IMPACT Wrestling Results 6/7/18 (Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan)

IMPACT Wrestling Results 6/7/18

Report by Mike McMahon and

IMPACT Wrestling
June 7, 2018
Taped from Orlando, Fla. (Universal Studios)
Aired on Pop TV
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Don Callis

— Highlights of last week’s show aired.

— The Impact opened graphic aired.

DRAGO & AEROSTAR vs. DJ Z & ANDREW EVERETT (Impact Tag Team Championship Match)

Aerostar hit a 619 into DJ Z’s stomach and then hit a double kick on Everett to take him out. In the ring, DJ Z continued to fight off Aerostar. Everett hit double knees on Aerostar for a two count and then hit a corkscrew off DJ Z’s back. Drago was neutralized by DJ Z with a huge suicide dive. Everett took out DJ Z and Drago with a moonsault to the floor from the top rope. Aerostar dove off the top rope onto all three men on the outside, creating a huge pile of humanity on the floor. Everett fought off Drago with a boot but Aerostar flipped him off the top rope. Aerostar nearly pinned Everett but DJ Z broke up the pin. Aerostar kicked DJ Z in the face and tried to clothesline him but DJ Z avoided it. Aerostar hit a pop-up DDT off the second rope on DJ Z. Aerostar tried for a moonsault bu DJ Z got his boots up. Everett hit a 630 off the top rope for the win.

WINNERS: DJ Z & Andrew Everett in 19:00 to retain the Tag Team Titles.

— Mathews and Callis reset the show.

— A video aired recapping the feud between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards.

— Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt were arguing backstage. Sonjay seemed to be accusing Williams of being the mystery attacker. Williams said he was going home after Sonjay told him to take a break.

— A video package aired on Su Yung vs. Allie.

— The GWN Flashback of the Week aired … it was Tommy Dreamer vs. RVD.

— LAX was in their clubhouse, and Diamante returned! She seemed upset that King was in charge now that Konnan was taken out.

TREVOR LEE & CALEB KONLEY vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) (w/ King)

Lee and Konley had some of the momentum early in the match as LAX tried to regroup as King shouted instructions. Lee choked Santana in the corner. Santana tried to make a tag but Konley cut him off, dragged him back to his own corner and then tagged in Lee. Cult of Lee continued to control the pace of the match, getting heat on Santana for several minutes as Ortiz grew frustrated on the outside. Santana came back with a rolling cutter. Ortiz tagged in and made a comeback for LAX. Ortiz took out Lee on the outside and rolled up Konley for a two. Santana hit a superkick on Konley and Ortiz got another two count. Lee tripped up Ortiz. Back in the ring, Ortiz ate a backfist from Konley. LAX hit a teamed-up cutter for the win.


After the match, Ortiz and Santana finally celebrated in the ring. King hit the ring an celebrated with LAX.

— Eli Drake was out for The Facts of Life, and he was going to announce his Top-5 Dummies in Impact Wrestling.

Drake’s Top-5 dummies were:
5. The fans
4. Austin Aries
3. Impact Management
2. The fans (again)
1. Moose

Moose had heard enough, and he came out from the back to confront Eli Drake. Moose called Drake a dummy and then Drake took a cheap shot at Moose and a braw was on in the ring. Drake hit Moose with a low blow and then a Gravy Train. Drake threw the podium on top of Moose.


Cage won the match in a matter of seconds, not even breaking a sweat.

WINNER: Brian Cage

— After the match, Matt Sydal appeared on the stage and he walked to the ring with the X-Division Title. Sydal grabbed a mic and congratulated Cage on his win and his “display of strength.” Sydal said he looks through his third eye and sees something different. He sees inner weakness. Cage responded by dropping Sydal with an F5 and then raising the X-Division Title.

— A video package aired hyping next week’s episode.

— Eddie Edwards arrived to the spot in the woods. Edwards had a cameraman in his car and he told the person to tape everything, even if someone dies. Edwards and the cameraman got out of Edwards’ car.

— Josh Mathews interviewed Austin Aries on Skype.

— A video aired on Johnny Impact, who will be returning soon.

— A video aired on Madison Rayne returning to Impact.

— McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Tessa Blanchard backstage about Madison Rayne. Kiera Hogan broke up the interview and Tessa attacked her, tossing her around the backstage area.

— Mathews and Callis reset the show and looked ahead to next week.

EDDIE EDWARDS vs. SAMI CALLIHAN — Unsanctioned Fights in the Woods

Edwards was searching all over the woods for Callihan. OVE was up in the trees. Edwards said he was ready for them, too. Callihan appeared behind Edwards. Callihan called Edwards a “dumbass” and Edwards chased him. OVE attacked Edwards and the fight was on. Edwards choked Jake Crist with a tree branch and Crist eventually went limp … he might have died.

Edwards picked up Crist’s mask and walked back to his car to crab a piece of wood. Dave Crist — who I decided looks like David Arquette — jumped out of Edwards’ trunk and they began brawling on the side of the road. Edawrds won that battle and threw Dave back in the trunk.

Edwards and Callihan finally met in the middle of a dirt road. Callihan had a bat, Edwards a chunk of wood. Edwards threw dirt in Callihan’s eyes and he ran off. Edwards went to pick up Callihan’s bat and Callihan ran out and jumped him from behind a tree. Callihan charged Edwards again and they began choking each other. Edwards threw Callihan into a tree. Edwards stabbed Callihan in the eye with a tree branch, and Callihan began bleeding like crazy. Edwards yelled at Callihan that “it’s time to die!”

Dreamer and Alisha Edwards showed up and begged Eddie to stop. Edwards turned around and Callihan was gone and Edwards was mad at Alisha and Dreamer for letting him go. Alisha told Eddie if he loved her, he’d stop. Dreamer tried to calm Edwards down and he attacked Dreamer with Callihan’s bat. Edwards told Alisha to stay with Dreamer, “I don’t care” and then said he was going to find Callihan.

End of show…

Report by Mike McMahon and


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