nXt Results- October 24, 2018 (Who Attacked Aleister Black?)

nXt Results- October 24, 2018 (Who Attacked Aleister Black?)

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WWE nXt Results

October 24, 2018

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

The show opens with nXt General Manager William Regal informing a group of security team members not to let Aleister Black into the building without seeing him first.

Opening Segment: Undisputed Era

The Undisputed Era stroll down to the ring, flaunting the nXt Tag Team Championships and gloating.

Bobby Fish is back, says Adam Cole as he proclaims the Undisputed Era at 100%.

Ask the War Raiders. They were demolished. If anyone else wants to get in their way, they won’t be in the way for long. Cole says they’re going to get people to fear nXt.

He points at the crowd and says, “you’re not nXt”. The Undisputed Era is nXt.

Cole addresses Ricochet, the nXt North American Champion. You beat Pete Dunne; you can’t, couldn’t and won’t beat Adam Cole. He gets interrupted by the One-Percenter, EC3!

EC3 says Cole doesn’t deserve a rematch, something his “yes”-men won’t tell him. My sweet boy, you did not win that match. It matters not that the Undisputed Era is at 100% because he is the top one percent.

Cole tells EC3 to shut up and, for the nXt locker room, he’ll make an example out of him. They agree on a referee to run down and we are going to see a match!

Adam Cole vs. EC3

EC3 and Adam Cole square off at FSU on October 24th's nXt show.

Highlights include:

Powerslam by EC3, followed by the E-C-3 elbow drop to the sternum of Cole.

Clothesline to the outside and EC3 scares off Fish, Strong and O’Reilly from attacking him.

Superkick by Cole to halt EC3’s momentum.

Cole beats up on EC3 in the corner. Neck breaker and a quick 1 count.

Pump kick for only a 1 count! Cole wears down EC3’s stamina with a front facelock.

EC3 makes a big comeback, capping it off with a beauty German suplex. He goes for the One Percenter, evades a pump kick from Cole and brings him up for a powerbomb and pinfall. 1-2- Cole kicks out!

The Undisputed Era members get up on the apron a few times, trying to distract EC3. He knocks them down to the outside. Cole knocks EC3 to his knees but EC3 won’t be finished. He ducks the knee and rolls up Cole for the 1-2-3!

Winner: EC3 via pinfall in 7 minutes

Cole is in shock! EC3 hops to the outside and immediately is attacked by Strong & O’Reilly who kick and sweep him to the floor. They beat on him all the way up the ramp where Cole mounts him for punches to the head.

It’s there, on the stage, that EC3 is finally dished that running knee, by Cole, to the back of the head.

Bobby Fish pushes away the referee, grabs a chair by the announce table and slams EC3’s right knee. The referee calls for them to leave as Fish confronts a few of the other referees who have come out to help EC3.

2 cool points for the turnaround win for EC3. He’s been taking some tough losses lately, and despite the post-match beatdown, this might be a turning point for the One Percenter. Even better if it leads to a big feud with the Undispuited Era, possibly in a War Games match.

1 cool point for Cole and the Undisputed Era for their swagger and “gang mentality”, as McGuinness called it.

One of the official themes for Takeover: War Games is “Voices” by Motionless In White.

Back to the security team, Nikki Cross hops over to them and repeats, “He’s coming” before taking off. The team members chat amongst themselves about that odd incident.

Second Segment: Mia Yim vs. Aliyah

Mia Yim debuts at FSU on October 24th nXt show.

Mia Yim gets a great response from the FSU crowd, following her showing in this year’s Mae Young Classic. She just signed with nXt and this will be her debut match on nXt TV.

Highlights include:

Sequence of 2 arm drags and a dropkick take Aliyah out of the ring. Crowd chants for Yim after that. Aliyah, looking more aggressive and poised than ever before, uses Yim’s own arm to try and choke her. Yim breaks it up, whips Aliyah who slides, turns and surprises Yim with a Lou Thesz press.

Northern Lights suplex with a bridge pin by Aliyah for a 2 count. Slick move. Watson notes a drastic improvement during the last 2 months for Aliyah. Agreed.

Big boot in the corner by Yim. Cannonball to the seated Aliyah in the corner. Eat Defeat (a la Gail Kim) and it’s over.

Winner: Mia Yim via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for Yim’s win and one for Aliyah’s poise and attitude in this match. Yim’s a fine addition to the Women’s Division, and, with the win, she should see some consistent in-ring work in the coming months. Like Watson said during the match, Aliyah’s shown great improvement lately and I agree. Didn’t expect to see that.

