AEW Double Or Nothing PPV Results 5/25/19

AEW Double Or Nothing PPV Results 5/25/19

Welcome to LoP’s live coverage of AEW’s first ever event, Double or Nothing, taking place from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tonight’s show will be available on Bleacher Report Live or pay per view for all major cable and satellite providers in the United States, or FITE TV in the U.K. thanks to ITV. Feel free to sound off in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Watch the pre-show for free below!

Preshow (Buy In) opens to loud AEW chants. The commentary team, Alex Marvez and Excalibur, welcome us to the Double or Nothing preshow, streaming on B/R Live and the AEW Youtube channel. We’re beginning with the Casino Battle Royale. (Reminder…the winner of this match faces the winner of tonight’s main event for a future AEW World title opportunity.)


MJF, Dustin Thomas, Brandon Cutler, Michael Nakazawa, and Sunny Daze all begin. MJF talks trash to Cutler, screaming that he’s only in the match because the Elite wanted to do him a favor. Nakazawa with a fun body oil spot to escape the clutches of Daze. Daze nearly tosses Cutler out early. Commentary puts over what a Cinderella story it is for both men to be in the matchup.

Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc, Brian Pillman Jr, and Shawn Spears are the next group in. Spears goes right after MJF…Yushi Giroshi backbreaker. Crowd with loud “10 chants.”

Next group: Billy Gunn, Glacier, Jungle Boy, Ace Romero, and Mark Quinn.

Jungle Boy spikes Janels with a headscissor. Glacier and MJF have a showdown in the center of the ring. MJF taunts Glacier, but eats a flurry of strike from the former WCW star. In the chaos…Michael Nakazawa gets tossed. Sunny Daze climbs…Glacier freezes him and pushes him out! MJF out of nowhere throws out Glacier! Gunn attempts to eliminate MJF but he skins the cat to stay in. Joey Janela lights a cigarette during all the mayhem.

Next round enters: Marko Stunt, Luchasaurus, Sonny Kiss, and Tommy Dreamer.

Stunt with a pop-up codebreaker onto Gunn. Romero takes out Luchasaurus and Dreamer with a suicide dive. Fight spills back into the ring…Luchasaurus and Romero lay into each other with stiff shots. Dreamer runs backstage and grabs a trash can and lid. He tosses it into the ring and takes out the lot with headshots! Havoc comes at him…cutter! Dreamer standing tall with everyone down. Luchasaurus with a double-chokeslam. Music hits for the wild card…it’s Hangman Page! His knee is all taped up from the attack by PAC.

Page with a lariat to everyone. He levels Spears with a big boot, then tosses Jungle Boy with a fallaway slam. Janela and Page staredown…hockey fight. Janela off the ropes…Page with a discuss elbow. He picks Janela up…Deadeye finisher. Page tries to lift Romero in a firemans carry…his knee buckles and he hits the mat.

Jungle Boy and Stunt team up to wear down the bigger Romero. Jungle Boy with a sleeper…Romero crushes him with a back-drop. Stunt responds with an eniguri that rocks Romero. He tries to run a criss-cross…ROMERO SHOULDER BLOCKS HIM OUT OF THE RING. Stunt has been eliminated. Jungle Boy sneaks up on Romero…dropkick…he eliminates the big guy.

Spears plants Janela with a DDT. Dustin Thomas climbs the ropes…450. MJF picks him up and tries to eliminate him but Thomas pushes him away. Spears comes close…Thomas grabs a guillotine and pulls Spears out. As Thomas tries to climb back in…MJF eliminates him. Billy Gunn with a fameasser. He tries to throw MJF out but MJF reverses the momentum and tosses him. Cutler gets eliminated. Luchasaurus picks Joey Janela up…and chokeslams him through a table on the outside eliminating him.

Sonny Kiss has a great spot with Tommy Dreamer, but the ECW legend eliminates him. Orange Cassidy is in. He lays into Dreamer with his non-powerful strikes. Dreamer indulges him…then tosses him out. Havoc goes after Dreamer with a staple gun! Dreamer is nearly blinded. Havoc eliminates him, then tosses Jungle Boy.

