New Details on Richard Holliday Signing With MLW

New Details on Richard Holliday Signing With MLW

According to Fightful Select, Richard Holliday did have other offers before signing a contract with MLW.

Holliday told Fightful that he’s aware of how people say he has the “WWE look,” but mentions that maybe it could be considered the “MLW look,” too. He said that its fun to imagine what could happen if he went to WWE or followed someone like MJF to AEW, but that MLW his a great place to work for. He puts over WWE, but wishes people would just watch MLW. He says people are already putting on a great product in MLW and don’t need to go somewhere else to do that.

Originally, it was difficult for MLW to sign Holliday because he was based out of New York and they were in Orlando. MLW was eventually able to put on a show in New York and Holliday impressed Court Bauer with his performance. Holliday was offered a chance to do more for MLW that led to a multi-year contract.

(credit: Fightful Select)

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