Matt Hardy and Taz Praise AEW's Handling Of COVID-19 Precautions

Matt Hardy and Taz Praise AEW’s Handling Of COVID-19 Precautions

AEW commentator and manager Taz took to Twitter earlier today to discuss the importance of wearing a mask to help limit the spread of COVID-19, then used the opportunity to praise AEW for the precautions they take for their talent and staff during tapings. The ECW legend writes, “When I travel my mask stays on always, when I go into a store/business my mask is on. I always have hand sanitizer in my pocket & social distancing is vital. I’m blessed to work for a company who has been Blood Testing all of us in #AEW from the START of this Pandemic.”

Superstar Matt Hardy would share Taz’s original statement and add, “Same. THIS is the unselfish mentality it’s going to take to control the spread of this virus. I am also very thankful for
@AEWrestling’s thoroughness throughout this pandemic.”

Since COVID-19 caused AEW to run empty arena events, the company has tested talent and staff prior to every taping and pay per view.

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