Final four: MJF, Jimmy Havoc, Hangman Page, and Luchasaurus. The three men team up on MJF and stomp him to the ground. He rolls under the ring. Havoc decapitates page with a rainmaker clothesline. He picks up Page…DVD. He goes for the clothesline again…Page ducks and goes for the Deadeye…Havoc ends up on the apron…Luchasaurus eliminates him with a pumping thrust kick! Luchasaurus and Page trade strikes…Page is near the ropes…Luchasaurus charges…Page ducks and Luchsaurus eliminates himself! MJF out of nowhere pushes Page out but he hangs on! Buckshot lariat takes MJF down. Page has him set up…lariat over the top! Page is your winner.

Hangman Page wins the Casino Battle Royale

Loud ovation for Page…he will face the winner of Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. Highlights of the match are shown, including a 619 from Dustin Thomas that I had missed earlier.

Backstage Alicia Atout interviews Kylie Rae. Rae says that she is ecstatic to be here at Double or Nothing. Peter Avalon quiets Rae and introduces himself as the librarian. Leva Bates comes in and quiets him down. The two get into a sshhhhing contest with Rae looking on looking bewildered.

Video promo hyping Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes is played. It includes footage that has been airing on the Nightmare Family Road to Double or Nothing series.

Sammy Guevara makes his way to the ring for our final bout of the Buy In preshow. His opponent Kip Sabian is out second. Commentary team thanks all of the AEW fans in the U.K. and Ireland for tuning in on ITV.

Sammy Guevara versus Kip Sabian

Tie-up. Sabian with a takedown. Guevara maintains the grapple, gets to his feet, and applies a headlock. Sabian responds with a headscissor but Guevara pops right back up and plays to the crowd. Sabian with the headlock this time…Guevara shifts his weight to trap Sabian’s neck in his legs. Action picks up…both men bounce off the ropes…Sabian hits a frankensteiner and leg-lariat in succession. Guevara shows off his athleticism by back-flipping over Sabian…he sends him to the mat with a dropkick. Guevara to the apron…Sabian PK’s him to ringside. He goes for a tope…Guevara moves but Sabian remained on the apron…plancha takes him down. He throws Guevara back in the ring…Guevara right off the ropes…tope suicido!

Back in the ring…Guevara thrusts his shoulders into Sabian’s gut. Big chop. Standing double-stomp onto Sabian’s lower-back. Guevara with some trash talk…Sabian takes advantage and locks in a kneebar submission…Guevara is in trouble…he manages to break the hold by getting to the ropes. Irish whip…Sabian charges…Guevara catches him in a powerslam. He climbs…moonsault…Sabian mvoes but Guevara lands on his feet and hits a standing moonsault. Back to his feet…standing shooting star…cover but only two. Sabian with some separation…springboard missile dropkick drops Guevara. Both men are down.

Sabian goes for a suplex…Guevara falls behind him but eats an elbow…Guevara fires off a superman forearm. Suplex from Guevara…they both fall over the top rope…Guevara remained in contact and snaps a suplex off onto the arena floor. Crowd with loud AEW chants after that spot. Guevara drapes Sabian off the barricade…he goes to the apron…shooting star connects! Guevara throws Sabian back in…he climbs for the 630…Sabian got the knees up! Sabian to his feet…burning hammer driver…cover….got em!

Kip Sabian wins by pinfall

Following the match, a promo package for Sadie Gibbs is played. Commentary team tells us that she’s from the U.K.

The Oklahoma Sooners theme song hits and we see Jim Ross walking backstage. Cut to another side of the arena…a huge limo pick-up truck pulls up. The window goes down…it’s Pharaoh. Door opens and Brandi Rhodes comes out…followed by the American Nightmare himself…Cody Rhodes. They share a kiss.

Cut to Kenny Omega, who does his famous thumbs up from Being the Elite.

Elsewhere…Matt Jackson is walking backstage…he runs into Michael Nakazawa…who introduces himself, angering Matt. Nick Jackson rolls up and asks if he’s okay. A crew member tells them they need credentials…Nick Jackson superkicks him. “Let’s go start the show.”

The Being the Elite theme plays….Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, Brandi Rhodes, and Kenny Omega make their way into the arena. They all argue over who gets to welcome the audience to the first ever AEW show…Kenny Omega says he didn’t get to do this at ALL IN, and starts an AEW chant. Omega says he has so much energy that he feels like they could do no wrong. Matt Jackson thinks it’s great that 20,000 people showed up. Cody Rhodes reminds him that the arena only holds 13,000 but Matt informs him to round up.

Brandi gets on the mic and says this is the first sensory inclusive event in wrestling history. Cody asks if everyone is ready to make history? Loud applause…here we go.

