ROH TV Results for 08/29/18 - Bully & Silas versus Best Friends

ROH TV Results for 08/29/18 – Bully & Silas versus Best Friends

Recap by James Walsh of the Wrestling Epicenter

Match 1:
ROH Women of Honor Championship Match:
Sumi Sakai (champion) versus Madison Rayne (challenger)
The wrestlers both receive an in-ring introduction s after their music plays them to the ring as is customary for title bouts. Madison Rayne has the advantage throughout the majority of the fight. Mandy Leon is on commentary with Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana. They put over how long Sakai has been at it and only glance over some of Rayne’s accomplishments never mentioning Impact Wrestling, Knockouts, or TNA by name. In the end, after a few near falls, Saka hits Rayne with the “Smash Mouth” for the pin.

Winner and STILL ROH Women of Honor Champion: Sumi Sakai

After the match, the code of honor is honored as the competitors hug it out.

A promo talking about the feud between Shane Taylor and Josh Woods is shown. Woods implies there is no way something isn’t up with Taylor’s “one punch” right hand because he’s never been hit nearly as hard as that in all his MMA bouts.

Match 2:
“Notorious” Shane Taylor versus Josh “The Goods” Woods
Woods is pacing like a caged animal but there is no cage for this fight. The finish comes when woods removes Taylor’s glove and finds a weight within it that explains his “one punch” power. But, as Colt Cabana points out, immediately thereafter Taylor takes out Woods with the “Greetings from the 216”, a version of Bam Bam Bigelow’s famed “Greetings from Asbury Park” finish for the win.

Winner: “Notorious” Shane Taylor

SoCal Uncensored interview backstage interview. They take shots at the Briscoe’s home town.

Video preview for the upcoming Jay Lethal/Jonathan Gresham “Iron Man” match! It is next week! 30 minute “Iron Man” match for the ROH WOrld Heavyweight Title. Lethal/Gresham III!

Match 3:
Top Prospect Match:
Charles Zanders versus Marcus Kross
Jeff Cobb, who many know as Matanza Cueto from Lucha Underground, hits the ring and obliterates both men.

Winner: No Contest

Match #4:
Bully Ray & Silas Young versus “Best Friends” CHuck Taylor & Trent Barretta:
Before the match, Bully jaw jacks with Colt Cabana. He says Colt Cabana does not draw money… Caprice Coleman called Bully Ray and SIlas Young “Grumpy Old Men”. While funny, I don’t see either man jumping at that tag team name. Though Bully and “The Last Real Man” have a lot in common, they are not on the same page during the match. In fact, Bully is often seen bossing Young around and scolding him. On the other side of the ring, it should be noted that this is Barretta’s first match back on ROH TV in many months after a severe sidelining injury.
In the end, Bully looks for the hot tag from his partner and just as Silas Young was set to make said tag, Bully dropped off the ring apron like Sid Justice did to Hulk Hogan on the Main Event against Flair and the Undertaker and said Young is going to “learn a lesson”. “Best Friends” finish Young off shortly thereafter. Hmm.

Winners: “Best Friends” Chuck Taylor and Trent Barretta


– Madison Rayne challenged for the ROH Women of Honor title the night before Slammiversary which tells you when this was filmed. I was surprised that many of the crowd were cheering for Rayne over Sakai.
– THe Women of Honor division is deceptively deep. Not all are exclusive, obviously, to Ring of Honor. But, there is a lot of talent there. I look forward to a possible feud between Tenille Dashwood and Kelly Klein. I believe that is where the money match is especially if one should end up as Women of Honor Champion. Dashwood, formerly Emma, has that shot at Death Before Dishonor on September 28th.
– Shane Taylor is destined for big things in Ring of Honor.
– No one mentioned Matanza Cueto or Lucha Underground when singing Jeff Cobb’s praises. I found that interesting as also no one praised Madison Rayne’s Impact Wrestling history which is probably her highest profile success. I’d use the Matanza character as a point of reference because he has been a dominant part of Lucha Underground since nearly the beginning, certainly since Season 2.
– I’m not sure I’d have Bully Ray and Silas Young at odds. In a strange way, they could forge a union between experienced wrestlers against the “young boys”. Think WCW’s feud with the “New Blood”. The story is that Young is lost after losing his TV title and that Bully is trying to build him back up. I’ll wait and see how it plays out. It is interesting.

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