Backstage, Bianca Belair is shouting at GM Regal that it’s not good enough. She’s un-de-feat-ed and she wants her title short. Regal sighs and says he’ll take it under consideration. He walks to his office where he’s waiting to be interviewed about the name Nikki Cross gave to Aleister Black last week. He doesn’t know what the name is.

He’s interrupted by Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era. They’re quite upset about what happened earlier. GM Regal says they are the ones who have to get it together because they interrupted the nXt Tag Team Championship match last week.

Next week, War Raiders will wrestle Bobby Fish and Adam Cole. They yell about regretting this as GM Regal looks on.

Tweets for Roman Reigns are shown from his peers, as well as a recap of his promo on Monday night. He gave a personal testimony about his battle with leukemia, a battle he’s been fighting for 11 years. It’s back and he will be out indefinitely, so he relinquished the WWE Universal Championship.

Third Segment: Lacey Evans + Women’s Wrestling Excitement

A promo for Lacey Evans is shown, mixing staged footage of her with her in-ring prowess. A voiceover of her quotes plays over the highlights.

A promo for the Mae Young Classic 2018 Semi-Finals, along with a promo for the nXt Women’s Championship match at Evolution are shown. Women’s Champion Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler are individually highlighted, along with a recap of their feud to date.

Fourth Segment: Kassius Ohno vs. Justin Xavier

Highlights include:
“Ohno’s gonna kill you” chant from the crowd to start the match.

Ohno’s cockiness led to Xavier showing off his leaping ability and a spinning, flying back elbow to the head.

Xavier bounces off the ropes and gets a face full of boot. He slumps into the corner and receives another big boot to the head. Quite severe. Ohno’s all business.

Huge jumping leg drop by Ohno.

Xavier tries to fight back when Ohno starts complaining aloud about the match. Whip to the corner. Ohno pops out with a huge big boot, two senton splashes and before long, it’s the rolling elbow for the win.

Winner: Kassius Ohno via pinfall in 3 minutes

On the ramp, Nikki Cross stands and points at Ohno, laughing. She says, “he’s coming” and continues to laugh as she leaves the stage.

One cool point for Ohno’s powerful offense that ensured Xavier never really had a chance to win in this match. Weird to think Ohno’s not a shoe-in for Takeover, but the bit with Cross suggests that may change quickly.
“Mariana Trench” by Nita Strauss is an official theme song for Takeover: War Games.

A promo for new nXt superstar Matt Riddle is shown. His in-ring debut on nXt TV will be next week!

Final Segment: nXt Championship Announcement

GM Regal reminds us that it’s only a month until Takeover: War Games. That’s as far as he gets because…

nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa shows up, clutching the belt close to his heart as he walks towards the ring.

Ciampa asks GM Regal to wipe the smug look off of his face. He wants to hear the announcement but, just then, Velveteen Dream’s music hits and here he comes.

Dream says the people don’t want complaining at War Games, they want an experience. He wants Regal to say his name.

Just then, the theme music for Lars Sullivan starts up and he walks out to the stage with a mic. This is Lars’ territory and he tells Dream to move. He is nXt’s worst nightmare. Sullivan stands on the apron and he listens to Dream tell him he needs to wear some pants. Sullivan grabs Dream’s throat.

Aleister Black threatens GM Regal, aiming to get the information on who attacked him two months ago, on October 24th's nXt show.

Just then, Nikki Cross is back and she’s yelling, “he’s coming!” The camera pans to backstage where Aleister Black is dishing out punishment to security guards on his way into the arena. He slides into the ring and absolutely nails Sullivan with Black Mass. Then, he gets up in GM Regal’s grill, asking “where is he”?

Suddenly, Johnny Gargano kicks Black off his feet, grabs Regal’s mic and says, “I’m right here”. He’s cascaded with boos to end the show.

One cool point for everybody, and an additional cool point to Cross, Black and Gargano who played this climax so well. Strong narrative throughout the show and it culminated in a reveal that was well-timed and shocking to the audience.
Even if you felt Gargano was a major suspect, like myself, this was still not a sure thing since nXt did a great job fogging up the story with other potential suspects.
Black absolutely deserves the sympathy and the support of the fans, while Gargano has lost his way and become Ciampa-like in his desires for power.

Do you want to see Gargano vs. Black in a grudge match at War Games? Will Ciampa have to fight Dream and Sullivan in a triple-threat? What are your cool point suggestions from tonight’s show? Type them out below in the comments section.

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