Christopher Jackson from the Hamilton musical, along with Veronica Jackson and Jacqueline Jackson sing the National Anthem. Pyro goes off!

Footage of AEW’s ticket announce party is spliced with clips of BTE, and AAA.

Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Alex Marvez officially welcome us to the main card of AEW Double or Nothing. They run down the evening’s card, and say that we’ll be beginning with a hot tag match…SCU against OWE.

SoCal Uncensored is out first, led by faction leader Christopher Daniels. Loud SCU chants. Scorpio Sky grabs the mic and calls Las Vegas the worst town he’s ever been in, which is a signature SCU pre-match announcement. Daniels begins singing Queen…and says that there no better way to open the show than with the best faction of all-time. Kazaria leads everyone in final SCU chant. Team OWE, aka the Strong Hearts, are out second.

SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky) versus Strong Hearts (Cima, T-Hawk, El Lindaman)

Daniels and Cima begin. Daniels with a chinlock…he bounces off the ropes and takes Cima down with a shoulder block. Arm-drag from Daniels…Cima responds with one of his own. They both go for one which ends with a stalemate and a staredown. Kazarian and T-Hawk come in. Kazarian with a firemans carry, then lands a strong lariat that nearly takes T-Hawk’s head off. T-Hawk back up…huge chop to Kazarian’s chest. Waistlock from T-Hawk…Sky blindly tags in and delivers a flush dropkick.

Lindaman tags and, along with T-Hawk, wears Sky down with some tandem offense. Standing frog-splash connects. Sky manages to hit a powerslam…he brings Kazarian back in…they double-team Lindaman, then knock the rest of the Strong Hearts off the apron. Daniels gets invovled…triple-team offense ending with a huge slingshot dropkick from Kazarian. Daniels gets trapped in the ropes and Cima flys out of nowhere with a top rope knee drop. All six men are in now…the Strong Hearts clear the ring…Cima with a running meteora onto Daniels. Strong Hearts in control.

Cima and T-Hawk drill Daniels with a double-dropkick. Lindaman hits Daniels with a jawbreaker, then smashes Daniels in his team’s corner. T-Hawk ties Daniels up in an STF…Cima and Lindaman add pain by dropkicking Daniels in the face while the submission is still on. Sky breaks the hold…Daniels is able to tag him in. Sky runs through the Strong Hearts…running double-stomp to Cima’s back but T-Hawk and Lindaman are able to isolate Sky…more triple-team from the Strong Hearts…German suplex…another one with pin…two count.

Kazarian almost steals a win with a northern lights suplex. Daniels with a mid-rope stomp…he flies across the ring and connects with a suicide dive onto T-Hawk on the outside. All six-men getting involved again…Cima and Daniels take each other out with a running lariat. Daniels hits the angels wings onto Cima but Lindaman was the legal man! Fight spills to the outside…Sky takes out the lot with a tope con hilo. Daniels and Kazarian catch Cima by himself…moonsault tombstone combo…that’ll do it.

SoCal Uncensored wins by pinfall

Allie has joined the commentary team. Ross asks if she’s excited for the first ever AEW women’s match…she says of course.

Kylie Rae is out for AEW’s first women’s division match ever, followed by Nyla Rose and Britt Baker.

CFO Brandi Rhodes comes out in her gear for a special announcement. She says that from the bottom of her heart…she knew this triple-threat would be great…but she doesn’t want it to be great…she wants it to be awesome.

AWESOME KONG IS HERE. Rhodes accompanies her to ringside.

Kylie Rae versus Britt Baker versus Nyla Rose versus Awesome Kong

Kong and Rose have a staredown…Rae and Baker go after Kong who shrugs them off. Rose slaps Kong in the face but Kong knocks her out of the ring with a spinning backfist. Kong overpowers the smaller Rae and Baker…powerslamming one onto the other. Kong lands a splash. She runs at Rae, who ducks and pulls the rope down sending Kong to the outside.

Baker and Rae go at it in the ring…nice chain wrestling from both. Baker hits a northern lights suplex, then mocks Rae with her own pose. Rae traps Baker in the corner…she misses a charge…Baker dives onto Kong on the outside but Kong catches her…suicide dive from Rae.

