Rusev Provides More Details On His COVID-19 Diagnosis, Updates Fans On Lana's Parents

Rusev Provides More Details On His COVID-19 Diagnosis, Updates Fans On Lana’s Parents

Former WWE superstar Miroslav Barnyashev (Rusev) released a new video statement on his Youtube channel to provide fans with further details on his COVID-19 diagnosis, which the Bulgarian Brute revealed earlier today on his Twitch stream.

Miro begins by updating everyone on Lana’s parents, who both also received positive detections on their COVID tests, with Lana’s mother even needing a breathing machine during her admittance to the hospital. The former U.S. champion reveals that both are on a solid path of recovery, and Lana’s mom no longer needed assisted breathing and was sent home. He ends this section by thanking fans for their constant support, especially to Lana.

It’s here where Miro explains his situation with the virus. He reveals that he recently lost his ability to taste and smell, and immediately went for the test himself as those were common symptoms. Miro says his initial results came back negative, but he received a call the next day confirming that COVID-19 was detected. Fortunately, he states that he feels healthier than ever, and is confident that he will remain that way since his symptoms appear to be light. He once again thanks everyone for their support before signing off to begin a new Twitch stream.

Check out his full statement below.

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