ROH TV Results 11/4/19

ROH TV Results 11/4/19

-We see another replay of Silas Young winning the Battle Royal for the #1 contender spot. Young won by pretending to hug Josh Woods, but tossing him over the top rope instead.

Ian Riccaboni and Quin McCay cover today’s episode.

Match: Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley

Code of honor is upheld, so Jonathan Gresham’s heel turn seems to be over already. Alex and Jonathan grapple for several minutes with no one getting the upperhand. Everything Alex tries Jonathan has a counter for. They finally break it up and the fans applaud.

Alex gets a little more aggressive now, this time throwing strikes, but Jonathan still manages to reverse everything. Jonathan floors him with a moves of his own and poses for the crowd. Alex takes advantage of Jonathan’s distraction and is finally able to hit some offense that takes Jonathan down.

Alex doesn’t hold control long as Jonathan once again reverses him and sends him down. Jonathan locks in a unique wrist lock submission. Jonathan pops Alex’s shoulder. He taunts a little, then applies another unique submission. He rolls over and the submission becomes a pin for the two count.

Jonathan locks in another wrist submission that becomes a pin, but Alex keeps kicking out. Jonathan is soaked in sweat. Jonathan with several more wrist locks. Alex manages to escape by pulling on Jonathan’s ear and the referee forces them both to break.

Alex maneuvers around the ring and hits a dropkick to Jonathan’s knees. Alex goes for a Superfly homage but Jonathan rolls him up. Alex reverses his roll up and they roll around the ring for a few spins. Jonathan finally wins the rollup war, but Alex kicks out at 2.

Jonathan hits a huge bridged pin and Alex barely is able to kick out. Alex climbs to the turnbuckle but Jonathan drop kicks his wrist. Jonathan wraps in another wrist submission on the turnbuckle. Alex knocks him off and goes for Slice Bread, but Jonathan slides him for a pin. Only a 2 count.

Jonathan reverses some strikes and goes for the Octopus, but Alex escapes and rolls him up for a quick three count.

Winner: Alex Shelley

-Jonathan rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Jay Lethal runs down to stop him. Jay turns his back on Jonathan and they tease that Jonathan is going to hit him. Jay turns around and nothing happens. Alex offers his hand and Jonathan accepts it, finally. Jonathan leaves and tells them he’s cool. Jay shakes Alex’s hand as well then leaves. Alex celebrates with the fans.

Backstage, Shane Taylor reminds everyone that he’s the greatest of all time. Taylor says he’s a big deal on social media, but he doesn’t care about social media. He says that the Television championship is just the beginning. He’s going to go on to be the greatest champion in ROH history.

We see a replay of when The Kingdom was knocked out backstage. We see Matt Taven in the ring with Vincent Marseglia. He tells whoever their attacker is to come down and attack them face-to-face.

Backstage, ROH personnel are asking Vincent for some answers on who attacked him backstage. Vincent shoves them against the loading bay door and asks if they’re the ones who attacked him. He tells them that the truth is like a knife: it hurts and it cuts deep.

We get a replay of Bully Ray attacking Lifeblood. He cuts a promo about how it was a bad idea to marry his wife. Haskins cuts a promo saying that no one attacks his wife, and if he has a problem with him, he can say it to his face. We cut back to Bully who says he’ll attack Haskins any time he wants, wherever he wants, even in front of Haskin’s children. He’s the last voice that Haskins will ever hear.

We see Rush defeating Matt Taven for the ROH World Heavyweight championship.

Match: Rush(c) vs. Silas Young

Rush and Silas chain wrestle and its very quick. Rush gets Silas in the corner. He goes for the Bull’s Horns but Silas nails a huge spear that takes him down in the middle of the ring. Silas mounts him and nails some fists to his face. He tells Rush that he looks pathetic. He kicks Rush outside of the ring. Rush is barely moving. Silas lifts him up by his hair and tosses him into the turnbuckle.

Silas tosses him back in the ring and stomps on his hurt ribs. Silas keeps Rush grounded. Rush spits in Silas’ face and begins fighting back. Rush whips him into an opened chair. Rush attacks Silas onto a table and chair set up outside the ring. Rush rolls Silas into the ring.

Silas goes to get up but Rush knocks him into the corner. Rush pretends to go for the Bull’s Horns but stops and kicks him in the face instead. Silas gets up and goes to attack but Rush hits a fireman’s carry and stomps on him. Rush goes for a senton but Silas rolls away. Silas hits a rolling slam, followed by a handstand elbow drop off the turnbuckle. Silas goes for the pin, but Rush gets out.

Silas tosses him around more. Silas goes for another pin, but Rush kicks out and this time he’s hyped up. Silas goes to attack but Rush suplexes him into the corner. Rush hits a flying forearm that plants Silas into the turnbuckle. Rush hits the Bull’s Horns and gets the win.

Winner and still ROH World Heavyweight Champion: Rush

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