Brandi cheers on Awesome Kong as she looks to beat up Baker out on the floor, spinning backfist to the face. Baker and Awesome Kong on the apron, she looks to powerbomb Baker, but she fights out it, superkick by Baker, another by Rae sending her to the floor and Rose with a spear into the steps. Rae and Baker are still in the ring, Baker with a roll-up. Rae with a big kick to the head. Baker recover with a swinging leg hook, pin, two. Rae with a nice deadlift german suplex on Baker, cover, two. Baker with a superkick, lifts and drops Rae’s face down on her knee, cover, 1-2-3.

Britt Baker wins by pinfall

Backstage, we see Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho preparing for their showdown.

The Best Friends, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta, make their way out. Their opponents…Jack Evans and Angelico are out second. Commentary reminds us that they were AAA tag team champions at one point.

Best Friends versus Jack Evans & Angelico

Beretta and Evans begin. Tie-up. Neither is able to gain the upper hand. Evans tries a shoulder block but Beretta overpowers him to the mat, then flexes for the live crowd. Taylor gets tagged in…they drag in Angelico and set them up in the corner with running lariats. They go for their signature hug…dropkicks from Evans and Angelico! They hit the Best Friends with their high flying combos. Muta lock and penalty kick, followed by an assisted 450 splash.

Angelico takes Beretta down with a stiff lariat. Angelico picks Beretta up…modified dominator. Angelico immediately transitions into a half-crab. Taylor breaks the old but eats a slap in the face for his troubles. Angelico isolates Beretta in the corner…Beretta gets the boots up on the charge. He tries to tag out but Evans knocks Taylor off the apron. Beretta continues to take the onslaught…double-irish whip…Beretta hits the turnbuckles so hard he does the Shawn Michaels pop-over. Eventually…he tags out.

Taylor with a running forearms…Evans and Angelico try to use the numbers advantage…Taylor traps Evans in the corner, then sends Angelico into him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Guillotine drop onto Evans from Taylor…he goes after Angelico at ringside with a standing sliced bread. Back in the ring…he climbs…double-foot stomp onto Evans connects. Cover…Evans escapes. Beretta back in…Evans surprises him with a Pele kick. Taylor takes Evans out with a running blockbuster DDT. The Best Friends hug it out. Razor’s edge into a lungblower from the Best Friends…Evans gets a shoulder up at the last second on the pin attempt. Taylor gets sent to the outside by Angelico…assisted code-red from Angelico and Evans onto Beretta. Angelico suplexes Evans onto Beretta, who switches to a 450 mid-air.

Angelico picks up Beretta in a firemans carry…Evans jumps off Beretta’s back and takes out Taylor with a moonsault to the outside. Angelico with a buckle bomb razor’s edge…Evans climbs….630! Cover…Taylor stops the pin! Evans picks Beretta up…cradle….Evans escapes. “This is awesome” chants begin. Evans tries a superplex…Taylor sneaks underneath Evans…Doomsday device dropkick. They pick Evans up…tag team scrunchie driver…cover…that’ll do it.

Best Friends win by pinfall

Post match…all four men hug it out. The lights go out…a bunch of masked men appear and put a beating on everyone in the ring. Ross isn’t sure who they are, nor does the crowd. After doing some research, they are confirmed as the Super Smash Bros. They destroy Beretta with a gory special and eclipse double-team.

Cut to video footage of ALL IN, where Cody Rhodes made his infamous speech about no one in particular owning pro-wrestling. All In 2 is then announced for August 31st, as AEW returns to the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Next up…six-woman tag action. Riho and Ryo Mizunami are out first, along with their partner Kikarua Shida. They’ll be facing…Emi Sakura, Aja Kong, and Yuka Sakazaki, who are all out second.

Emi Sakura & Aja Kong & Yuka Sakazaki versus Riho Mizunami & Ryo Mizunami & Hikarua Shida

Shida and Sakazaki begin. Nice sequence of counters, but neither lady is able to gain the upper hand. Kong and Ryo come in. Grapple…both ladies are quite powerful, with neither being able to budge the other. Kong forces her to the ropes…big chop. Ryo tries to shoulder bump Kong but Kong barely moves. Ryo tries again…nothing. A third-time does the trick. Kong slows Ryo down, then plays to the crowd.

