ROH TV Results 10/14/2019

ROH TV Results 10/14/2019

-ROH TV: Episode 421 opens up with a recap of Death Before Dishonor’s main event where Rush defeated Matt Taven to win the ROH World Heavyweight Championship. You can see the full detailed recap for that event here.

-We’re reintroduced to Dragon Lee. We see clips of Villain Enterprises vs. Dragon Lee and the Briscoes from ROH Death Before Dishonor Fallout. You can see the full detailed recap of that event here.

-Backstage, Jay Lethal is talking to Jonathan Gresham about how he isn’t prepared to face PJ Black. He says that Black probably really wants to be ROH World Heavyweight champion, but so does he. Lethal says that it just may happen. Gresham nods and we go to commercial.

-We get a recap of Kelly Klein’s promo against Angelina Love for the ROH Women’s championship. The championship match took place over the weekend and Klein was the winner.

-Wrestling With Wregret gives us a listicle promo about what he enjoyed the most from Death Before Dishonor.

-PJ Black is outside the arena cutting a promo. He said he’s very lucky an injury allowed him to enter into the #1 Contender’s tournament to challenge for the ROH title. He adds that “technically” if he wins and beats Rush, he’ll be champion. “When you’re in Vegas, always bet on Black.”

-We see a very quick replay of Coast to Coast defeating Shinobi Shadow Squad in a tag team match. Coast to Coast is outside the arena. They say that can’t be overlooked anymore. They’re coming to get the tag team titles and they don’t care who’s holding them. “Coast to Coast does the most and we don’t play no damn games.”

-Backstage, Quinn McCay asks Tracy Williams how he plans on handing Flip Gordon. Tracy says they’re bringing weapons into this match. He tells Gordon that he hasn’t had the advantage because of weapons. He tells Gordon to be prepared because he is. He threatens to beat him and send him to the hospital so that he never has to see “his stupid face” ever again.

Tag Team Match: Coast To Coast vs. “Professional Wrestling’s Last Real Man” Silas Young and Josh “The Goods” Woods

Woods goes around slapping hands with the fans and Young doesn’t like it. Young and LSG start the match. LSG is quicker than Young and gets the upperhand with a wristlock. Young does 5 kip-ups to get out of the hold. They take turns rolling it each other up all around the ring in a rolling ball. Young tags in Woods.

Woods easily takes out LSG with strikes. LSG tags in Ali. Woods mandhandles Ali as well. Woods tosses Ali around. They work their way to the corner. Young is tagged in. Young continues control over Ali. He tags in Woods and clothes Ali in the corner.

Young catapults Ali and Woods nails him in the face with a flying knee. He goes for the pin but only gets 2. Woods has Ali in a submission, but Ali backs him up into his corner and is able to tag in LSG.

LSG nails Woods from behind. Coast to Coast double team Woods in the corner. Young tries to help, but the referee stops him. While the referee is distracted, Coast to Coast both enter the ring and strike Woods in the corner. LSG does several flips waiting for Woods to get to his feet. LSG flips at Woods but he’s caught. Woods tosses him with a t-bone suplex. Both men crawl to their partners and get the tag.

Young and Ali enter. Young gets the advantage by powering Ali. He lifts Ali up, but Ali escapes and LSG hits him from the apron. Woods enters the ring to help, but LSG stops him. Ali nails a Doctor Bomb on Woods. LSG tries to capitalize but Young hits a backbreaker. Woods hits a rolling German Suplex on LSG that sends him outside the ring.

Woods gets Ali on his shoulders and tosses him up into Young’s Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winners: Silas Young and Josh Woods

-We see a clip of Colt Cabana and Marty Scurll from Death Before Dishonor. Marty Scurll defeated Colt with the Black Plague to advance in the #1 Contender’s tournament.

-We see a clip of Kenny King and PCO from Death Before Dishonor. PCO defeated Kenny King because he and PCO were wet when Amy Rose shocked him with a caddle prod. The electricity powered PCO up and allowed him to hit a big chokeslam for the victory.

-We see a clip of Dalton Castle vs Mark Haskins. Dalton defeated Mark Haskins to advance in the #1 contender’s tournament. Castle faced PCO this weekend at Glory By Honor.

#1 Contender Tournament: PJ Black vs. Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal comes out with Jonathan Gresham. Lethal and Black spend the first few minutes of the match reversing each other’s offense. They receive several breaks for applause.

Black shows some new levels of intensity and Gresham likes it. He applauds Black even though he’s out there to support Lethal. Black puts Lethal in a stretch like the one Gresham had him in at Death Before Dishonor. Lethal gets his foot on the ropes though.

Lethal and Black trade blows on the top turnbuckle for quite a while. Lethal is finally able to hit the Superplex. They battle back and forth for a while. Neither man can keep the other down. Black hits a Spanish fly out of nowhere. He pins Lethal, but its only a 2. Lethal gets Black on the turnbuckle now, but they battle on top. They both fall off sloppy. They recover by going for their finishers but neither men can nail it. Lethal goes for his springboard cutter 3 times but can’t hit it. He superkicks Black then tries a fourth time and is successful.

Winner: Jay Lethal

-After the match, Lethal and Black shake hands. Black congratulates him as they go off the air.

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