel chair. Lethal goes to climb the ladder, but Taven nails him in the back with the chair. Taven stops on top of Lethal and uses him as a step onto the ladder. Taven and Lethal battle on top of the ladder. Taven knocks Lethal off and sends him through a ladder on the mat.

Taven reaches up and grabs the ROH World Heavyweight title to become the champion.

Winner: Matt Taven

ROH gives special things to their production team throughout the year and during the G1 Supercard show. We go off the air.

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