Riho and Sakura are at it now. Knuckle-lock…Sakura with a carthwheel escape, then connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Surfboard submission from Sakura. Loud “this is wrestling” chants from the crowd. Kong back in…she boots Riho in the back. Riho gets to her feet and lands a few strikes but Kong picks her up with single-arm and powerslams her. Big elbow drop from Kong nearly wins the match. Kong deadlifts her…piledriver. Ryo and Shida break the pin attempt. Action picks up with all six-women getting involved. Riho with a flurry of chops in the corner onto Sakura. Huge running lariat, followed by a huge back suplex. Kong gets taken down by Ryo with a headscissor…619 lands! Kong fires back with a back-drop driver. Kong climbs the the middle-rope…she misses an elbow.

Shida tags in and nails Kong with an enziguri. Kong grabs a trash can while Shida gets a kendo stick…the ref gets distracted and doesn’t see any of this. They have a sword fight the weapons which Shida wins. Kong fires back…slamming the trash can off her head. Action breaks down again…Shida with an apron superplex onto Sakura. Ryo with a jumping knee strike…Kong double-suplexes the Mizunami sisters all on her own. Sakura climbs to the top…moonsault lands. Cover…one…two…kickout! Kong accidentally nails Sakazaki with a backfist. Shida takes advantage and picks up the win for her team.

Riho Mizunami & Ryo Mizunai & Hikarua Shida win by pinfall

Cut to the commentary team, where J.R. admits that he feels a little uncomfortable about what’s coming next…Dustin and Cody. They say that it’s an amazing story, but not necessarily a happy story.

Promo package for Cody versus Dustin Rhodes plays. In case you missed it…Cody compared facing Dustin as a man putting away a rabid dog by shooting it in the head.

The lights go out…then come up on a throne near the entrance path. It is very reminiscent of Triple H set-piece. “Wrestling has only one royal family.” Cody Rhodes is out first for this grudge match with his older brother. Brandi joins him. They stare at the throne, then make their way to the ring. Brandi hands Cody a sledge-hammer…he goes back and destroys the throne with one swing of the hammer. He goes back to the ring to loud “Cody” chants.

Dustin Rhodes is out next. His attire is black and red to match his face paint. He’s introduced as “The Natural Dustin Rhodes.” Here we go.

Dustin Rhodes versus Cody

Dustin and Cody haven’t even tied up yet and the crowd erupts. Loud chants of “this is awesome” and “Dusty.” Tie-up. Cody shoves Dustin off and they both reset. Cody with a back heel-trip…he cartwheels out and does his old Stardust pose! Dustin shakes it off and they reset once again. Headlock from Cody…he lands his signature drop-down punch, then tosses Dustin to the outside. Cody builds up steam…suicide dive connects. He plays like he’s going to throw Dustin into the crowd, but instead aims him in the ring. Dustin catapults back and lands a kick. Dustin on the apron…running senton! Back in the ring Dustin with a running bulldog. He climbs Cody in the corner and lands the 10-mounted punches. Cody slides to the outside to regain his composure. He takes a drink of water by ring announcer before going back in the ring.

Cody distracts the ref…Brandi throws the water in Dustin’s face! Gutbuster by Cody. Early cover…two count. Cody slows the action down with an abdominal stretch. He picks his brother up….dragon screw. Dustin fires off a few right hands but Cody keeps him grounded with kicks to the gut. Dustin charges Cody in the corner…Cody pops over him….powerslam from Cody. He continues to go after Dustin’s leg…Dustin builds momentum and connects with a lariat. Signature Rhodes punch. lands. He ties Cody up in the corner for the shattered dreams….Cody removes the turnbuckle pad so Dustin doesn’t attempt the kick…he tosses the pad into the crowd, then charges….Cody drops him into the exposed steel. He rolls to the outside. Brandi starts screaming at Dustin who walks towards her…Brandi with a spear! Referee Earl Hebner sees it and tosses her! Cody can’t believe it. Brandi refuses to leave…DDP comes out and takes her out over his shoulder. Meanwhile, Dustin has been busted open.

Cody targets the wound and rips at it with his fingernails. Dustin is bleeding everywhere. Cody slowing picking him apart….he nails him with a dropkick, then unloads right hands onto Dustin. Cody seems taken aback…he stomps Dustin down in the corner. Hard Irish-whip by Cody and Dustin hits the turnbuckles hard. Dustin reverses the next Irish-whip…he goes for a rebound slam but Cody holds the ropes…curb stomp by Cody! Cover…Dustin kicks out. Cody climbs the middle-rope….axe handle. Now Cody goes to the top…Dustin avoids it…rebound slam connects this time! Cover…Cody out at two. Cody baits Dustin in…he traps him in the figure-four in the center! Dustin almost gets counted out but rallies at the last second. He’s able to reverse the pressure! Cody in trouble now…he gets to the ropes.

Cody removes his belt but Hebnerstops him from using it. Dustin takes advantage…atomic drop. He pulls down Cody’s pants and whips him in the ass with the belt! To the corner….Dustin with a code red! Nearfall! Crowd on their feet. Dustin puts Cody up for a superplex…he hits it! Dustin picks Cody up…final cut…CODY GETS A SHOULDER UP. He goes for another…Cody with a low-blow…ref didn’t see it…disaster kick lands. Cross-Rhodes from Cody! Cover…one…two…kickout! “Fight forever” chants. Dustin with a headbutt…he sets Cody up…he uses the Cross-Rhodes on Cody. Cody kicks out at the LAST second.

Back and forth striking…Cody with an uppercut…Dustin responds with one of his own…pumping thrust kick…Cody off the ropes…Dustin connects with a very ugly Spanish-Fly but the impact is there…another two count. Dustin slaps Cody in the face…no effect….Cody drops Dustin on his head with a gory driver. He picks him up…Cross-Rhodes. One…two…it’s over.

Cody wins by pinfall

Post-match, Cody goes to leave…but returns and grabs a microphone. Loud “Thank you Dustin” chants. Cody stops them…he says that Dustin doesn’t get to retire here. He says that at their next event, Fight for the Fallen, he signed for a match against the Young Bucks with a partner of his choosing. “But Dustin…I don’t need a partner…I don’t need a friend…I need my older brother.” Both men with tears in their eyes…they embrace. Standing ovation.

Back to the commentary team…Ross says he’s not crying he just has allergies. They recap the Casino Battle Royale from the BUY IN preshow, which was won by Hangman Page.

Jack Whitehall is in the ring…he introduces Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who will be revealing the AEW World championship. Hart thanks the fans for their response, and says he’s truly grateful to be here. He thanks AEW for giving him the chance to present the AEW World title…he brings out Hangman Page to join him in the ring. Page is out, but MJF’s music hits and he makes his way out as well, with a microphone in hand.

MJF does his normal introduction. He calls himself the quintessential future of AEW “because god knows a horse can’t be it.” MJF then goes after Page…”do you know what happens to a horse with a bumb leg? You take them around back…and blow their stupid little brains out.” MJF wants Page to relinquish his title opportunity…then insults Bret Hart and Page. Page tries to take a swing at him but MJF sleazes away. Jungle Boy comes out to confront MJF…MJF walks by him…Jimmy Havoc then comes out and stops MJF from leaving. Page, Havoc, and Jungle Boy all surround MJF…MJF goes for a sucker punch…MJF gets beaten down and taken out by Havoc and Jungle Boy.

Bret Hart finally reveals the championship to end the segment.

Commentary tells us that the only actual title bout for the evening is up next. Video package showing the Lucha Bros attack on the Young Bucks from the AEW ticket announcement party is shown. The Bucks said that they haven’t been able to wrestle as much as Pentagon and Fenix, and hope they don’t have any ring rust. Footage of the Bucks attack on the Lucha Bros in AAW, and their title victory over them in AAA is played.

The Lucha Bros are out first. The Bucks of Youth are second. This one is gonna be wild.

Young Bucks versus Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) for the AAA tag team championship

Pentagon and Matt begin. Pentagon removes his glove and tries to do his Cero Miedo chant…Matt stops him…Pentagon picks him up for the Pentagon driver but Matt shifts his weight and escapes. Intense staredown…Pentagon tags Fenix in. Nick blindly tags in…he and Matt collide (on purpose) playing into the ring rust they talked about in the promo. Fenix sends them both to the outside with a handspring double arm-drag.

Nick and Fenix with a super fun sequence of counters and dodges that ends with a double dropkick attempt. Nick gets in Fenix’s face….they trade shoulder blocks back and forth. Vicious chop from Fenix…Pentagon runs in…running enziguri onto Matt…double-superkick to Nick. Huge thrust kick from Pentagon nearly knocks Nick out…double team from the Lucha Bros…Pentagon slams Fenix onto Nick. They go for another one but Nick walks the ropes and takes the duo down with a headscissor arm-drag combo.

Matt back in. He gorilla presses Fenix, then runs through Pentagon with a spear. Quick tags in and out by the Bucks trying to wear Pentagon down. Matt with an arm-ringer as Nick climbs…Pentagon pulls Matt in the way and Nick connects with the double-stomp onto his brother! They retake control, but the Bucks aruge with one another. Pop-up frankensteiner onto Pentagon…Matt traps Fenix on the apron with his legs…Nick nails him with a big boot. Another miscue by the Bucks…Pentagon monkey flips Nick into Matt…he’s able to make the tag to Fenix.

Fenix drops Nick on the ropes…then gets the crowd onto their feet by walking the ropes, superkicking Nick, ringing Matt’s arm, and then hitting a frankensteiner all in succession. Standing cutter. Another big chop by Fenix. Pentagon back in…low kick to Matt’s thigh. Matt connects with a kick…then a top rope reverse cutter. Matt with a northern lights…he rolls through…another…he rolls through…ANOTHER. Sharpshooter attempt…Pentagon tries to break it but Matt northern lights him as well.

Nick back in…he hits Pentagon with a running PK on the apron, then slings into the ring with a facebuster. Nick transitions back to the apron…asai moonsault! He gets the Lucha Bros back in the ring…clothesline/bulldog combo. The Bucks apply sharpshooters the Lucha Bros…Fenix and Pentagon get to the ropes. The Bucks trap Fenix off the ropes…450 by Nick. Cover…Pentagon breaks it up. Matt picks Fenix up…buckle bomb/enziguri combo. They set Fenix up in the corner…powerbomb/sliced bread doomsday device. Cover…SOMEHOW Fenix gets a shoulder up. Pentagon comes in on fire and slaps Matt and Nick in the chest…double superkick to Pentagon…Fenix superkicks Matt…Nick superkicks him…Pentagon and Nick with a double head kick…everyone is down and the crowd is on their feet again!

Pentagon with more leg kicks to Matt on the apron…Matt fires back right hands…both men take each other out with a pump kick. Fenix gets to the apron…PENTAGON JUMPS OFF FENIX AND CONNECTS WITH A MEXICAN DESTROYER TO MATT ON THE APRON. Back in the ring…Fenix connects with a mexican destroyer on Nick with pinfall…he’s out at two. The Young Bucks on the outside….Pentagon pops Fenix up…flying crossbody takes the Bucks out. Pentagon picks Matt and NIck up in Gory special/Pentagon driver…he hits it! Fenix up top…swanton lands on Nick. One…two…kickout! Pentagon goes to break Nick’s arm…Matt out of nowhere with a superkick. He cheers Nick on to make the hot tag…he gets it.

Matt with a half-and-half onto Pentagon. Fenix flies in…double-superkick by the Bucks. Running boot by Matt onto Fenix…he sets Fenix up on the top…TOP ROPE BRAINBUSTER OFF THE TURNBUCKLE. “Holy sh*t” chants. Matt and Nick hit with Bang for your Buck…Pentagon with a shoulder up. Matt picks Pentagon up while Nick climbs…package piledriver/double-stomp combo. Nick takes out Fenix with a twisting tope con hilo on the outside…Pentagon kicks out of the pin attempt. They go for the Meltzer driver…Fenix knocks off Nick…Pentagon ties up Matt…he snaps his arm! Pentagon with the Penta-driver…Matt kicks out!

Fenix back in…superkick to the shoulder…another one. He targets Matt’s injured arm. Fenix sets Matt on the top…he charges…Matt pick him up in a tombstone…Nick superkicks Pentagon on the outside…Meltzer driver lands. One…two…got em!

The Young Bucks win by pinfall to retain the AAA tag team championship

It’s main event time y’all.

Video package of Kenny Omega’s appearance at the ticket announce party is played, where he officially declared himself a full-time AEW roster member. It was there where Jericho appeared to attack Omega. Footage of each man training, including Jericho doing kickboxing at Dave Bautista’s gym in Florida. Both men preach how important it is for them to win this match…a victory is everything.

A series of vignettes displaying all of Jericho’s old WWE entrances. Finally, Judas by Fozzie plays and Jericho makes his way to the ring. There’s a huge “Cracker Barrel” barrel in the ring FYI.

Omega is out next. Introductions are done…Jericho removes the Cracker Barrel on his own. Let’s do this.

Kenny Omega versus Chris Jericho for a future AEW World Title opportunity 

Tie-up. Jericho forces Omega into the ropes, then slaps him in the face. Omega responds with a slap of his own. Pace picks up…Jericho with a shoulder tackle. He plays to the crowd. Omega gets to his feet and unloads a series of chops. He charges Jericho in the corner…Vi-trigger but Jericho moves. Chops from Jericho now….Omega catches him in a frankensteiner but Jericho turns it into the Walls of Jericho…Omega screams in pain….he slides out of the ring to break the hold. Jericho bounces off the ropes…baseball slide lands flush.

Both men brawling on the outside now. Omega picks Jericho up and dumps him onto the timekeepers table. Omega goes for an asai moonsault off the barricade…Jericho pushes him into the crowd. He grabs a camera and films Omega on the floor. Omega gets to his feet…he spits water into Jericho’s face. Missile dropkick off the guardrail. Back into the ring…Omega with more chops and forearms. Roll through firemans carry/moonsault combo by Omega. Early pinfall but Jericho escapes with ease. Omega goes to pick Jericho up…Jericho sends him into the turnbuckle head first. Back and forth chopping….Jericho wins the exchange…then follows it up with a middle-rope dropkick. Another back and forth…Omega with the advantage…Jericho slows him down with a huge lariat that turns Omega inside out. Jericho gets to his feet then flips off the crowd.

Omega is bleeding from his nose. Frankensteiner from Omega sends Jericho to the outside. Jericho pulls out a table on the outside…Omega baseball slides it right into Jericho. Omega back on the attack…tope con hilo onto Jericho and the table. Both men are down on the outside. Omega picks up the table and slams it right onto Jericho. He drapes it across Jericho’s body…Omega back in the ring…springboard double-stomp pushing the table into Jericho. Omega sets the table up…Jericho gets back into the ring.

Kotaruo crusher from Omega. He goes for a full nelson German but Jericho blocks it. He can’t avoid a spinning kick from Omega, which sends Jericho into the turnbuckles. Kenny to the other side…V-Trigger connects. He puts Jericho up for a top rope German…Jericho fires off an elbow…Omega maintains contact…avalanche back suplex! Omega slides over for the pin…Jericho is out at two. Omega calls for another V-Trigger…Jericho cuts him off with an elbow. Lionsault attempt…Omega gets the knees up! Back to their feet…V-Trigger! He goes for the one-winged angel…Jericho falls behind him…overhead German suplex. Lionsault lands this time…he hits another one…kickout. Nice sequence of counters…Omega goes for the J-driller…Jericho back body drops him out of the ring and through the previously set-up table! Jericho is down in the ring, with a bloody Omega hurt on the outside.

Omega and Jericho trade strikes with Omega on the apron…Jericho hits his signature springboard dropkick that sends Omega flipping onto the apron. Jericho slams Omega’s head off the turnbuckle…he sets up for a superplex…Omega knocks him off with a rabbit punch. Omega with a flying crossbody off the top…Jericho catches him with a codebreaker! He doesn’t immediately make the pin…now he does….Omega is out at two. Jericho taunts Omega…Omega answers by surprising him with a snap-dragon suplex. Another one. Omega goes for a third…Jericho catches him in a submission attempt…Omega rolls through…J-Driller connects but Jericho kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Omega calls for the V-Trigger….Jericho catches him…Walls of Jericho is in! He’s right in the center…Omega crawls…Jericho gets him back in the center….Jericho changes to the Liontamer! Omega with an up-kick to break the hold…discuss elbow from Omega, followed by a brutal V-Trigger. He picks Jericho up…both men collapse out of exhaustion. Jericho drops Omega with an enziguri…he goes for another lionsault…Omega catches him…Jericho turns it into a DDT. Judas effect elbow! Omega cant kick out.

Chris Jericho wins by pinfall to earn a future AEW World title opportunity

Post-match, Jericho grabs a microphone to address the AEW Universe. He says that he may have gotten the crap kicked out of him, but he’s smart enough to know that this is his time. He says that AEW is not a company for the fans…it’s a company for him. He runs down his list of accolades that he’s already done for AEW.

JOHN MOXLEY IS HERE! JOHN MOXLEY IS HERE!!! Jericho can’t believe it! He walks right up to him…DIRTY DEEDS! HE takes the referee out with one. Moxley hovers over Omega…he picks him up…he goes for the Dirty Deeds…Omega pushes him to the outside. They brawl into the crowd. Loud AEW chants. Omega tosses Moxley off the set…they climb on top of the poker chips…Moxley hits DIRTY DEEDS. He picks him up…attitude adjustment onto the set and it breaks. Moxley poses

That’s the show friends.

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